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nice to be back

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Wow! its nice to comeback and see old friends and posts. Been aawy for so long. This is the place where i started graphic designing. started on the signature unions. hahaha... good ol days. well, ill be lurkin and hope to meet with old friends again. hopefully start to play. but since i have a kid now, i have an excuse to play again... hahahah... age does come quite fast! to all you gamers out there old or young, continue what you love. lets get it on!

1k posts

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just reached 1000... deym the hours gs takes away from me...

2 new sigs...

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these were requested...


and another

abstract sig

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deym... a new sig i made...

updated: saved as a jpg and looked h3lla better...


my bday

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H3LL Y34H.... its my bday today... jeez im freakin 24... lol... got real cool stuff from my wife... she bought the slim ps2 and a couple of awesome games... got the new slipknot cd and a few others which teh wicked... me zuuu hefffyyy...