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Oh. My. Lawdness.

It's been a while, but I think I finally have a reliable computer so I can visit here often again. There were a few things that really drew me back, such as Brawl challenges, news on the Metroid games (I really can't wait for Other M) and what was revealed at E3. So.. I'm back! I don't exactly know how much I was missed, but it feels good to see GS again. Please visit my page often - I'll try and update things more.

I've also recently joined All is Brawl (that huge Brawling site that works like Facebook) and it's really fun. It's opened my eyes to some fantastic people and techniques. Here's my page, so add me if you have an AiB account and we can meet up sometime for a match (I'll probably still be on that site more than here, so that's why it's easier).


So stop by if you can. :3

I've also been thinking about changing my GS page completely. I've considered starting a new one, with my new username ('Zero Flare'. Well, it's not that new now. I've been using it for almost a year now, since Krystal isn't my favourite character anymore). It'll be a completely new look for me on here but I'm not sure if I should go ahead with it. I'd appreciate your thoughts so please leave a comment.

Anyway, I think that's all from me for now. I'm really pleased to be back. :D

A word about my activity

I'm sure that some of you have noticed that I'm not active. The reason is because I now have a computer at home, but it's quite old and slow. I don't care, though, atleast we have one, and it's far better than walking to the public library, only to be denied access to everything.

If anyone sends me a message, I will reply to it, but not right away. GS runs extremely slow on my computer and it takes just about an eternity to type a sentence at the very least. Thanks to this, I don't come on here often, although I will make more of an effort.

So maybe, while I'm here, I should apologise for my inactivity throughout the Unions I am a part of. I am sorry and I'll try and visit more often or even make an appearance(there are some Unions that I have joined but I haven't visited yet...).

Well, that's all from me just now. If I'm not online from now until Christmas, then I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

My Brawl Code

OK, I have my Brawl Code and if you want it you'll have to send me a message! I'm an OK player online, and I'm currently trying to use the lag to my advantage. I'm not sure if it's possible, though XD

So yeah, message me if you want to fight!

Star Fox Wii Suggestions

Can anyone suggest anything they would like to see in the next Star Fox?

I think it would be pretty neat if there was a Blaster-style controller for the Wii, where there was an anologue stick on the back, the trigger could be the A button and the other buttons, B, X, Y, Z, R and L could be on the side of the gun. Of course, this would only be for on-foot missions.

I also think it would be cool if you could play the Story Mode as the other Star Fox members. For me, I would play Krystal all the time.

I hope they keep the Multi-player idea, too.

So, post any suggestions you have here.

I finally have a Wii!

On Saturday, I was able to blow all my earned money on a Wii! I've been waiting for so long now to buy one, and I finally have. I'll be getting Brawl next month on the 12th (My birthday) and while I'm waiting for that, I'll save up for a router, so that I can play online.

I'll post my Wii Friend code once I've trained a bit and found a good character (That could possibly be Fox), because I haven't played SSB in a couple of months.

Joy to the world, xKrystalx now has a Wii. Prepare to get your butts' wooped.

Friends Needed u_u

I've only been here for a short time, so I really need friends. Please track me if you think we share the same interests. I even accept randomers.

I post frequent art work, so come by and check that out every-now-and-then. (I really sound as if I'm begging >.> I'm not, honest.)

I hope someone tracks me soon, I will track back!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by; I appreciate friends and visitors.

I guess you could say I'm new to Game Spot, and you can probably tell that I'm no good at setting up decent blog pages. The reason - I have no computer and have to use the public library computers. Thus, I have limited access to sites and can't use PhotoShop. My banner was made by SciFi Cat, and I thank him deeply for it :)

I'm a great fan of Star Fox, Zelda and Mario games, as well as Metroid Prime(but I've only played the first one). I've been playing Star Fox since Adventures, which I found to be a great game, however, some people don't give it the credit it deserves, and I think it's very muchly under-rated. Krystal is my favourite character, mainly because she shows true girl power. So does Samus, I guess.

Anyways, a bit about me........ I'm female, and I live in the UK, and that's all I'm sayin'! :P (Seriously, you don't know what I've experienced)

Please, all friends are greatly appreciated! I welcome anyone to come and talk or send me an email.

Thanks for reading,