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It was my Birthday on tuesday. 17- Wooooooooo Im getting old!!!

Celebrated yesterday by going 2 this geat mexican resturant, then went bowling. I got two strikes yay.

And some friends even went out and got me a cake:oops: Awww

Also got Ico, Lost season 1, Advent Children and some more stuff.

Deffinately one of my better birthdays:)

Chinese New Year

Went to China Town with some friends, for the New Year celebrations.

 It was really good, saw the dragon parades and stuff. Missed the fireworks tho, we were in a restaurant at the time:cry: I had crab soup:)

On the plus side I got a bunch of cheap tat:P Fortune cookies, paper dragon thing, info on my sign (the snake), a tassel thingy and a Hello Kitty lolly for my sis

Unfortunately we had to wait in the cold for my friend who brought loads of chinese food from the supermarket:roll:

All in all, great day

Party last Friday

Yeah forgot to mention. It was pretty good, almost the whole school was there. Music was alright, mostly R'n'b.

There was food, dancing (should have seen my moves:P )...  no alchohol inside tho... so some of us just went to the pub and came back later(hey, I can pass for eighteen8):lol: ) I even got to catch up with some friends I hadnt seen for a while.  So yeah good nite :wink:


Went on a school trip to france two weeks ago and, well, Im back!

I went to Normandy to check out the WW2 landings. And I went to the massive memorial park for the soldiers.

The hotel room was crap, (a shower I could barely stand in, and a masive window with no curtains-had to make do with these closing wooden things)

It was a helluva long coach journey, with alot of stops, but I had fun. Played some Basketball and went to the beach, and there were some Kodak moments 8)

Oh yeah, I got a C in Geography!! Totally paid off :D

Its possible that Im not crap at Geography...

My Geography teacher spoke to me today, and said I missed out on a C in my GCSEs by one mark! :(

But she said that if I wanted I could apply for a remark, incase the examiners missed something. Problem is it costs twenty quid. But I definetly think its worth it, so Im going to go for it. Here's hoping :wink:

GCSE results

Well here are my results in full:

History: A


English language: B

English literature: B

Science double: B


Maths: C

Geography: D

Spanish: D

Im totally physced about the A and Bs, but kinda disappointed with the Ds. Oh well, Geography was boring anyway. In Spanish Im good at reading, but terrible at listening. Good+terrible=not great, I guess.

But overall I did great, so Im very happy :D

My day at the zoo

I went to the zoo today! (My sis was bored)

Highlights were Lemurs attacking the Zoo keeper to get food, and a baby monkey falling off a rope and rolling down a hill(dont worry it seemed to enjoy it). There was also a Lemur carrying a half-full Pepsi bottle in its tail. Shame it couldnt open the bottle. :P

In the Orangutan enclosure, I looked into a window and there was nothing there. Then an orangutan swung down from the top and slamed into the window, sucking at it. That was well funny, but I think it hurt its hand after:(

There was an island full of tiny monkeys on it, with a bridge over a river leading to a small building. A bunch of the monkeys had figured how to walk on top of the bridge, and made it to the other side.All they had to do was walk out of the fence and they could go wherever they wanted, lol.

Oh yeah, there was an enclosure with two Zebras and some ostriches, and for some reason the Zebras were going nuts attacking and biting each other, and they kept chasing the Ostriches. My God, the way they ran had to be seen to be believed.:lol:

Well, that was my day at the zoo :) I actually kinda enjoyed it, which surprised me.

Demon days

Well these demon days are so cold inside,

So hard for a good soul to survive.

You cant even trust the air you breathe 'cos

Mother Earth wants us all to leave.

When lies become reality you

numb yourself with drugs and TV.

Lift yourself up its a brand new day

So turn yourself round

dont burn yourself

turn yourself

turn yourself around

into the sun.

(Gorillaz, Demon days)

Sad (but abit funny) story

I have a friend who told me a story the other day...

He knew a guy in Iraq who went on holiday, who asked his priest to look after his cat while he was gone. Everyday, while the priest ate his dinner, the cat would jump onto the dinner table. The priest would make the sign of the cross, then whack the cat so it went away. This went on for two weeks.

When the man came back from holiday the priest told him his cat was possesed. The priest asked that if he could prove it, could he be allowed to kill it, and the man agreed.

At dinner, the cat jumped on the table. The priest made the sign of the cross, and the cat ran away, as it knew what came next. But the guy thought it was running from God. So the cat was killed.

In hindsight this was pretty cruel for the cat, and I feel sorry for it. But still, it was abit funny

Sixth form

Today I had a Sixth Form induction day. (Sixth Form is kinda like higher learning)

Its a shame i have to go to school in the Summer, but I got a Suit8) and I got to meet alot of people I havnt seen in a while. I also made some new friends:)

Anyway the day started with an asembly, telling us what Sixth Form would be like, some rules, blah, blah...

Then we had some taster lessons. I did Sociology and English. Sociology was pretty interesting, its about different cultures and societies, and how people can relate with each other.

Ive got another one tomorrow(RE and History) then its back to enjoying summer.


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