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Hey, I linked my account on the Rockstar social club to my Xbox account. Matter a fact I've been a member if there site since 08. For some reason my stuff won't go through to the game. I have chop learned all 3 tricks in the app and he doesn't know how to do it in the game. Does it matter when I started, cause I played half of the game before I downloaded the app. I know for a fact it's link. You know how on the site if shows you the linked accounts. My gamer tag and PSN ID are both on my profile on their site, yet for some reason it's not linking? Anyone know what the problem is? It'll be greatly appreciated. 

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It matters in a way. In just curious to the people that dislike this game. I just want to know their reason of it, and if the reason is valid then it's understandable. I mean there's a reason for everything people dislike. I just want to know why. Granted, people have different opinions. Like I said, please explain why. That is all. 

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Why do people dislike this game? is it because, it's not "Resident Evil?" Then tell me, what in your own definition clarifies "Resident Evil?" If your answer is zombies, or anything in that genre did you ever think that zombies are out dated? I mean come on zombies are so 1990's. I like the new enemies in this game, so much more creativity. Is your answer horror? granted, this game isn't that scaLei you can say Leon's campaign is the only thing close to its old roots. I much prefer this new way they're going with this franchise. I mean, look at Resident Evil 4. That game is no where near it's old roots, yet that game has much success. In no way is that game scary at all. Not much zombies either. Matter a fact, Resident Evil 4 is where are the creatures/monsters start to come in, and nomore zombies. Yet, that game still got so much sucess. I guess long story shoExcel plain your reasoning of why you dislike this game? Riddle me please.

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Topic creator meant if tipping mix I gives you a gun. It does. The first one is Moxxi's bad touchTipping her some more she'll give you a better gun called Moxxi's good touch. Here's a little Easter egg. The second gun Moxxi's gives you (good touch) your controller vibrates when you have it out/shot/etc etc. ivibrates e's harder if you have it out for a few seconds. If you don't get it. Good touch vibrate.. A female's "toy."

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Oh, so it just benefits for you badass rank. What I really want to know is if it gives you a better reward. Go think it does too, but I have no proof to believe that though. 

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Can anyone answer my question?

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I've noticed that some missions sometimes have an objective that's a darker blue with a plus sign next to it. I was Just curious what it was. For example, in the slaughter domes the critical kills 5-10-30-50 have it. Is it optional? Is that what it is? If so, what is the difference for doing it, and not doing it? Some misisons give you weapons, shields, etc etc rewards. If you would have done the optional objective would it be a better reward as to not doing it?

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I got an early copy. To be more clear I got my copy on a Sunday evening. Played it "all" Monday. The day we were going out. Finished it an hour ago. Yep, but I'm fine. Company comes and goes. The saying "there's plenty of fish in the sea." I have no regrets. 

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I have finally beaten Borderlands 2. I can clearly mark that out my list now.. And my girlfriend too, who dumped me due to playing this game instead of going out like I promised 0_o. In the end it was worth it.. Until I saw the ending.....

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You don't have to go that far.. Just take the store credit and use it up on something else (not pre-orders). Buy Borderlands 2 wherever you want. No need to complain. Thentahsin that's just me. I don't like to start sparks, especially if it's a fight you won't win. That's what I would do atleast.