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Decided to just go ahead and buy a vita day one and so far, I'm loving it. But one of the key fetures about to vita for me was the promise of remote play for PS3 games. As far as i've read, no current PS3 games work with remote play yet (unless you use a custom firmware). Is there anyone who knows when some games will be able to use remote play?

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The i7 2600K will outperform the 980X in games. Hexacores just aren't need for game yet. The i5 2500K would be a good choice as well. Make sure you get the "K" series so that you have the option of overclocking. Plus the socket 1366 X58 cpu/mobo's are about to be replaced by Sandy Bride-E (socket 2011) and there just isn't any reason to go that route now.jtcraft
Thank you very much. Will be ordering today :)
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Im talking about these two CPU's. Im wondering if theres and advantage with a hexa core over a quad core for gaming

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Im buying a new mobo and cpu to play games on. I was wondering what would better for gaming/price. The i7-2600 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) Quad core or the i7 980 3.33GHz Hexa core?




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It is not the graphics card. Everyhting just simply will not work. The little light in the front that signals its working wont light up. the hard drives make no sounds, it just simply will not boot

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Just bought an amd phenom ii x6 cpu and it arrived today. I went to install it and everything seemed fine. i went to turn on my pc however and nothing would happen. no monitor signal, no lights in the front of my pc, the only thing that was working were the fans and motherboard lights. i know i have everyting set up right and i have my bios to its latest version which states that this cpu works with the motherboard. do i have a dead cpu on my hands?

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I'd try calling 1-800-4MYXBOX so to see if they can offer you any additional informtion. I've read posts on here where people called MS and found out what they had been banned for. Eddie5vs1
Alright I'll try that out. Hopefully I can get my account back asap...
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All over the weekend I have been playing Gears of War 2 online because of the x22 exp that has been going on. Because of that, I got to level 99 in Gears. So I take a good break and decide to log back in to finish it off and finally get to level 100. But then I log in to find a window telling me that I have been suspended from xbox live until further notice. I have no idea why I would even get banned. I don't cheat, hack, cuss people out, or any of that stupid crap. I play the game as it was intended and have fun doing so. I just want to know why I got banned, but can't figure it out since xbox live service won't send me an email as to saying why I was banned. Is there any other way of figuring out why I was banned?

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well this is even more strange. just launched the EVGA benchmark test and gpu 1 is working as it should, but gpu 2 is not. gpu 2 is only running at a core clock of 50MHz, shader of 101MHz and memory of 135MHz as opposed to gpu 1 which is running at a core clock of 648MHz, shader of 1296MHz, and momory of 850MHz (stock). so i guess my second 460 SE isnt running at full compacity? is there any way to fix this?

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Alright i just ran the benchmark and in sli i only got an average of 32 fps. without sli i got 28. i know for a fact crysis should be performing way better than this

i dont know about your res but i get that or better with a single 260 which is less powerful

i only run at a res of 1400x900