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New theme

so i want to make a new banner and sig for my game spot but i dont know what them i want. i need something to do lol oh well


black friday i want to go shopping, but it seems like lots of peoplehave not went black friday shopping you all should if you haven't just don't get knock down and stomped all over it defeats the hole point of you going:D


sssssssooooooo me trying to get a new job is the worst when no one wants to hire anyone and you need more money to do things

wtf im mad now!

i never had a problem with my xbox 360 untill now i just got the red ring of death out of the blue im pppppiiiiiiiisssssssssssseeeedddddd!!!!!!!

nnaaaaah im not

so back to the car that i wanted to buy. i dont want it anymore its nothing wrong with the car at all but its just not me.:(im a suv person so going to a car is hard. anyway i also dont feel like getting into anymore debt than i already have. so i will just fix my suv and wait till tax time and get a car. 8)

think im going to get it

well i test drove that car i was talking about and its real nice, smooth ride, lots of room, all wheel drive, the works this car has. so i think im going to get it, one thing i do hate is the color of the car. blue i hate blue oh god, but i can look pass that so now i need to know the down payment i need to make so i can get it.

buying a car

buying a car is allot of work. lots of these things just piss you off others is just norm stuff but the worst part abut buying a car is car insurance. that is the worst part abut buying a car, now for the car that in thinking about getting my insurance will be more than my payments but i need it. it also don't help that i have 4 points on my license from 2 speeding tickets from last year right. i hate this BS why can we just buy a car and that's it.

lol im bad on xbox live

it kills me that offline im good at most of the games i got but on live i suck @$$ like bad. lol but anyway im just updating my stuff here i still love game spot. i just added my Raptr account and soon adding my facebook add me one any of them thanks.