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What do you think about some of these new hyped up games?

Pretty mindless eh?

I am so sick of hearing about GTA and HAlo2. Gimmee a game like Tetris or even Discworld...now THAT took brain power. I understand the whole mindless fun of gaming..but isnt this going just a bit too far?

Playstation ahh nostalgia!

Final Fantasy 7 for sure.

Erghiez is fun too.

Ape Escape! Monkeys are even more fun if you can bop em on the head with a lightsaber of monkey doom!

Metal Gear Solid. Plastique is fun.

Resident Evil anything- i locved em all.

Silent Hill- Wasnt really scary but the endings were pretty good.

Xenogears. If you havent played it and you like RPGs you need to.