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I have a new Razer Blade Pro, and I love it.

But I wouldn't recommend spending that kind of money on a laptop unless you're going to use it for more than gaming. Honestly, no gaming platform is worth all that money. I see people dropping a grand on a video card just to get better framerates and higher anti aliasing on videogames, and it blows my mind. There hasn't been a videogame released on PC in over a year that's even worth having all that power.

If you need a laptop for work, for school, for producing music or editing video, and you like games and you have the money, then sure go for it.

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X-ReBirth is number one top seller on steam. Hope it stays up there hehe.

I don't, it's overpriced. Xcom: Enemy Within is cheaper and probably alot better.

Well, seeing how X Rebirth is apparently a disaster, you're seemingly right. But XCOM is a garbage RNG boring turn based crapfest too.

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The best are probably EUIV, wargame airland battle, and, uh, rome 2?

Not really a lot of RTS lately.

I would go for EU III to be honest, more depth in my opinion.

But yeah ... not that many RTS on the scene lately since the whole world knows only one thing "starcraft this, starcraft that" which makes it harder for devs to come up with games that do better.

I blame esports. Gone are the days of long and interesting RTS battles with massive base building, ballistics physics and huge maps. Now it's all fast paced clickfests filled with esports lingo and trash talking.

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The game will release http://soon.tm/ ;)

I'm pretty dubious about the initial release. Egosoft is a great company so they will get the game working right but I'm not real confident about how the game will be over the first few weeks. I'll be getting the game for sure but not right off the bat.

They're germans, so you can bet the game will be really badly optimized and it's going to take some patches to get it where we want it to be. That's been my experience with german developed games, at least.

Although, they did delay the game quite a bit to work on it, so maybe it will be really polished.

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The best are probably EUIV, wargame airland battle, and, uh, rome 2?

Not really a lot of RTS lately.

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Far Cry 3 is more fun and has way better gameplay. Bioshock Infinite is great if you don't play games for fun.

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Isn't there some sort of sandbox element where you can redesign the levels and play them how you want or something?

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Okay, I'm the kind of guy who loves games with exploration and upgrade systems and a sense of freedom to be creative in achieving my goals. Is Hitman Absolution the kind of game for me?

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I think they should get rid of the single player campaign that nobody cares about and put in offline botmatches which at least one person would care about.

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I don't know, I haven't seen a pirated version of it yet. But I'm going to go ahead and say that any company that thinks crippling a game and making it garbage all for the sake of keeping it from being pirated is worth it can go f**k themselves.