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The Last Guardian Will Bring Back Memories

I remember the days when all the games i played were mostly single player with maybe some split screen and actually really good stories that made you love the main protagonist and gave him a real personality and toyed with your emotions. Im not saying their aren't any good games because their are lots of awesome games that are out like Uncharted 2 and GOW 3 just 2 examples. But this game seems to bring back my memories of the Jak and Daxter days and Kingdom Hearts days. Although there isn't much information present and only a couple of screen shots and a trailer for your eyes to feast on and a no show at E3 you can still take that coming from the people that brought you Shadow of Collosus and Ico this will be a great game. It will be another game that defines the greatness and diversity of playstation exclusives available. It'll probably feel good to not worry about multiplayer and just have a great single player experience.

Crysis 2 Hype

I have never actually played the original crysis or crysis warhead, but have always heard about their graphical achievements and how awesome they were. But ever since I got the march 2010 issue of the TOPM ( the official playstation magazine) I have been following it or should i say tracking it. Once i graced that 8 paged feature I was like wow this game looks sick! Just looking at those images made me wander how crazy thats going to look on a 1080i tv with 3D enabled. Wow that would just be crazy. But since Im not going to go blow a bunch of money on a 3D tv (although i do want on) i wont be playing anything in 3D just yet. Then comes E3 and they display campaign footage live on stage and i was blown away again. Just the way its sort of open world and linear is cool you can do anything you want basically to obtain your objective or complete your challenge for example: your on the streets of new york and encounter some of the alien, whatever they are, robotic things. So you ring off the car alarm and they come to check it out but you planted a bomb and just triggered it! Or another one would be putting a bomb on the car , hopping in it, driving it straight into the enemies launch yourself out of it and trigger the bomb. Thats some crazy stuff. Whether your going to be pushing your pc to its limits and seeing the most beatiful game ever, or on console on the ps3 ( my version of choice) or the 360. Join me in hype for this glorious game. Just think of the multiplayer........

PS3 in need of: Cross Game Chat, Party System (pt.1)

Im a Sony fan, but i also like xbox seeing as i hard the original xbox until a shortages came in the power cord and almost set on fire! The ps3 system has a pretty set of chat and messaging features. But what it really needs is a simple party system and cross game chat. My friend brags all the time on how the PS3 doesn't even have party chat. I would really like to chat with my buddies without having to be playing the same game. Or have to cope with some of the annoying people that give you headaches. I can have my friend playing Heavy Rain, Modnation Racers, Red Dead Redemption , and since we were not on the same game we can just chill out talk about the games to eachother, what our favorite part of E3 was and etc.

TIred of Waiting for KH3 (kingdom hearts 3)

I heard a little bit back that a new kingdom hearts would be announced E3. So im a big KH fan, i bought the first one when it came out,beat it, go the second one, beat it. And I was anticipating another actually entry into the story instead of, i dont want to say spin offs since they actually add to the story and give background information, other titles. I also dont want to have to go and buy different consoles to try and keep up with the story. I didn have a DS so unfortunately i couldn't get 358/2 days. But my bro has a PSP so i will definitely be buying BBS which nomura said he put as much work into to it as he would if it was a console release and it looks awesome from what i have seen. But anyways E3 comes up im excited for all the games like killzone 3 and dead space 2, crysis 2, MOH ( medal of honor), infamous 2, and so forth. But what i really couldn wait for was to know what the next kingdom hearts was. Then yesterday i was surfing the web typing in Kingdom Hearts E3 2010. Then i finally get word that its a game for the 3DS and is in seems to be around the timeline of the the first KH. Im not mad from the details, it sounds pretty good, but then i hear that they havent even started development for it. I think, dude its 2010! People have been waiting since 2005! if it takes this long to produce a third and Nomura said KH3 will not be the last in Sora's story and he will remain the main character, though it will be Xehanorts ending in the franchise, i wont even bother thinkin how long it would take for a 4 or 5. But i wont give up hopes because it will eventually come in the mean time there will be other awesome games. And by then maybe even Uncharted 3, or Jak 4, or a Sly 4 will be out. Who knows