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Well, after Christmas, I purchased a new PC. It was a great deal for the amount (Or lack thereof) that I payed for it. I was also tempted into buying a new ATI video card. I could never be happier. I can play Oblivion at high settings (Not max on everything) and get a solid fps all the time. I can play HL2, FEAR, BF2, etc etc etc at maximum settings and get the same results. I have never been happier with a purchase. I am thinking about selling my XBOX360, as I do not think I will be playing it anytime soon. In fact, I haven't even touched it in the past four months except to stream some videos and music to my TV and sound system with the media center extender. The only thing holding me back is the negative thoughts I am having about the future of PC gaming. Sure... we have had some great games in the past year or two, but it seems to me that developers are starting to abandon PC gaming and are all hopping on the console gaming bandwagon. Hopefully I am wrong.

Either way, I have been having a ton of fun with my new PC, and I know I will be having that fun with it in the future as well.

Why do I always stray from GS?

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GS has been my home for a long time. I have had so much fun here, and GS has brought me from the not-so-hardcore-gamer-who-just-had-a-large-collection days to my present can't-fight-this-feeling-anymore impulsive gaming habits to feed my addiction of the ultimate entertainment. The past year and a half, I have not come on GS at all. Sure... I came on here two or three times thinking that I would make GS part of my everyday life again... but I failed at completing this task. I do miss the old all-night-forum-patrol days of the past. And because of this, I am going to give myself one more chance to becoming a regular on GS. I feel sort of strange... writing (Or typing... aka virtual writing) all of this even though I know almost nobody will read it. I do not care, though. I guess it's more than a blog, it's a personal journal. :)

YAY! Merry Christmas to me! :D

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Well I haven't been able to play many PC games for a while since my custom built PC was stolen about a year ago. The PC I have now is a piece of crap. Right now I have 2.8ghz processor, 1gig ram (Was 512 but i upgraded it), 64mb generic video card, and my hard drive is 60gig (I cry all the time.) While my PC is crap, all I really need is a good video card. Well I have decided I am going to get this. Not the best, but definately good enough for me.  

CoD3!!! SWEEEET!!!

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Well when I heard about the shipments (Or lack of) of GoW, I decided to just get CoD3. It is very good. Feels exactly the same as CoD2, but the multiplayer seems alot more tactical now. AND I MEAN ALOT! To some people (T3h n3\/\/b5), this will be bad, but for people like me (HARDCORE 1337 BABY!), it is the best thing ever. CoD2 was a great multiplayer game and was extremely fun and somewhat tactical, but CoD3 takes it up to a whole nother level. I am loving this game. The only thing we need now is for more people to play it online. 24 max games should make this very interesting.

Note: I will be getting GoW for Christmas (hopefully). But for now, I will be having alot of fun with CoD3. I will type up a review for it in a couple weeks when I have gone through campaign a few times and experienced alot of multiplayer fun.

It has been really long.

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Well with my money problems I have not been getting any video games the past few months. I started my WoW account back up but I have barely played it at all. I am sick of HALO2 (Seriously I will never play it again.) and Oblivion is getting old. Today I am going to EBgames to see if they still have a copy of Gears of War. I pre ordered CoD3 because I knew it would be good, and I wasn't sure if Gears of War was just going to be a let down. After reading all these reviews I am hoping that EBgames will have an extra copy of Gears of War and I'll just get that instead. Oh well, if they don't then I might just save my money until they get the next shipment in.

Oh, I have a new xbox live gamertag! It is now A Crazy Pokemon. I haven't been playing on it since I do not have any games besides H2 and Oblivion. But once I get Gears of War, I will (hopefully) be online every time I get the chance.

Me = Happy again.

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Well I have started to play HALO2 even more. I am now in a good clan (One of the LGI clans) and I am meeting new people to play with. I am also starting to play online with some people I know from my school. So with HALO2 I am pretty happy right now.

I am also playing Oblivion now. I don't own it. But, my friend is letting me borrow it for a while. It is pretty good. I like it alot.

Also, I have been playing some 360 games lately. I loved the Dead Rising demo. And the Saints Row demo was pretty fun. When I get the money, I am going to buy me some games.

Since I am starting to play games alot more, I will be on Gamespot more often. Hopefully daily, too.

Cut myself in school and now my teachets think I need counseling...

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Well during my second period I had a piece of glass from a picture frame in my hands, and it broke and I accidentally cut the top of my hand. Put that with my long black hair and black glasses and my courier bag instead of a backpack, and my teachers think I am emo.This is so stupid. They said some crap about me needing counseling or something. And they took me out of the classroom and all this crap. If anyone who cuts themselves actually does it in class, please let me know. ........... my 2nd period teacher is an idiot.


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Well let me start by saying that I know alot of people will not care about this, but I just wanted to say what I thought about HALO anyways. When HALO1 first came out, my best friend was the first one in my neighborhood to get it. Everyone who didn't have an XBOX (myself included) in our neighborhood would always go over to his house and play for hours every day. Everyone fell in love with HALO1. We would play it after school, on weekends, before school, and sometimes when we should have been at school *wink wink*. Now skip ahead a few months after HALO1's release, I was the last kid in my neighborhood who didn't have an XBOX. Everyone else had an XBOX and HALO1. But even still, I was the best player out of everyone here. I have been playing video games all my life, mostly FPS games. That was my advantage. No one else had been a big gamer before HALO1 came out, and I had. When I finally got my own XBOX and a copy of HALO1, everyone in my neighborhood knew it was suicide to play against me. So I took a break from the multiplayer portion (or bulk if you look at it that way), and I started playing the campaign mode. I was amazed at how much I was missing. The story, the beautiful levels, the covenant..... YES! THE COVENANT! And then... there was the Flood. I was wondering why I had never even thought of playing the campgin before. I got hooked into the HALO1 story and campaign mode. I would play through the campaign sometimes twice a day. It was just so fun! After about a month the campaign mode started feeling like it was more of a movie instead of a game. By that I mean that it was so good, but that I was always doing the same thing every time I played through it. So I started playing multiplayer with my friends and I also started doing glitches. I was even better than before, and I was almost always winning the games with no problem at all. Now skip ahead to the release of HALO2. I was the first person in my neighborhood to get it. The first thing I did was play though the campaign mode. WOW! There was so many things that blew my mind away. I was in heaven for the first time in my life. The story was excellent, and the scenery and levels were the best of any FPS I had ever played. Then there was the ending. I wanted to kill myself when I saw it. It was so upsetting that I could not find out what happened! After I got over the fact that whoever planned that ending was a jerk, I started to play multiplayer with my friends. WOW! It was great! New maps and weapons in multiplayer. Playing as a Spartan or an Elite! These are just some of the things that made the multiplayer great! A month after HALO2 was released, I signed up for XBOX LIVE. When I started playing HALO2 online for the first time, I was shocked about how much fun it was. I would play it on XBOX LIVE almost all day, every day. My friends would always come over and play as guests, and we would also take turns in ranked playlists so that we could play better players. HALO2 online was the best video gaming experience I have had, ever! Soon I started meeting people who did glitches. And then HALO2 online got even better. There was so many cool glitches to do, and doing them with friends was so fun. I was also getting alot better at actual games in matchmaking. After a few months I was a 20, and I thought I was good, but I was wrong. After I heard people talking about MLG games I started wondering what they were meaning. I did some research online and I found out what it was. I started playing custom games with friends using MLG standards. Soon after, i met some people who played MLG games alot. I started playing with them and their friends and I saw how good they were. That is when I realized that in matchmaking I was doing good partly because of the unfair advantages people can get. Rockets, swords, snipers, etc are things that can make the game easy in the wielder's eyes, but unfair in the victim's. I played MLG games constantly and I started improving. I was getting alot better, and I started using my new skills in matchmaking, quickly rising to the 23-26 level range. NEW MAPS! YES! THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! I was so happy when the new maps came out. I would constantly play custom games on them and have tons of fun. When all the new map sets had been released, I was back into matchmaking. But there was something foul in the air. Modders... Cheaters had been a problem before, with standbying and whatnot, but modders were like a plague. They were so annoying and for some reason it seemed like I was getting put with them more than normal. Almost every other game I played was with a modder. I stopped playing matchmaking and I started playing more custom games. After a couple weeks I tried matchmaking again. I was relieved to see that there wasn't as many modders now. I was also glad to see that my skills had gotten alot better. I slowly climbed my way up to a fluctuating 34-35.  I was having so much fun. But then, for some reason, I got banned. Now don't ask me why, because I have no idea. But it happened. So I made a new account, even though I was still upset about it. At this time, matchmaking started to get annoying and started making me angry. I would find myself losing sometimes to total noobs who would tell me I was getting owned by their rockets or swords. It was so stupid that I could not stand it anymore. I stopped playing HALO2 alltogether. A few months later my friend gave me an extra copy of HALO2 he had, and told me to start playing on the new 360 I had. So I did, thinking that I would get out of it again. After trying to get my level up for a little bit, I started realizing why the game was making me mad. It was the rankings. Everone wants to have a high ranking. Most higher levels cheated to get theirs. And it was also the reason I got mad everytime I lost, because I didn't want to lose my rank. So at a 29, I stopped playing to win, and instead, I played to have fun. I stopped caring about my ranking alltogther, and in fact, i actually deleveld (sorry to all of my teams) so that I could get it lower. The way I see it is that if you have a level in the low to mid 20's, then you are looked at as a noob. If you have it in the high 20's to mid 30's, you are looked to as good. Anything higher than a 36, you are a cheater. But what got my attention was that if you were anywhere from 1 through about 16, then no one looks at your ranking as your actual skill level. They know that not that many people are that bad, and so they actually pay attention to your skill in the games instead. This is what I wanted. No ranking crap. I wanted judgement on pure skill.Well that is all there is to really say about my HALO life. I am still playing HALO2, but not as much as I would like to.

 I need alot of friends on XBOX LIVE that do anything. I want friends who play MLG, matchmaking, or just fun custom games alot.

Please add me!  GT: xBABY EATERx

Im back and I hope I don't leave again!

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OK! Well I have started to play my XBOX360 again. I am going to save up to get a few games. For now, I will have to feed my hunger with HALO2 and 360 game demos. 

Well, besides that, nothing much has been going on in my life. I started school today. And that is about all the news for my life, lol.

Well, I hope to start coming on Gamespot alot from now on.