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I think that if rocksteady decides to get away from batman they should move on to the teen titans. It would be cool to see a teen titans game based off batman gameplay style. Rocksteady has said they want to do other dc projects.

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And when you get in high school, if your team is really good they could travel an d compete against other teams around the state. They could have special teams like a halo team, a COD team, GOW team , or even a AVP team. I would defintely be on my schools Halo and AVP team.

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R u serious

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In my childhood years I watched alot of cartoons and movies series, but the one that stuck out the most was godzilla. In my opinion seeing a giant lizard going around shooting atomic breath and blowing up buildings and killing other monsters is interesting . Now if you wondered where godzilla has been the last 7 years in 2009 a film that was posed to be released in Imax 3D, staring godzilla fighting another monster, but the movie never happen and the idea has been scarped. For the past 2 years the film company Legendary Pictures has been working on acquiring the rights to make a reboot to the franchise. You might have heard of some of their other films such as 300, Inception, The Hangover, and The Dark Knight. So needless to say the franchise looks like it is in pretty good hands and we expect to see the reboot in sometime towards the end of 2012. Now if you nevered have seen a godzilla movie. The movies I recconmend are Gojira (1954) Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah Giant Monsters All Out Attack(2002). If you want to gain an interest in the franchise these are the movies that probably get you hooked. He a pop culture icon , plus he is 1 of only 2 fictional characters to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Does anyone watch his reviews and what do you think.

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Or do you rather have fun by playing the game on an easier diffuculty and never go for the achievements and fame.

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Imo I think that red dead redemption is the bigges step a video game franchise has ever tooken in just one game.

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Do you find them useless and rather walk and sneak up pn people. Do you find them uber ( Scoripion) sometimes when people rack up kills while in them. Do you think more games should include them. This is for shooters in general. Are they irrelevant?

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Halo's imo without question.

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