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P*n*s envy? Try avatar envy...

Ah, modern technology. Those were the days when the best one could hope from their gaming heroes was a roughly person-shaped cluster of blocks who had two or three pre-defined animations and they were herded through from level to level until game over (here's looking at you, Mario).

Well, where's the game over? Where are the stock animations? And where in heaven's name are the cubist interpretations of what a person should be? The saying is that art imitates life, and video games are pioneers in this field. We can do pretty much anything we want to from the safety of our junked-up desks... any business venture is now ours to become a tycoon in; pop and rock stardom requires merely plugging in a peripheral piece of hardware, and for those of us who can't face building an ordinary, balanced life of their own?

The Sims.

I do own every Sims 2 expansion and stuff pack available. It's true, and I even enjoy long sessions of career, relationship and house building. But lately the game has been having quite the opposite effect that it should have. At first I thought it was just the news that TS3 had appeared on the horizon... suddenly that 15-high pile of boxes was hurtling towards that enormous and growing mountain called Obsolete. But, in fact, I've figured out the source of my growing melancholy and frustration with the game to stem from the Kitchen & Bathroom stuff pack. It's the ease with which these guys have everything brought into their lives. Hey, I know that the Sims are not real people, but when you've raised four or five generations of a family, you do start thinking of them in terms of individuals. And what amazing individuals they are... genetically perfect, happy, successful, a selection of outfits that is enough to make Paris Hilton swoon (and even more infuriatingly, every single outfit fit's into one single wardrobe!), and a home to die for.

Once again, I'll state here for the record that I know all of this isn't real, but every time I upgrade a family with a brand new, colour-coordinated and ultra-modern kitchen with matching appliances and decorative items, I can't help feeling a little jealous. If only some benevolent benefactor would see fit to expand my living space by 500%, complete with top of the range furniture, and all that without any noise, construction work, or time passing...

GTA had better get here soon....