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I Live!!

Yea, been very busy. I graduate college in less than a month. I've been applying for jobs at several zoos, including the Bronx Zoo, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Oh yea, and about two months ago, my 360 experienced the red ring of death. I just sent it out about two days ago, we'll see how long it takes to return.

I probably won't be playing videogames that much when I'm done with college, as I'll be looking for a job; Or actually working. Everything is moving real fast, so that's why I've been gone for the last.....erm...let's see...five months or so. I borrowed my room-mates 360 for a few weeks and played me some Half Life 2, that game never gets old.

Hope everyone else is doing well, out there in the internet.

been busy.

I passed my fourth semester about two weeks ago, one more to go! I got Halo 3 for christmas, and purchased Mass Effect using a gift card I got from my aunt, she rules. All I can say about Mass Effect is "Awesome".

I'm playing my friends copy of ME at his house, I'm even going to buy another memory card just so I won't have to play through the 5-6 hours I've already completed.

Still an awesome game.

Happy new year.

homeward soon.

In a little more than a week I'll be going home for the holidays. Three whole weeks to relax, hang out, etc. But, I have to do a week of breakwork first. When we normally have 30 people working in the whole zoo, we'll have eight people during breakwork. I'm working the first week, it's gonna be hard, it'll probably break us, but we're gonna do it.

I hope everything will go well. I've already passed this semester, the only part that sucks is that we have our class final in the middle of breakwork. So I have to cram for these last three days that I have off, start breakwork on monday, not expecting to be out of the zoo until 6pm everyday, then have a final on thursday; Oh joy.

I have not even had a chance to play videogames,gods know there are plenty out there that I want to get my hands on; Such as Mass effect and COD4. Alas, time is not with me, to much to do and such.

Time for me to go, have to go look at slides for the final.

Erethizon dorsatum!

teh holidays are here again.

Thanksgiving came and went, now the christmas shopping season is in full swing. Except for me of course, I'd be a fool to even try and go to the mall right now, which is a shame, because I want to go and try to get COD4. And If I can't get that, then I'd want to purchase mass effect. But, as I said, things have gotten nuts around here. I heard that they had to have somewhere around ten to fifteen cops restore order over at the best buy because they were having a black friday sale of eight hundred dollar laptops marked down to only three hundred dollars. Many fights broke out, so I heard.

This is what I hate about this holiday, the greed that comes with it. The only part I like about this holiday I likeis being with family and friends. If someone gets me a gift, then I accept it, and usually get one for them. But I have no need for huge amounts of stuff, I already have plenty of stuff. That is what houses are for, stuff storage. It just boggles my mind that people are willing to trample over, and or beat the snot out of each other over things that we don't really need. But that is one of the many wonders of capitalism.


I'm passing my zoo lab with a solid 80%, and my zooclasses with a 95%. I am very happy with myself, and for the first time I feel truly comfortable working at the zoo, unlike the past semester where I skirted close to having a nervous breakdown. Starting on January 7th, I'll only have one more semester in the zoo animal technology program. Then I'll have my Associate of science degree in zoo animal tech, and from there, I'll attempt to find a job at one of the two hundred zoos around the county. Though I would prefer to work at the bronx or central park zoos back in NY. But those places are notoriously competetive to get into.

Gonna watch some bob ross and study for mah next test.


Holiday foolishness

It's only been three days since halloween, and I'm already seeing commercials for christmas. And I'm already seeing retail stores decked out in christmas crap. WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING?! Sure, it's a holiday that pretty much glorifies the ruthless slaughter of the native americans bythe barbaric pilgrim forefathers, but at least there's turkey with all teh trimmings! I mean, really, if people still believe in all that elementary school bunk about the pilgrims and the indians sitting down and having a happy lovey-dovey feast together, then I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you.

But, no, it would seem people forget about thanksgiving, and move right on to christmas. Now it'll be nothing but two months of holiday commericals, sales at retail stores, annoying/never ending holiday songs,and fake arse good cheer. That is what pisses me off the most about christmas, people become all cheerful and religious, and pretend to care about their fellow man for the duration of theholiday, but then as the holiday seasonends, andpeople return the gifts that they hate to whatever store it was purchased from,They become the cold uncaring jackasses that they are for another 364 days of the year.

Whatever, I don't even celebrate the holiday, being Buddhist and all. Unless partaking of gifts is considered celebrating the holiday, then yes, yes I do.

ah crap!

Clive barker's "Jericho" game came out today. Dammit it all to hades! This is another game that I really wanted, but alas, I am poor. So, I'll probably dump bioshock, maybe get $25 bucks for that, then put it towards Jericho, then buy Jericho. Because I sure as hell am not getting rid of the orange box, I'm keeping that game regardless.

I'll probably pick it up sometime next week, if I can.


My blog was moderated, I got a message that said something was deleted, and I got a warning. And yet my blog was whole, it said that the message that was moderated received a complaint as being written on purpose to "Annoy, and or cause controversey." Whoever moderated me is quite pathetic, and I have a feeling it is because of my blog on religious gamers. I wrote that blog post as an opinion, a simple "point out the obvious" in how I feel about mixing two subjects that do not belong together. I did not write it to cause controversey, or start a fire war, or friggin' annoy folks. But if that is how some uppity little so and so took it, then they should learn to either,

A. Be open to the opinions of others.

B. Not read a blog, if they think it will offend them.

C. Shut up.

You know what, screw it, I am not apologizing to anyone or anything, If I offended someone, tough biscuits. Screw gamespot, and screw whoever I "offended" with my opinion.

EDIT: Ok, found out the real reason for my moderation warning. I was reading an article about the abysmal sales of the PS3, and how sony was blaming Halo 3. They said it was "cannibalizing their sale quota." So, I found this quite funny, and simply posted, "Bwahahahaaha, I revel in this news. I hope sony eats a ton of crow." So some fanboy moderated this simple post, my gods people, IT IS JUST A SYSTEM! I mean really, that statement offended someone? What a sad world we live in, in addition, I was threatened with point loss for my free account. OH NO GAMESPOT, DON'T TAKE MY PRECIOUS POINTS, WAAAAAAAAAAH, WHATEVER SHALL I DO! OH NOES, MY RANKING! Pfffpt, like I care...

Also, I apologize to the religious gamers out there, my bad.