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The Story Begins

I am an avid gamer who turned 50 years old in September, 2007. I own a 3 year old, red ring of death free Xbox 360, a Wii that has a glowing blue slot that I have been ignoring for a few days now, and finally, a PSP that sits sadly under-utilized in my laptop case. My gaming collection in my profile is accurate, and I'll keep it up-to-dateso you can get an idea of my tastes in games and what I'm up to.

I have found that most game writing, whether it's in magazines or on the web is difficult for me to relate too from the actual game-play perspective. For instance, I wrote a review of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for the DS, giving it a 5.3, well below the average user score of 8.4 and critics average of 7.1. I considered the game unplayable due to bad camera angles and awkward controls. Gamespot's review said, "Moving around is trickier than shooting, partly because the game's cinematic camera angles can be disorienting. Pressing up on the D pad always makes your character walk forward, which doesn't seem intuitive at first but helps let you stay in control as the game keeps switching up camera angles from one static scene to the next. This control scheme carried the Resident Evil series through numerous installments, but the behind-the-back perspective of last year's amazing Resident Evil 4 changed all that. If you've played RE4, you'll probably find it tough to go back to these old controls."

Greg Kasavin's full review suggests that if one perseveres, gets used to the less than ideal controls and camera angles Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is a decent game. Here's where my more seasoned experience and opinion diverges from mainstream game writing.

Why bother spending precious time finding out the game is OK? There are so many great games available and my time is so valuable, that I will not waste time on a game that doesn't grab me immediately. This is the crux of my creating this blog, my experience with games and viewpoint as an older gamer. My goal is to share my experiences and to hopefully get some feedback from those 18% of gamers in the 35+ year old demographic. Of course I also welcome all comments from everyone.

Next up, my thoughts on Assassin's Creed.