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A Lesson I Learned from DmC

Well, this is my first blog post and, unfortunately, it's a not-too-positive one.  

Let me start off by saying this: If anyone finds more examples besides the one I mention later on regarding Mass Effect 3, feel free to correct me.  Also, this article is simply my outlook and opinion on recent events revolving around DmC.

So after the dust settled, DmC has left me a bit worried.  DmC: Devil May Cry, has proven itself (at least in my opinion) to be a prime example of what happens when people aren't open-minded. When the Devil May Cry reboot was first shown off, seeing Dante smoking a cigarette in clothing and makeup that made him look someone who could fit into Twilight, my jaw dropped and I cried myself to sleep.  In the end, I still would have given the game a chance!  In the not too distant future, it seems as though Capcom and Ninja Theory worked things out and laid out a more presentable Dante for all to see.  Unfortunately, gamers were still up in arms, generally at the fact that the game was being rebooted (although there are other reasons they were enraged).  I do acknowledge that there are some critiques out there that are perfectly valid about the game, but what I ended up seeing, was a large population of gamers who flat out refused to give the game a chance.  It seemed that gamers had to decide how a game should be made.  Now, with that said, I do believe developers should aim to please their audience, but at the same time, they should have the freedom to work with THEIR creations.  


Are you not entertained?

Are you not entertained?

This leads me to a prime example of what happens when gamers kick and scream enough.  After Mass Effect 3 came out (which I didn't play, so forgive me if this seems out of line), the fans were seemingly outraged by the ending.  Now whether or not the ending was actually that bad is subjective. Now, unfortunately, after enough kicking and screaming, BioWare caved in and offered the fans some DLC regarding the ending.  


What? This isn't the ending I paid for!

 What? This isn't the ending I paid for!

The big question now is, what will Capcom do next?  Will they give in to all the outraged fans, toss DmC: Devil May Cry in the garbage and resume making DMC 5?  Or maybe, they will decide that due to poor sales, the Devil May Cry franchise as a whole needs to be put on hold.  No matter what the outcome, I truly believe that DmC and Mass Effect 3 have both proven to be great examples of what happens when developers don't give in to the demand of gamers.  I believe this takes away their creativity and, in the end, I'm generally disgusted to see the damage that can be done when enough people refuse to give a game a chance.

P.S. I understand there are legitimate critiques about games such as Mass Effect 3 and DmC: Devil May Cry.  This article was aimed at, in my opinion, the huge crowd of irrational, close-minded gamers out there.