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It's official PS3's are my fav of the console wars (30th blog post)

Ok i officially got my ps3 my psn is VtArMs and i currently only have 1 game i actually play online frequently but littlebigplanet is in my future andi'd like alot of friends online to broaden my horizons.Also does anyone like the 3.0 update for the PS3 ? I feel it didn't add enough to b the last major update of the year. Wreks signing off

I'm Back With Good News !!!!!

Well I've been looking it over and i decided i'm gonna get a PS3. Not the big one though i'm gonna get a PS3 Slim soI can play Tekken 6 and a bunch of other cool games over the internet. Yay me n i've already decided on a goofy PSN name. Well thnx for reading guys (if anyone remembers me)

Guess who's back with a brand new bag ?

C'est moi. i'm back with a brand new comp and a few new games.

New Games:Animal Crossing City Folk and Tales Of Symphonia 2

I havn't been on GS in a while tell me what's up

Who's missed me ?

Unlocked Everything-Mkwii

I finally finished my race at the one and only grumble volcano to win my mii in it's second suit that was the place i had the most trouble not dying in or falling into lava but i finally finished and in record time now i'm open to any challenges

Nintendo's Confrence

I think it was pretty good for 1hr long it was the shortest of all the confereces but it did really well anditmade me excited for what's up and coming for Nintendo i really like that thee is gonna be a new Animal Crossing game coming out and it'll be wi-fi and playable with their wii speak feature i really hope they encorperate this into all their online gaming games it may be a little awkward though when other people hear what's being said but they are a company built on community entertainment so what ever i also liked the new wii sports resort game but i kinda wanted to see online play for their wii play and i think they really helped with that precision add on all and all i think the Nintendo brought what they needed so i enjoyed it and i hope they have more in store for next years E3

Wii Community Online Union

I've Decided to bring back to life one of my union i decided to make it a Wii union since that's what i'm currently into abut also into a kinda General Dicussion Union so we can have a wider variety of people in the union so anyone can join and please invite people

School's out, Bring on the boredom

Sorry about the huge gap in posts but i graduated earlier this week and i'm going on to HS but this summer to combat the boredom i'm going to possibly looks up a job my dad has friends that can hook me up but besides that people what's going on ?

Level 21 & I'm getting Mario Kart Wii

That last level was a dosey but i gladly strolled slowly through it and now looking back i had a good time (i hated that level) and now as a reward i'm going out later to pick up my reserved copy of Mario Kart which will give me 1 of every Genre on my Wii

Almost Done Finally

i'm within 5 points of passing the level finally and it's good riddens this really is the hardest level on gamespot

All Brawl Fighter's Beware

Did the title get ur attention good cause i'm on the hunt for some fighters on brawlcause i must admit i've gotten pretty sweet (lol) anyway my fc is 3480 2210 3887 plz add me and i'll do the same