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Hello fellow gamespotters

Its been quite abit since ive posted on blog on this website...hmm

anywho, as of recently i pretty much started to focus my attention to fighting games now, ever since i learned and got hooked to SCV's online. its definetly a good thing, as modern shooters are getting very repetitive in my opinion. Well anyways im off to write a review, hope everyone had a decent new year!

My youtube channel

Well, its tooking me awhile to finally tell you guys, but i have a youtube account.

i make storyboards to (my) cartoons,youtube poops, gamer vids,and more

heres one of my videos

if you would like to see my other videos, go to genkia87 (my youtube channel) at, thanks

twisted metal endings

im here to post my opinion on the endings of the twisted metal games (overall)

twisted metal 1 (aka the lost endings): these endings define the word cheese, however they are interesting to watch (cause ya know, we never got them originally)

twisted metal 2:Probably the most memorable, when calypso started to screw over the people making the wishes (whether its from 2 meanings,saying something differently outta of excitment etc.)

twisted metal 3: the worst of the games,the endings are uninspired and everyone gets screwed over.

twisted metal 4:these endings are pretty good,not as memorable though.

twisted metal black:while, they have a dark tone, these endings are very memorable.

twisted metal small brawl:For the most part, calypso is the one getting screwed over (i like that :P)and unlike black, theres alot of humor here.

twisted metal head on:uses the art style of twisted metal 2. these endings are awesome!

To all the COD black ops PS3 players

Ive made 4 new modes for black ops

1.1ST Blood(reccomended 2-4 players):In 1st blood,1 kill will end 1 round (there are 4 rounds overall). you can battle it out 1 on 1 or team up and do a 2 on 2.

2.1st blood free for all(reccomended 2-4 players):same as above only free for all

3.Hardened match(any amount of players can play):not your average match.A much difficult playing of a standard game.there are 3 classes to choose from and its a free for all. paced TDM:A much MUCH faster version of your standard call of duty gameplay. expect knifefing to happen more often and more intense gun fights. (5 different classes to choose from)

So when ever you play black ops on PS3, check these modes out


PS3 thoughts

ok, ive had a PS3 since december 24th, and i wont lie..i like the PS3 better then the xbox.

I mean i like xbox, but its suffers from alot of stability issues (plus a loud ass fan and you need to pay for online play). PS3 on the other hand is great and ive never ran into a technical difficulty. i get free online play, and the exclusives are awesome.

So the xbox fanboys can say what they want, but PS3 tops xbox

Sup fellas!

The reason im posting this is really because (other than waiting for a youtube video to upload) im wondering how you guys are doing...

Recent activity

(you may have noticed there was image of the beatles as my banner...well i plan on fixing up the rest of my page soon.)

Well ive been playing FEAR 2 on the ps3 (i had a review for the 360 version a year ago but they were checking my page so it couldnt be posted) ive played mafia 2 on PS3,And ive also been playing the PS3 version of Sonic the hedgehog.

My impression of the PS3 version of sonic? Alittle dissapointing. i released how bland and low res the environments looked,the heavy aliasing issues,framerate drops,cheap deaths,choppy platforming,cheap bosses.Worst of all Glitches. Now your probally thinking "your probally banning this game to hell dude" but (like the 360 version) its actually pretty fun. ill review it when i play further into it.

Having already completed FEAR 2,i do say the only PS3 problem i noticed was aliasing and framerate drops. otherwise the shootouts are fun and exciting,scares were either frightning or totally weak. once i complete FEAR 2 ill review it (again)

Mafia 2 i have had a blast with. while its incredibly linear,ive had fun with the combat and shoot outs. ill have a review n hat soon as well.

As for you guys just comment and stuff.