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So yesterday I finished my first play through of Catherine for Xbox 360... my oh my what a bizzare game!

When Catherine was first announced I was interested right away because it offered something completely different; an unusual story along with some challenging puzzles plus the art style looked fantastic on the trailer! I won't spoil anything about the story on here for those who haven't got around to playing this game yet but I do want to mention about the difficutly of the puzzles in this game to begin with. When they say hard mode, that is a complete lie ... they mean IMPOSSIBLE mode!

I usually like a challenge and having completed Super Meat Boy I would like to think I have quite a bit of patience and determination, but Catherine REALLY tests you on the puzzle levels. I started off playing on medium difficulty but found that I was getting very frustrated and about a third of the way through I switched through to easy (which is still pretty average difficulty) so I could at least enjoy the story on my first playthrough.
The most irritating thing about the puzzle levels is if you fall off and die, there is a tedious cut scene that will appear every time you fail, a couple of my friends found they were rage quitting quite a lot because of this. Games like these should really just drop you straight back into the action from your last checkpoint instead of repeating some cutscene over and over especially for a puzzle game!
Moving away from these negative points, Catherine does have some very unique features. First I would like to mention the art direction, it tells the story in two different ways, an anime type animation and then in game with the 3D models. As you progress through the story you will start to notice why some things are themed the way they are. I found that I had a lot of questions about the game at the beginning but at the end I felt pretty much happy with the ending and satisfied with the story. Another great thing about the game is the music, they are remastered pieces of music which can really add the right kind of atmosphere to some levels.

Overall, Catherine is a very nice game. I was disappointed that there were limited options with character's relationships but hopefully now this game has been released over here we could possibly see more like it! I am going to replay it one more time - I will try hard first (which basically is harder puzzles with NO undo feature) and if that gives me too much grief I will try and complete it normally on medium!

If puzzles and character relationships aren't your thing then giving Catherine a miss would be your best bet, but if you are pretty open minded I'm sure you won't be disappointed with what this game has to offer.

Upcoming in 2012

My to buy list for this year :D

Borderlands 2


Bioshock Infinite

Guild Wars 2


Fable: The Journey

The Secret World

Lego City Stories

Torchlight 2

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3Ds

Animal Crossing 3D

Monster Hunter 3G

Finishing up with Mafia 2

Well I borrowed a few games off my friend from university to play on our summer holiday, one of these - Mafia 2 I haven't really been able to put down since starting it. I really didn't expect it to be as good as it is, the storyline is epic - the car radio and some of the cut scenes are hilarious and the achievements after playing once kept me going back for more.
I started my game on easy to get the most out of the story but I enjoyed it that much I started the game again and completed it on hard!

I think out of all of the achievements the wanted poster collection drove me insane... I started it at 11pm one night and ended up finishing at about 3am just because I wanted to get it all over and done with! Some of the other achievements were quite fun, I especially liked the hard to kill achievement - I done this the fun way by stealing the armored truck and driving downtown like a mad-...woman for 10 minutes :P I only have one more acievement (the playboy collection - ohnoez!) then I am 100% finished with it without the DLCs. Anyway I thought I'd just give a little rant on what my thoughts are about this great game - if you haven't played it or finished it you should seriously go and pick it up!

Hello ThAr Gamespot

Well I have been a lurker for quite a while only coming on to read game reviews and such so today I decided to become a part of the community and get involved :)

I will post again soon and look forward to chatting to more GS members!