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Love as fizzled...single again

Okay, since my last post said that I was with "the best girl ever", I'd like to update by stating that I am now single again. I'll be living in Québec still forever, probably. I'll pick up the gaming time now that summer is "officially" over, and with it softball season. I'm looking forward to playing Mass Effect 1 and 2 for the first time, and sinking my teeth into all those great new PSP titles that keep rushing out! Holy smokes: Persona 3 PSP, MGS: Peace Walker, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Valkyria Chronicles 2! Oh my God, it's gonna be a PSP fest if I can finish my backlog, because I'm disciplined like that. ^_^

I'm also on Starcraft II with a new Asus PC, find Itagami.

Halo:Reach is close too. Great stuff for the fall.

New life

Yeah so...I met the best girl ever in March 2009 and decided to move back to Montréal, QC, back home. Good move on every front. Living with your girlfriend assuredly cuts your available gaming time, but as things are settling down, I'm getting my minimal gaming dose nonetheless. Portable systems are key in a relationship, and thus I finished FFVII: Crisis Core finally (wonderful story, great ending), and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on the DS. I'm a Fire Emblem whore, and although it's the poorest Fire Emblem game I've played out of four, it was addictive nonetheless. I'm working on FFXII: Revenant Wings, a second playthrough of Devil May Cry 4, and then I still have Radiata Stories (yes, STILL!) where I'm at the 20h mark and still wish to finish, followed by Mass Effect 1 and The Darkness and The World Ends With You...and Knights in the Nightmare. I wanna play every single great game from 2009 and 2008, but my time is limited, so I'll try to be disciplined and finish the stuff I have before I purchase another game...or until Final Fantasy XIII hits shelves.

New review! So many games...

Check out my newest review for Penny-Arcade Adventures Episode 1, with a review for Episode 2 coming in a scant few days.

Also, why didn't anybody tell me that Fire Emblem I and Valkyrie Profile III were coming out so soon in February? My backlog of portable games is already chock-full with The World Ends With You, Crisis Core, and Front Mission 1...I really have to get to it. 2009 is my year of RPGs: enough with the other crap, I'm getting back to my roots!

Back on the review wagon

After falling in love with Valkyria Chronicles, and having completed it recently, I felt the need to review the game. I have reviewed many RPGs in my younger days; it was the best (and perhaps only) way for me to summarize my experience after spending 30, 40, 70 hours with a single story-driven game. I like to think my writing in life, and life as a whole, has been generally augmented by my passion of RPGs and through reading the millions (no exaggeration) of dialogue lines in all those games. Check out my Valkyria Chronicles review on Gamespot, and look forward to me posting many more reviews on RPGs and other games I have played! Thank you, the one person reading this blog. ^_^!

Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 deliver the goods

I purchased and played through both Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 last month, and although I agree that both games should not be compared directly against one another, they both involve plenty of shooting, and to me that puts them in the same category.

I had a blast with the single-player of Resistance 2, which I felt was much more intense and involved than the story in the first game. Being with your four enhanced squad-mates (I forgot the name of the group already) made the experience fuller, and ultimately with the awesome locales and the tough challenge, it was a memorable time. The competitive multiplayer was very bland and banal, and the cooperative play is addictive when playing with friends (or without), but it seems very much like a fast food-type gametype, where you get filled up as you expect, but ultimately it's not that stimulating. I might play some more, I may not, I'm not super-enthralled as is.

As for Gears of War 2, I had a blast playing through the whole campaign co-op with a friend. I had just finished Gears of War 1 before getting into GoW2, and although the game is very much the same, the cover and shooting systems are so riveting, I never got tired of playing both games. I will most assuredly replay both GoW's campaigns on harder difficulty modes in the near future. The competitive part of Gears of War 2 is very cool and fulfills that itch for carnage that crawls on me every once-in-a-while.

The best part in any of those games is undoubtedly Horde mode in GoW2. Essentially a survival-mode, you face up to 50 waves (rounds) of a mix of enemies in any multiplayer map of your choosing with up to 5 players total. Playing with friends seems to stop time, and the heart-pumping action really satisfies. It's a nice fact that you're able to restart the Horde game on any wave you've previously beat, and the need to setup some shields as a blockade for those huge Boomer or Mauler bastards in precise areas of the map gives the game a little tactical flair that is quite unique. Think Resident Evil 4's "Time attack" mode, only greatly expanded, and with 3-4 buddies. It's a bloody riot.

With all that, I've really had a great those of shooters in the last few months. RPGs are what I bleed still, and with Valkyria Chronicles, my heart can't stop pounding! I'll blog up about that Japanese gem shortly...after playing some more!

Gears of War 1; getting ready for November

I just purchased Gears of War 1 last week off ebay, in order to get ready of GoW2. I've had my Xbox360 for about a year, put kept putting off playing this game even though the thought of it had excited me for 2 years. Wow, I-am-hooked. Can't wait to play the hell out of GoW2 with my friends and online!