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Need For Speed : Most Wanted

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Need For Speed most wanted stil in my opinion is the best Need for Speed they have made in a long time it beat all of them even Undercover even though in Undercover they have better and more good Cars especially the bounty it was hard but worthy they should make another one like this one but it really made need for speed a top game seriously they definately should make a street one

Assassin's Creed 2

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Assassin's Creed 2 has been on my wishlist ever since I completed the first game. Although there were complaints of the repetitiveness, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in playing this game - from the gameplay to the breathtaking scenery. And now we will all soon embark on yet another magnificient journey, taking the control of Ezio Auditore de Firenze, a nobleman of Florence from 1476. The videos that have been surfacing on this game have made things seem ever-more exciting, and this is definitely on the pre-order list

Killzone 2 Cool Game :P

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Many times I've addressed games as being groundbreaking to an extent, and really really addictive. But this game.....

I cannot, stress enough - how fantastic this game is. It's so BEAUTIFULLY put together - and multiplayer is VERY dynamic and impressive.

Every time I load up the game I watch the intro movie. Every time. Because it is that jaw-dropping you just don't ever get bored of it. The campaign is proving extremely intense and exciting. I jumped straight into it on the hardest difficulty.

I'll update more in the coming days. But wow - just wow.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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The big dog. The massive one that is on everyone's minds. The huge release that is Modern Warfare 2.

Now obviously this along with many other games are on my pre-order list [I'm actually getting the Prestige Edition, which I will unleash on here when I get it] so I won't rattle on too much about it. But it wouldn't be a good blog without a MW2 mention right?

Please stay tuned for a NFS Shift review very soon. Out.

GTA: Ballad Of **** Tony

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GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony We all know that rockstar games has been succesful from there biggest GTA Sandreas to ive and to lost and damned and now to Gay Tony the game look's like a superb game tbh with all new edition areas like club's also with new accessiories like the new Helicopter's which you had a sneak peep at it on the gamespots thingy mig but as you all know that the character your playing is the person out of the bank robbery in GTA IV when your doing the bank robbery with Paki and his brothers well when it finally comes out this fall i wanna see all of you having ago also with the online :P

Stupid Games

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Seriously the dude's who created Blur the Crapest game ive ever seen i would avise you not to put that game out seriously you can electrocute cars when they come close to you dude that would defiantely get on people nerves for example your first and your close to the finish line your not far now a car come to ya a bash you with it's electric and you loose that is defiantely a game what would piss me off :( :D :) :P