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Where have I been? What have I been up to?

Well, it has been quite a darn long time since I have logged into the site and posted a blog. So what have I done and where have I been since my last blog post (which was October 19th)?

All in all, things are pretty much the same. Still working at my same place of employment. Only now I work half of my days in the warehouse. The other half is spent in the office working for corporate. At the moment I'm being trained on the deeper aspects of our recieving and inventory system. So far as I know for the time being until they find my replacement, I'm on a trial period. But things have been working out pretty well thus far. No major mistakes, getting in some major over time, and proving myself an invaluable employee. All my hard work is starting to really pay off.

Apart from work, I moved into yet another new home. This time I'm back on my own. I moved into the place roughly over a month ago. Since I moved in though, I've been doing alot of work to get the house feeling like a home. The nice thing is, anything out of my pocket is considered payment towards the rent. So in the long run I get to save some money on the rent, time on waiting for the landlord to hire a contractor to do the work, and it gets done the way I would like it to be done. I've already painted, replaced the basement steps, fixed the kitchen sink, replaced the bathroom sink, and begun waterproofing the basement walls. The basement doesn't necessarily need any real work done to it, but I plan on building another bedroom/storage room and a man-cave/lounge area down there. I've also picked up some nice tile for the basement shower and walls, hardwood laminate for the front foyer, and carpet for various rooms; including the basement (most of it is being used as area rugs or towards the basement rennovations). All housework aside, I've been spending my time in the new place trying to settle in. I just recently got the internet and cable turned on, which is great because I was starting to get an itch for some online competition in a few games and tired of watching the same old movies.

Unfortunately though, even with the internet I still have limited access to it outside of online console gaming. Mainly becuase I still haven't gone out and purchased a computer of my own. Since my laptop died back in around August. I was planning on picking one up around Black Friday but I spent the money I saved up on getting a new car (used, but new for me) and getting into the new place (and everything that accompanies a new move; furniture and home living accessories. I just wanted to be out on my own again. A grown man at the age of 25 shouldn't be living at home with his parents if he can afford to be out on his own), and Christmas gift shopping. So after spending all of that money I've been fairly broke. I am however, really intending to purchase a new computer this year with my tax return funds.

As for my car; man do I love it. I had gone to one of the local car lots several times for nearly three weeks straight. Now, I had also been going to a few other places as well, but my family has history with the owner of this one particular lot. Since they've done so much business with him in the past, I figured he might be able to even cut me a deal. Every time I went I tested out a different vehicle and just couldn't find something I liked. And everytime he told me to come back every few days to see if he had anything new on the lot. Then after two weeks he told me he would have something coming in soon that he was sure would catch my eye. So I kept checking and still nothing. Finally, at the end of the third week I came across her, and man was he right. I got in, checked everything out. Checked under the hood and under the body, and she was a solid car. Took it out for a test drive and had to have it. I even had my brother and my grandfather take it out to see what they had thought. They both agreed. Originally he wanted 2,900 for the car, plus tax and title. I drove off the lot with the car for 2,500, plus tax and title. In the end it cost me around 2,700 dollars. And what kind of car did I buy? A mint 1997 Nissan 200SX SE.

That's about it. No relationship at the moment. Game here and there. If I can afford to, I go out to enjoy a cold brew and company on the weekends, or I invite people over to the new place. Mainly working and getting my home together.

So until I get a chance to log in again... see you when I see you.

My Life As Of Late

Busy. Working 40+ hours a week. Recently got a raise and have been practically training and babysitting a crew of new people and people I've been working with there for nearly the past two years. To say the least, my job has been interesting.

Apart from wasting my days away in a warehouse, I've been doing alot around the house. In the coming weeks I should have the basement of our home completed. New walls, floors, electrical, etc. The only thing I won't get finished anytime soon is the bathroom. Materials can be expensive and drafting up a definite plan of how we want to lay it out is going to take some time. We've also been trying to get the garage and the yard in order before the weather really changes up.

So with all of the house chores and working a steady job, what do I get to do in my free time? I might go out here and there. Might game from time to time. But I've been so caught up in my artwork as of late I haven't really found time for anything else. And that's mainly because I got an offer recently to put my art on exhibit for a local gallery. I'm pretty stoked about this because I've never thought about doing it before; let alone did I ever think it was good enough to put up for sale in a gallery. So being as self conscious as I am about my personal musings put to canvas; I've been trying to step my game up. I've been experimenting with new mediums I've never tried out before, and I'm pretty interested in seeing what I can come up with. So far, so good. I hope things go really well. All of the other parties involved seem really excited about having me, so I feel like I'm being gased up a bit. We'll see in the coming weeks. I really want this to work out because I feel like I've been in a rut as of late.

Well that's about all for this one. See you around when I can.

4 Year Anniversary

I was meaning to post this Saturday, but I had a pretty busy weekend. Between buliding a new patio in the backyard and shopping trips, family activities, and seeing old friends that came back into town; I simply didn't have the time.

Anyways, four years of my life have been spent here as a member of the forums. I've been coming to the site for way longer then that. But since that fateful day I decided to join up, I haven't been able to keep away from the place for very long. I log in nearly everyday. Especially seeing now that I'm a moderator for the site, I have no real choice but to be here. Who would have known? :P

Four years spamming the boards, four years with ups and downs, four years of some good laughs and conversations, four years...and hopefully many more. So as with every anniversary blog I've ever posted I welcome you to join me. Raise your glass and here's a toast to it all.

In other random life news: Nothing else to really report. I haven't had the chance to play anything new or exciting. I'm running through a backlog of games that I own or have been wanting to play and never got a chance to do so. Mostly just playing Super Street Fighter 4. I picked up Makoto a week before Arcade Edition dropped, and now I'm picking up Viper. Always looking for some friendly competition, so come and play with me! Work like crazy, as per usual. Tons of stuff to do around the house. Trying to keep cool during this hot weather. Many other random projects in the works and it seems there just isn't enough time to do it all.

Well, that's all for this one. See you 'round the bend.

PS3 and my PSN ID

Recently got my hands on another PS3. Haven't had one in over two years since I sold off my 60gb launch unit to pay past due bills and rent when I hit a small rough patch. But now, once again, I own one. An 80gb backwards compatible unit. I purchased it used from a close friend of mine for a really great price. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play it for a few weeks. It had to be shipped back to Sony so the Blu-Ray drive can be repaired. The rep I spoke to also said that they would have their tech take a look and fix any other possible issues the console may have. It's also a possibility that I may get an entirely new slim console to replace it. Time will tell. I'm not too worried about losing backwards compatibility because I still own both an original PS and a PS2 that still work really well.

So for those of you with a PS3 who may be interested in playing together sometime: TheWorthiest is my PSN ID. Feel free to add me.

And if you have any recommendations on games I should purchase, let me know. I already have an idea of a few I want to get, but what else is out there that I've been missing out on?

Super Street Fighter 4 is ruining my life....

And I'm loving it. It's also killing my thumbs as they, along with the rest of the appendages attached to my hands, are blistering and callousing over. But, man do I find it to be so much fun. If anyone so happens to own a copy and is a member of XBL, add me and we can play sometime. That also goes for other games as well.

As for my actual life, just the same old mundane stuff. Things are finally starting to settle down a bit, and that's surprising seeing as the holiday is right around the corner. Nothing much to report in on.

Well, that's all. See you around. SHORYUKEN! :P :lol: Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

Extremely Busy

Haven't been on here due to such a busy life. But, I took today off from work because I was feeling a bit under the weather. Slept in all day and hence why I am awake at 1am. However, I'm usually awake at this time. :P But I feel nowhere near tired.

Anyways, been working 40+ hours a week. Weeknights are spent playing Halo Reach. I would have done a blog back on launch when I picked up the game and my new limited edition console. But I was and still am busy, and my camera seems to be missing. It is really awesome though. Only thing I can't figure out is why the console is supposedly built around wireless N functionality, and I can't connect any other way than G. I'll have to consult the manual or look around online. Not too concerned about it at the moment.

Weekends have been spent going out and trying new things. New foods and going out to art shows and museums. Went downtown last Friday and went to Ingenuity Fest. It was pretty cool. It was held in the old downtown tunnels of Cleveland. Interesting to see alot of the old stairways roped off because they're flooded out from Lake Erie. Crazy to think that part of the city really is underground and/or under water. But I had a good time exploring the historic sites and catching some live bands and DJs, fashion models, and local artists work. Even met a guy who wants me to do some painting for him (after exhibiting a bit of my own legal graffiti on a digital canvas and program he designed). Going this weekend to a local place called Melt. They've been featured on Man vs Food and local television news. 30th anniversary for Jaws is coming up (?) and in honor of that they are serving a grilled mako shark and cheese sandwich. Never had shark before, so I figured I'd try this beast out, literally. :P And wash it all down with a cold smooth beer. Mostly my weekends have consisted of this and alot of coffee from new favorite hangout spot, Loop. Records store, art house, and cafe. Pretty dope. Might even also have a gig lined up there as a resident house DJ. We'll see how that goes.

And lastly, the other most exciting news, got a new house. Needs a slight amount of work (drywalling off the attic and basement and turning those into bedrooms, a family room, and storage areas), but overall is a really beautiful home. All natural hardwood floors that have just been re-stained and re-finished, natural woodwork, two working fireplaces (one gas the other natural wood burning), a two car garage with an upstairs loft area, and a secret garden-esque backyard. I'm really excited about it. Just waiting for the last of the paperwork to go through before I get the keys and begin my move. In the mean time I've been cleaning and packing everything else up here.

Anyways, as you can read; I've alot on my plate. So if you don't see me around, it's not rocket science. Until we meet again. :)

I'm Back!

Laptop fixed. I decided last night to open it up and take an actual look to see what the exact problem was. I disconnected the CPU fan and with a can of aerosol air, I dusted out everything. Popped it all back in and booted up with no problems. Awesome, saves me money. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong with it.

Nothing else new in my life to report on. Nothing new or exciting since my last blog/since I've been gone.

See you all around.

Due To Technical Difficulties, I Will Not Be Around Until Further Notice

My laptop decided to die out on me last weekend. Apparently the fan stopped working and now it no longer wants to load up Windows until I correct the issue. So until then, my internet browsing access is severely limited to usage at work and family/friends. Which doesn't give me much time to come here and post. So if you don't see me around, it's not that I don't want to be here, I just simply lack the means to do so. But I still have my Xbox to keep me busy in the mean time. So if anyone ever wants to join me in a friendly game on Xbox Live, my gamertag is:theworthy. Go ahead and add me.

As to how long it will take me until I get back up and running...not sure. I've been sinking nearly hundreds of dollars into this damn money pit of a PC that I'm about ready to call it quits and move on to upgrading to a computer more this gen. It's a matter of time and money. At the moment, most of that is invested in the new Halo Reach Edition Xbox 360 (I reserved it after not being able to find any of the black 250gb units in stock in my locale), and the rest invested into my next big move (which will be around the end of this month; the money invested in some new furnishings). Maybe I'll purchase a fan and replace it just to keep going while I stack my dough (apparently it's what's hot in the streets right now with these young bloods :P) up for a whole new computer.

Until then, see you all around when I see you.

20K Milestone

Two milestones in the last few days: my 3rd year anniversary and now, my 20k posts on the boards. So join me, grab a bite to eat, listen to some music, grab a cold beverage and socialize. Here's to many more, cheers! :)

A little something for everyone, some of my favorite foods and drinks:






Tater Tots.


Five Guys Burgers and fries.




Iced Tea. Always a refreshing summer beverage.


Pink Lemonade.


For those who are legal age, feel free to raid the beer cave.

And presenting the DJ, my good friend RJD2:


And the legendary Roots crew!


Enjoy! :)