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Saying Good - Bye

Hey Guys
  I am leaving Gamespot. People say number 13 is unlucky. I say its the number after it. As I am leaving at lvl 14, lol. Sorry if this is a bad joke (which I am famous  for making) But time has arrived for me to go. I am going to say Good Bye to all my Gamespot friends and all ten union which I was a member to. Its been great being with you guys.
Take care


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  1. I have been promoted to officer rank in Prince of Persia Clan Union.
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If you are a moderator or an officer, I would be glad for some tips. Thanks.

Halo Rules

I just installed it today, played one level and its awesome. I am so addicted to it now. I bought the full game after playing the trail for about a month, mostly multiplayer. Well what can I say, Microsoft release some of the best trails out there.