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OnLive: Some Thoughts

I actually sat their cringing at the presentation... I still, as the guy mentioned in the video, am sceptical about the 'low latency video'. However, given everything works as advertised, OnLive would be great. I am still sceptical about the amount of resources required to power these games also. I'm wondering if they can do any sort of video caching across sessions or something, which would be interesting. Given they've been working on this for ~7 years, I'm sure they've considered these sorts of things.

Down to my major gripe... I'm from Australia, a country roughly the size of North America with a population smaller than London. Not only do things take forever to be released in Australia, it presents a problem in terms of data centres. If you know anything about Oz, you'll know you can't really just stick a data centre on Uluru and expect it to service the country. But who am I kidding, even if OnLive came to Australia, commissioned data centres in the right places, our broadband network is close enough to a joke to make it a waste of time.

I'm also very curious to see how this affects Nintendo as it seems they have built a little empire around motion control/IR and peripherals. I wonder how resilient these things will be to OnLive. I've got to say tho, OnLive would enable Wii owners to be able to play the games that a Wii just cannot handle, which is a win :)


Wii Friend Codes

Okay, so I went out and got Wii Speak for the fun of it, but being heavily reliant upon friend codes I've decided to bite the bullet and try and get some Wii friends... anyone?

My number is 5410 1724 7942 6499

Call of Duty: World at War

I was really excited about the COD4 engine being used for a Wii game. I only got to play COD4 once at a friends place, but it was really good, despite my inability to use a console controller to play first person shooters. I've never got a hang of the aiming thing, I much prefer a mouse. However, having said this, COD:WaW was released for the Wii which takes advantage of the IR of the Wiimote for aiming... I believe the correct gaming term is "woot".

World at War has turned out to be so much better that what I thought it would be, and I was expecting alot, so I am very pleased. I haven't finished i yet because I've spent the majority of my time (and holidays) playing online.

World at War on the Wii has a stripped down multiplayer mode (when compared with the PS3 & xBox360), it supports 4v4 team death match with varying settings OR a 8 player free-for-all on 7 or 8 maps. While that all sounds a little dissapointing, the Gamespot review got it spot on, what keeps things interesting is the upgrades and perks available. For me personally, I just like that you retain your xp across sessions and that you have an overall rank. I'm currently a Major which is level 41-43... once you hit level 65 you open up prestige mode, being only a major, I can't elaborate on that, but so far, I'm loving the game.

The campaign has also been a blast, but whenever I fire up the game, the multiplayer menu option is just too tempting :)


Most Epic

Well, I've been waiting for some time now, and finally, Rock Band 2 for the Wii has been released, AND, best of all, it supports Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments :D

The last remaining part of the puzzle is an Australian release date.... but hey, two good things... I can wait for the third :D


Good Times...

Well, I'm having a blast playing through World Tour, finished the drum & guitar careers and you can check out my progress on the GH Community website.

For the most part I played the Guitar career on hard, then realised I could do the expert, so I played the middle on expert then the end on hard.

Drum career was a sliding scale, first 3 or 4 on expert, middle on hard, the end on medium.. still a blast.

Just had my birthday and I got some Wii Points and Shaun White Snowboarding. I bought 'No Rain' by Blind Melon and 'Mr Brightside' by the Killers. Haven't had a chance to play any of them yet tho! nooo....

Looking forward to Skate It and World at War as well :) Still trying to decide on Animal Crossing with Wii Speak, cause I think that would be interesting.


Guitar Hero World Tour

Well, yesterday it arrived, check out my unboxing here.

Unfortunately my guitar seems to play itself, I think this is because the touch strip is too sensitive? I plan to give it some more time untill I make a final judgement..

The drums seem mostly fine at the moment, but I would like the yellow (hit hat) pad to be a little more sensitive. As a result I've just purchased a USB->MIDI interface on ebay and will use the drum tuning software that I've already downloaded and installed.

Been working too much... haven't had time to play :(


Guitar Hero: World Tour Music Studio

Ok, so every review or comment that I've read about Guitar Hero: World has complained about the Music Studio. Now, being from Australia, I'm still waiting for it to be released, so I haven't actually seen it at all.

I'm just wondering... what were people expecting? Making music is not a simple process; there are just so many things that you take for granted when actually playing an instrument, mapping all these things from a plastic guitar back to a music track is never going to be a straight forward process.

In any case, I'm looking forward to trying to re-create some songs that my band has recorded, I think it would be a blast to share it with friends.

Is there anyone out there that has positive views of the Music Studio in GH:WT? I'd love to hear from you.


Guitar Hero World Tour on its way...

I checked my mail over the weekend to see a little email informing me that Guitar Hero World Tour has been dispatched.... on Friday 31st October. The game is due for release here in Australia on Novemember 12.... :D

*twiddles thumbs*


Wii Update

So you know things are getting a bit out of hand when you are that excited about a firmware update. In anycase, I was...

Last night I got home and noticed my Wii's pulsating blue light and in an instant I was thinking about all the cool things this update could mean. Silly me, I should have realised that it would be a Wii Shop Channel update that does nothing exciting.

From what I have also read this morning, I believe it kills homebrew? Interesting... at any rate, since I do not par-take in any of that tom-foolery, I installed the update and was bored with it....

I was playing Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, collecting the mini-kit parts... I think I have about 3 or 4 packages to find.. Still wating for Guitar Hero World Tour.....