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No one can wait.

So 2009 is over and it was a pretty good year for gamers. In 2009 we had many great games like COD:Modern warfair2, Assassin's creed 2, Halo 3: ODST, Uncharted:Among thieves and...

We all have some different opinions about best game of the year but I think we should forget about it andthink about which game will be the best in 2010. this year will probably be one of the best years in the history of video games. the reason for my pretense is that in this year many of the greatest video games of all time will release for example Mass Effect2, Halo:Reach,God of war3 and... . But one of the most important events in this year(in my opinion)will be project Natal that had made alot of trouble but if it be like that they talk about it will be a revolution invideo game craft.I think perhaps one of the greatest games of 2010 will be Mass Effect2. actualyI'm a huge fan of the first Mass Effect (I'm killing my self with playing it and I have finished it's careermore than 10 times) another graet game for this yaer I think will be Halo:Reach(actually I'm almost sure) but one thing is claer "this year will be legendary".:D

Any one?

So do you have any comments about my albums? If you have write it.I'll upload the third one tomorrow.

It's out !

At last Halo3:ODST came out right on time and it has a great campaing as always.

My Halo picture gallery.

I am making a gallery about Halo pictures and wallpapers.so you can help me with uploading images about Halo or writing some comments for me.It hasfour albums;Halo2,Halo3,Halo3:ODST and Halo wars.up to now I've made two of these albums (Halo wars and Halo3:ODST). The other albums will come out soon.

Just one more!

Just one more day waiting for Halo3:ODST.I'm going to prepare to drop!you should prepare too!

Just two days !

There are only two more days. just two more days waiting for Halo3:ODST. I can't wait!Who can wait?!

Have you seen it?

Have you seen the part of "about me" on this page?No? so see it.because my picture is cute!:D

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