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Xbox Live

Hey whats up everyone I just want to tell everyone that reads this that i finally have Xbox Live (it only took me 3 years) and that my Gamertag is John Layfield theres no numbers that is directly how its spelled so if you wanna friend request me or anything its pretty easy to remember. BTW yes my gamertag is the name of the wrestler i decided since my name is kane on here i decided to do my 2nd favorite wrestlers name. oh yeah and you cant challenge me to smackdown vs raw or anything like that because i dont have wrestling games i borrow them from my other friends and i just complete the story mode because when i played on live i got manhandled like 5 matches in a row so i just plain suck at the game so for now on i know to stick to single player. lol. anyways if you see me on request me, challenge me to a game i wont mind anyways ttyl.

My Type of Games

I like alot of type games, and obviously from my display name i like wrestling. I'm a huge fan of the smackdown Vs. Raw series but i hate TNA and i wont even play the game (which i heard sucked so that makes me happy). I like shooting games but certain ones. I hate shooting games with zombies like Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill,Resident Evil. I perfer shooting games with a cover system, my favorite shooting game would have to be Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I'm not really a fan of Gears of War, i beat the first one but i didnt like it so i didnt even bother playing the second one. I beat every Tony Hawk game since the very first one to Proving Ground, I hated Skate and i dont think skate 2 will be much better. The games that i'm into the most are free roaming games. Saints Row 2 is my favorite game as of right now i dont think it will ever get old and i herd there makeing a 3rd one so i'm excited about that. The Godfather I thaught was a really enjoyable game and i already pre-ordered the 2nd one. The game that i'm looking the most foward to is This Is Vegas and i herd a couple people post that it is probally gonna be one of those games that are never going to come out and i hope you guys are wrong. Another series of games i beat are the Tomb Raider series. The only game console i have right now is Xbox 360 which is probally the only system i'm sticking to, i don't have live which is why i dont play call of duty games because everyone told me that there is no point too getting the game if you dont have live. I beat all the halo series because the storyline was sick from the first one. Thats reall all i have to say, Peace