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PSN issues....

My PSN ID seemed to have been having issues lately... I created only about 2 weeks ago and didn't really use it much...but whenever my friends try to add doesn't work...and only 2 friends successfully managed to properly add me....

Anyway I wrote this blog to let you all know I changed my PSN ID to xArchSagex.

Crysis for PS3 and 360 only!

I googled around a bit today and found this interview between a dude at Crytek and IGN about the CryENGINE 2 and Crysis for consoles! They said that the consoles performed very good visually and ran on high setting like on a PC. I think that the PS3 is capable of Very High settings though.....Anyway I hope they confirm Crysis for the PS3 and 360 soon....I mean, the guy in the interview clearly states that Crysis already seems in development for the consoles....

Interview here>>>>>

Lol the guy from Crytek said that their not going to lend the CryENGINE 2 to the Wii because it can't handle it....:P

Anyway, I can't wait for Crysis for PS3 and any other game using the CryENGINE 2 for the PS3 because Crytek said that games on the PS3 using CryENGINE 2 are gunna stand out among every game out there....can't wait!

Want/Watched Games....You'd wanna read this!

I decided to take the liberty and make a blog on all the upcoming/TBA/soon to be released games that I'd want. You should read this xD I have alot of games, from what I'm seeing, that I desire! The list is fully equipped with trailers, screenshots, gameplay, interviews, previews and more! I also updated it to include release dates lol. I really did arrange this awesomely!

Enjoy my list xD!

Games That I want!


I know for sure that the minute GoW III is for pre-order, I'm def getting it. I've been a GoW fan since the moment it came out and it's teh awesomeness! All the GoW's manage to have beautiful environments (although creepy, still beautiful) and the combat system owns! Kratos himself is the master of pwnage! I mean, who doesn't want to have flailing chains attached to evil-looking swords. GoW III looks pretty awesome though. I wonder what's it going to be about... hmmm...

Sources: None at the moment. Not really any information.

(2)Can't wait for FF XIII and FF XIII Versus Release Dates: TBA 2008/2009

The screens and the trailers of FF XIII looks AWESOME! I was a bit...disappointed though because when I had first heard about FF XIII i thought it was sorta a remake of FF VII and that it would at least include Cloud. SE should seriously create a remake of FFVII, it would make them tons of money seeing as there are alotta hardcore FF VII fans out there. Anyway back to FF XIII, The combat system sort of reminds me of Crisis Core though...ever played it for PSP? Graphics looks...stunning...amazing...unbelievable. I still don't really know the story though except that there's this Strawberry-haired girl and some blondish dude (though it was cloud but it isn't) in a motorcycle, I think his name was Mr. 33cm? Final Fantasy XIII Versus is a completely different tale than FF XIII. It's some story about a Prince and the last kingdom or something....Click the links for the trailers and see! Anyway no matter what this game is one of the most highly anticipated most wanted game ever to be released. SE seems to have a good job of making all their FF titles awesome! Can't wait for it...can you?

Sources: (1) FFXIII Dengeki Special Edition Trailer (2) (3) Awesome Quality FFXIII Versus Trailer

(4) Another MORE Awesome FFXIII Trailer (Awesome Quality)

(3)It's all about Metal Gear Solid 4 right now..... Release Date: June 12th 2008

As soon as I saw a trailer for MGS 4, I was hooked...looking for any other info I could find on it...then one day, it was announced, the LIMITED EDITION MGS 4 PS3! I was like all O_O! I WANT IT!!! @_@!!! Anyway, my aunt pre-ordered the MGS 4 game for her friend but he's away and he told her to give me the Metal Gear Saga 2.0 thingy and the beta...I love em! I can't wait til my aunt comes over today and gives me whatever it is! GAH I WANT IT! I must say though, graphics are awesome, beyond awesome...stunning...AMAZING! Game play looks really cool....I just want my MGS 4 PS3! :( /cry

Sources: (1) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Trailers (2) MGS 4 Screenshots (IGN) (3) Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition PS3

(4)Who here could say no to GTA IV? Not me... Release Date: 29th April 2008

When i heard that a GTA IV was being released I didn't get my hopes up that much though. I was expecting the same thing as San Andreas or Vice City graphics-wise and I was really hoping that the graphics would improve since they have Blu-Ray and the PS3 now. When I saw the very first trailer...i was stunned. Graphics looked beyond stunning although not THAT good they looked really good, it's a step up..i mean a freakin HUGE step up from the other GTA games. I can't wait to buy it, it really does look awesome, especially the story and game play...and everything about it.. I mean, what's a GTA game if it didn't have a really HOT story and sexy game play?

Sources: (1) All the Trailers You Could Possibly Wish For! (2) Awesome Screenshots

(5)Haze looks awesome! Release Date: May 20th 2008

I watched a few trailers of Haze at first and I must say it looked awesome but i had doubts as did many other persons.... Then one day the game play video popped up and it was amazing! It looks really cool now that there's more info on sorta reminds me of Crysis....that's my opinion though....It looks cool though, graphics-wise, gameplay-wise and story-wise. It seems really intuitive and awesome. Some people out there still have doubts but after more info about Haze was released, those doubts of mine were washed away.

Sources: (1) Haze Trailers, Game play, Interviews and others! (2) Haze Screenshots (IGN)

(6)Dark Sector....yummy.... Release Date: OUT NOW!

When i saw the TV Spot for Dark Sector it looked awesome. Now I want it lol...looking back up at everything I wrote, I want ALOT lol. Anyway, Dark Sector's story is a bit cool, you get infected or something and you gain powers and I don't know what happens after that lol. Anyway, I saw a TV Spot for it and my friends were going off about how awesome Dark Sector is, and it really does look awesome but I'm still a bit skeptical about Dark Sector though, as are many other people. I might just wait a bit more and see how Dark Sector goes along then I might or might not get it....

Sources: (1) Dark Sector Trailers, Reviews, Interviews and more! (2) Dark Sector Screenshots

(7)Gran Tursimo 5: Prologue.....I can't put words to how I feel... Release Date: OUT NOW!

I got GT5: P like yesterday (as a gift from my cousin...i kept ranting about it and he decided to get 2, one for me and one for him) and began playing it and it's amazing. The graphics are beautiful! It looks even better than reality on a serious note! The selection of cars increases with that 1.5GB update for it (gunna try and DL it later today, seems to be having problems). Game play is awesome, but back to graphics lol. The cars looks freakin REAL! They look freakin awesome! Other people seem to be encountering "jaggies" though but if you have a good HDTV like i USED to, you get no "jaggies" which makes the cars look freakin awesome!

Sources: (1) Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Trailers & Previews! (2) Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Screenshots (3) Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Update

( 8)Battlefield: Bad Company feels like a rip-off... Release Date: June 23rd 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company seriously feels like a rip-off of CoD 4. Not so much a full-on rip-off but some aspects of it seem so. Anyway it still seems like an awesome game to get, looks pretty cool. Multiplayer looks cool too but there's no instant-respawn like in CoD 4. Newayz, I would still get it, not as soon as it's out, but a bit later.

Sources: (1) Battlefield: Bad Company Trailers & Game Play, etc..! (2) Battlefield: Bad Company Screenshots

(9)Mmmm....Disgaea 3.... :) Release Date: August 2008

I'm a fan of the Disgaea series and I heard the #3 is coming out so I'm a bit hyped. I still don't really know anything about it but I'd still want regardless.

Sources: (1) Disgaea 3 Trailers, etc...! (2) Disgaea 3 Screenshots (It's in Japanese, but all you want is the Screenshots rite? XD)

(10)Tom Clancy's EndWar....deliciousness xD Release Date: September 2008

I saw some trailers of this and it looks amazing. I sorta a fan of RTS games but this has a voice command option which makes it all the better lol. You'd be standing at the TV looking like lonely retard because your talking to it rofl. Anyway from the trailer which is supposed In-Game footage, it looks pretty sweet. Game play looks awesome too, nice destructible environment and even better destructible enemies xD.

Sources: (1) Tom Clancy's EndWar Trailers, etc...! (2) Tom Clancy's EndWar Screenshots (GameSpy)

(11)White Knight Chronicles looks pretty awesome.. Release Date: TBA 2008

I checked this out yesterday and the screens look quite cool. It's an RPG of course, you can guess from the name, and it's about some kid who finds an ancient artifact that can transform him into a huge knight or something around that plot. Basically you gotta fight evil I'm guessing (as is with most RPG's) and I'm just curiously watching this, not so much wanting because not alotta info has been released. But still I might definitley get this game. Looks awesome! Scratch that...I'M GUNNA GET THIS GAME FOR SURE! XD

Sources: (1) White Knight Chronicles Trailers, Game Play, etc..! (2) White Knight Chronicles Screenshots (IGN)

Games On My Watchlist (Not sure about YET)

(1)Rise of the Argonauts sounds awesome and looks awesome too! Release Date: Q3 2008

I was just checking the TBA/soon to be released list of PS3 games and I saw this game called Rise of the Argonauts, so when I checked it out, the screens look awesome and the story seems awesome too. I checked out the trailer and it's not that bad. It seems a BIT God Of War-ish but it still looks awesome. It's an action-RPG which should be fun and the monsters/bosses look weird.

Sources: (1) Rise of the Argonauts Trailer (2) Rise of the Argonauts Screenshots

(2)Two Worlds, story sounds good....I wonder what it'll be like? Release Date: August 2008

I check out this TBA 2008 game called Two Worlds and I read the story for it and it seems cool. It has that God Of War theme in it which is blatantly seen when it quotes: "When the god of war had died in a battle...." Another one of the games on my watchlist.....need more info.

Sources: (1) Two Worlds Trailers, etc...! (2)

(3)Mercenaries 2: World in Flames....awesomeness Release Date: August 31st 2008

I played the first mercenaries and it was cool. Then i came online today and saw a trailer for Mercenaries 2 and it doesn't look 1/2 bad. It's announced for Aug. 31 2008 so it's a long time from now. Another on of my watchlist games lol.

Sources: (1) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Trailers, etc..! (2) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Screenshots

(4)Project Origin scares the BS outta me.... Release Date: Q3 2008

I saw a trailer for Project Origin and it's scaryish....the zombie-like thingies remind me of those ugly things from the movie I Am Legend. They move so freaky!!! Wait no...beyond freakin freaky...they move abnormally! Project Origin seems to be a lights-off sorta game where scary as crap monsters jump at you outta no where and dart all over the place with amazing speed...and your at a disadvantage cause it's dark....I mean how is a small freakin flashlight going to help you! Anyway this is def a game I'd want lol, although it scary, I happen to like these sorta games.

Sources: (1) Project Origin Trailers, etc...! (Warning: These are sorta scary! lol jk!) (2) Project Origin Screenshots

Well that's my list lol. Yea it's long xD but the games on it still rock. I'll update it whenever I have the chance. It surpisingly only took me about 1 hours to do this!

Got another PS3!! YAY!

I'm sure yall have read my other blog post lol. Tragic story. Anyway, today is an awesome day! In the morning, my uncle dropped by and he was like all secretive and was like hiding something. So i questioned him about it and he took me to his car and popped the trunk open. When I looked in there i was as happy as ever! In his trunk lay an 80GB PS3 (The Motorstorm pack) and I was overjoyed rofl. How would you feel if you were at a good part in Oblivion and you couldn't play your PS3 for like 2 days because of an "issue"? For me, it was saddening lol. Anyway while I'm writing this, I'm hooking up my PS3 (I'm on my laptop) and trying to fix my PSN ID issues.

I think i know what I'm going to do later on, when the Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition PS3 Pack is released, I might either (1) Sell this PS3 and buy the MGS 4 PS3 or (2) Give this PS3 away and buy the MGS 4 PS3..Option (2) sounds retarded yeah but my mom said if I wanted to get the MGS 4 PS3, that I should give this one to my cousin and she would buy the MGS 4 PS3 for me and that I would have to buy the HDTV with my own money.

Sadly, I'm hooking up my PS3 to a normal TV right now :( I have like 2k in savings though (Don't worry this is not my college fund, it's personal savings like for sports gear and stuff) and I saw a sexy HDTV being sold for's only like 42" though...good enough for me!

My PS3's tragic death

Well it's official, Wednesday sucked, well for me at least... I came home that night from an exhausting training session, expecting to pick up my PS3 remote and play some Oblivion or CoD 4 (Sadly I can't play online because my PSN ID is frigged up o_O). I went into the living room where my PS3 is and I almost fainted. On the freakin floor was my 46" Sony Bravia, SMASHED TO PIECES! I searched around and couldn't find my PS3. From what I saw, it looked like the stand that the TV and PS3 among other things was on, went faulty and they just fell foward propelled by the weight of the HDTV.

I was like O_O!!!!!!!!!!! I lifted up what was left of the HDTV and under it was my PS3....completely dented and frigged up! I already posted a forum topic about this and it sucks! I took some people's advice and phone the home owner's insurance company and they said to phone the stand company. So i did, and i told them everything that happened. That stand company was utter BS! They said they couldn't do anything about because their stand was not meant for 40" + HDTV's and that it's not their fault.... when the freakin sticker on the stand CLEARLY said that the stand was meant for 42" + HDTV's and ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES!

I couldn't believe it, so i quarrelled with them even more until they put on their Supervisor and she said basically the same stuff! So i just gave up because the company was playing me like a fool.

Right now I'm like really pissed (btw this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday lol...just putting it in terms of how I felt that day). I phoned Sony as well and they said if i wanted that I could mail it to them and they'd just sell me another one for a cheaper price so I might do that. Still not sure lol...

So that was how Wednesday was the WORST day of my life.... R.I.P. 60GB PS3 :(