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The Final Milestone.

Turned 21 today.  Can't say I feel any different.  I already celebrated a few days ago with my friends with a private party, it was great having everyone there while chatting and eating cake.

Got some new albums as well.

220px-David_Bowie_-_The_Next_Day.jpg 220px-The_Terror_cover.jpg Alternate shades of blue with

Overall, it was a pretty good birthday.

Emerging From The Void.

That's honestly how I feel right now.  School and work really sucked the life out of me the past few months.  Now that I'm on break for a little awhile, I can finally catch my breath.

Other than that not, much else has been going aside from stockpiling on games and music.  Also got a T.V. a few days ago, I can finally play my games in HD like they were meant to be.  Thinking of getting PS3 next, there's a ton of games I'd like to play on that system.

Hope everyone else is doing fine as well.

So Long 2012.

Another year. Another one right behind it. Personally I felt 2012 was good, it turned out better than most years let's just say. Here's hoping for a an even better one when 2013 comes rolling.

In terms of what was the best game of the year; I can't really vouch for much. 2012 was kind of a slow year for me game wise. I didn't get many games this year, and the only great ones that I got that come to mind are Dishonored and Halo 4.

In terms of the best albums though, I can say the new Smashing Pumpkins "Oceania," was by far the best thing I heard this year, along Jack White's solo album "Blunderbuss," and Joey Ramone's lost solo album "...Ya Know?" Other great albums were Bruce Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball," and Soundgarden's "King Animal."

So there you have it, my closing thoughts on games and music this year.

Happy New Year to everyone.

A Very Merry Late Christmas.

That wonderful time of the year has come and gone again. Wasn't around due to traveling and seeing relatives. But this year turned out to be quite good, and definitely got a lot of good stuff this year.

Dishonored box art Bethesda.jpg

220px-DavisBowieAladdinSane.jpgA toy of a futuristic pistol in front of a beige background. The title

220px-Sonic_youth_sister.jpgA pile of bones in a snow-covered field


I hope all you had a great Christmas as well.

Hoarding and Plasma Rifles.

Still chugging along, just like everyone else in this world. When school and work aren't my focus of attention, it's been games, and there have been some good ones I've picked up recently.

Borderlands Boxshot

I was interested in this but I held it off for awhile because of other games I wanted. With the price down now after a few years I decided to try it out. So far I would say it's very good, the art style is good-looking and unique, the way they morphed first-person action and role-playing is balanced and works great, and large catalogue of weapons you can pick up always keeps you yearning for more. For some reason though you can't sell your old, weaker weapons for newer, better ones. That is unless I'm missing something. Plus despite having a huge arsenal at your disposal, the enemies are really underwhelming. Maybe it's because I'm still early in the game, but so far I've only encountered two enemy types. Also many of the missions are really tedious, but again I'm still early in the game, and I'm playing this solo rather than co-op. Still a good game nonetheless, and am now considering checking out the sequel.

Halo 4 Boxshot

Waited a long time for this, and patience sure paid off. The game is visually stunning, I swear I thought the opening cut scene used real life actors, but when I looked more closely I realized I was wrong. The new environments you'll explore look brilliant, the music is quite good and memorable, and the new weapons added are very impressive; especially the ones that come apart and put themselves back together every time you re-load. One thing that surprised me was that there really weren't that many new enemies, so you mostly fight old familiar faces for most of the game which was kind of disappointing. To be honest the plot kind of went over my head, I wasn't really sure what new enemy was, or why they wanted to wipe out humanity. I was more focused of the personal story of Chief and Cortana, which was very well told and it really set a new standard for story-telling in this series. Still a very great game, looking forward to what they'll do for the next entry.

Resident Evil 6.

The irony about Resident Evil 6 is that it's not a bad game, the controls work great, it's visually stunning, and the sound and music is great.

What makes it the weakest entry is simply because that it's the polar opposite of what made the series so great to begin with. I wouldn't even call this an action-horror game, it's more like an action game with a horror twist.

Leon's campaign was pretty fun, and the most suspenseful and creepiest out of all. Mostly because the classic zombies make their return which was a good decision, that and exploring and fighting your way through the infested cities, catacombs and caves was fun.

Chris's campaign however honestly wasn't that fun. It felt like I was playing a cheap version of Gears Of War, that and Chris was kind of whiny douche bag throughout the whole game.

Jake's campaign was pretty much the same as Chris's except with more of an emphasis on melee combat. So nothing special.

Last there's Ada's campaign, which once again plays out like Chris's and Jake's, with the exception of Ada's grappling hook gun which was fun to use.

I think they should've just stuck with regular zombies. Zombies that run at you with machine guns and knives aren't scary, they're just annoying and tedious to put down, especially the ones with sniper rifles.

The boss fights are very underwhelming. For starters there are only a handful of bosses which means you'll end up fighting the same boss several times throughout the course of the game. Plus there's hardly any strategy when it comes to fighting them, you just spray bullets everywhere and eventually you win.

The puzzles have no thought put into them and there are hardly any at all, which is disappointing because I've always liked Resident Evil puzzles.

The plot itself bad as well, but you realize this only after you best the game. When you first start playing, you're of course interested and yearning to know why these events are unfolding. But once you finally beat every campaign, you're left with a dumb explanation for the everything that happened, and a pointless epilogue.

Overall, Resident Evil 6 is an ok game, but your left with the feeling that it could've been so much better. If it had just starred Leon, then I would've liked it more, because his campaign is the only saving grace for this game. Everything else just feels like a scrapped action game that was put in just to appeal to more people.

Hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes and make next Resident Evil better.

Resident Evil 6 Boxshot

Use of Drugs and Alcohol and Cartoon Violence.

Been busy with more personal matters such as school, work, and hanging out with friends. That and the forums here are terrible so that's why I don't hang out here as much as I used to.

I'll still be around for blogs, but other than that this site has slowly but surely become a shell of what I used to like about it. Or maybe it's always been terrible and I've now just realized. :P

Still gaming though, and I picked a few great games within the past few days.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Boxshot

I loved the first Condemned, and I knew I had to get the second. Sure enough it improves everything on a game play, visual, and audio perspective. The hand-to-hand combat is satisfying and brutal, there are more kinds of blunt objects and guns available, and the detective mode where you actually get up close and personal with investigating crime scenes feels more in depth than in the first one. I didn't think they could top the scare factor in the first, but somehow they did. The enemies are more gruesome and deadly than ever. Add creepy music and sound effects and you got yourself a grade A survival horror. One thing I felt they shouldn't have done was explain the source and reason why there's madness and bloodshed everywhere. I think they should've just left it ambiguous.

Sonic Generations Boxshot

I was skeptical to get this when I heard it was going to be the 2D and previous 3D stages just revamped with next-generation graphics. But since it was at a low price, and that I heard it was good, I figured I'd give it a shot. All I have to say is that it wasn't what I expected. This game is just breath taking and so much fun. The graphics and sound are phenomenal, and the control works perfectly. I just loved playing through the 2D stages in 3D, and vice-versa, too bad they didn't have more levels because that is an unfortunate downside to this game. It's too short. But there are plenty of challenges and unlockables to get, so it has a good replay value. Looks like Sonic's finally gotten it back together, makes me all the more excited for the next game.

What A Day.

I turned 20 today, yet I still feel like a teenager. Then again who does want to grow up? :P

Some of the stuff I got included:

Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges - Fun House.

Jack White - Blunderbuss.

Weezer - The Green Album.

An autobiography of Johnny Ramone.

A Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt.

I just realized this the first time I never asked for any video games for my birthday, all the good stuff is coming out in the fall, so it's understandable.

Almost done with classes too, just gotta get through finals and then it's finally summer time.

Nothing To Do and Nowhere To Go.

The title pretty much sums things up, school and finding a job have been stressful and annoying.

There have been a few breaks of relaxation here and there, during one of them I got Dead Rising 2, and that turned out to be a great game. Everything was improved, and it's definitely better than the original.

Not much else going on, there's just this heavy aroma of staleness and melancholy where I live and it doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.

I wish it was summer.