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Well I finally got a ps2- 9 years late!

Yeah, it is the year 2009, and at the end of March i finally picked up the famous ps2. I have loved sony consoles since PS1 which I had at one time owned about 50 games for, games that today are rare like, Suikoden1 and 2, FF7,8,9, anthologies, Vagrant Story, Mega Man legends 1 and 2, all tr games, bushido blade, legend of Dragoon and much much more..... So I am no stranger to sony consoles which is why I got a psp in 2007 and a ps3 in 2008.

Why did I take this long to get a ps2? Well for one last gen I was only into PC. I had a ps1 in the late 90's...(and was a pc/console gamer before that, but lacked a pc during that time) and after seeing Baldurs gate at a friends house, I needed to have it. It was advertised in magazines to come out on PS1....the full pc version, and the ps1 version was actually made in full. ( there is a website on it here: ) I waited and waited til I got my own pc from my cousin that I got for $100 ( I was only a year out of high shcool) the thing only had 2gb hard drive, and windows 98 and bg1 filled it. lol... and it ran slow as hell with the 200mhz p2 clone. lol.. that set me off on pc gaming and I sold all my ps1 stuff (dumb, stupid mistake!) Anyway, rpg after rpg came out for pc and i was loving it....I din't need a ps2, i got all these great rpgs on pc exclusives...and with hd resolution. Upgrade after upgrade....then in 2005 the dumb xbox360 came out, and all of the sudden rpg devs like black isle died, and other devs started making stupid dumb games on that platform and it killed the pc gaming world for exclusives as now since then most pc games besides a few here and there are console games.... Now after owning a psp and a ps3. I have a need to see all that I missed. So I bought a ps2. I couldn't be happier with my purchase (well not as happy as when i got my ps1 or ps3 as this is old tech.)

Anyway here is the list of ps2 games I got since last month. and they only cost the same as 3-4 current gen ps3 games.

Suikoden 1, 2, and 3

Final Fantasy 10, 10x2, and 12 collectors

MGS Essentails with mgs 1,2, and 3

Silent Hill 2 (best damn silent hill game ever! I am a big sh fan!)

Castlevania lament of innocence and legacy of darkness, (fun but not like syphony of the night, I hope a ps3 castlev games comes out!)

Grandia 2 and 3

Star ocean 3

Shadow of the collaousus

Persona 3:Fes

Baldurs gate Dark alliance 1 and 2

Champions of Norath 1 and 2

God of war 1 and 2

Dragon Quest 8

Rouge Galaxy

Now with all those great games and my psp/p3/pc/ds collection when will I ever finish these? I don't know but it's nice to own them. I know I miss the ps1 games I would love to replay them, Hoping that more ps1 games come to psn.... Suikoden was the last and I love that game works great on psp and ps3. Now what other ps2 games does anyone recommend?

My PS3 Collection 12-30-08

PS3 - PSN - PS1(on ps3 hd):

Valkyria Chronicles
Little Big Planet
Tekken 5
Burnout Paradise
Motorstorm 1
Motorstrom 2: pacific Rift
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Eternal Sonata
Fallout 3
Saints Row 2
Heavenly Sword
NBA 08
Madden 09
Untold Legends: dark Kingdom
Rock Band 1
Rock Band 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ratchet and Clank: future tools of destruction
Ratchet and clank : quest for booty
Devil May Cry 4
Sonic Unleashed COD: WAW
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Dead Space
Mirror's Edge
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Soul Calibur 4
Prince of Persia
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Rise of the Argonauts
Disgaea 3
Skate 2
Dark Sector
Fear 2: Project Origin

Wipeout HD
Age of Booty
Bionic Commando Rearmed
1942 Joint STrike
Pixel Junk Eden
Pixel Junk Monsters
The last guy
Super Stardust hd
Everyday Shooter
Mega Man 9
Super Street Fighter 2 HD remix
Mortal Kombat 2
Lumines Supernova
Calling all cars
Prince of Persia ****c
Magic Ball
Majong Tales
Puzzel Quest

Castlevania Symphony of the night
Castlevania Chronicles
Street Fighter Alpha
Crash Bandicoot 2

Just Got a DS lite for my 30th birthday

I just got a DS-lite for my 30th birthday. Does that sound strange? i would of thought anyone nuts for saying that i would have a ds just a few months ago. I always thought it the inferior kiddie handheld, compared to the all mighty psp. Well i Still feel that way to a degree. I used some extra birthday money for the ds lite. I could of got it before with my regular pay, but something this week drove me to it. It was after seeing that a new Castlevania (that makes 3 2d sotn like games on one system) and 2 final fantasy remakes - one of which I never could get into (FF3 the NES translated import, I have it on my psp and it just doesn't cut it...but the ds version is fantastic!)

Along with Orcs and Elves...its classic dungeon crawling at its finiest like you got with the pc back in early 90's. I love it(also have that orcs and elves 1 and 2 on my sony ericoson w810i but the ds version on is way better looking! and playing...and it was only $10!!!). I also got brain age for my girl and she loves that..she is the definition of casual gamer...urrrgh...trying hard to change that. Anyway i am enjoying castlvania dawn of sorrow and ff3, and dragon quest 4, those are the gaem s I am rotating between on ds. I am still enjoying my psp though. Star ocean first depearture is a blast along with crysis core and all the other games I have on psp. I can't wait for parasite eve and ff13 psp version to come out.

I still think the ds has way too many kiddie games and shovelware. and the psp is still technically superior! But there has been a drought of games for it lately. Being a game collector, i needed this console. It has my two all time favorites Castlevania, Final fantasy and dragon quest(warrior). There are plenty of other titles like pheonix wirght and such that I would like to try but that will have to wait, I already bought 6 ds games and have about 20 some ps3 games on the backburner, and some pc games and psp games.

Wow after getting the ds the ony console/handheld I don't own is the xbox and 360. And I will never ever buy a ms product. The ds was not a strectch for me as I owned an Original NES from 85' - 91' and a Snes, and have a wii...m$ will never get my money thought, i am not going to repeat my thoughts on that here.... So I have a ps3 which eqauals ps1-ps2-ps3 games. PSp which gives me all consoles up to and including ps1 adn n64... wii which plays gamecube games too. and ds lite. So the only console from this and last gen i don't own are ms consoles(and dreamcast but I really don't count that). And to think I didn't own a single console a year ago, just pc.

If anyone can reccomend some ds games, please let me know!

My ps3 vs 360 rant!

After arguing with 360 fanboys so much, I have decided to make a response with sources to give to forums when the system wars heat up. Instead of retyping things all the time I am just going to use my premade reply and edit it when needed, so here it is, here is why the 360 is sucks and the ps3 is so great! Yes I am a fanboy, but only after knowing the facts, and only after owning previous sony consoles in the past, and knowing ms for what they are: greedy ****

The 3fixme is the worst console to ever exist imo. No other console in history has had a 33% failure rate! No other console in history has a failure rate been talked about (they are supposed to just work!) Even the NES in its heyday may have had issues with blowing in the slot, but guess what it still WORKED! That can't be said about the rrod machine. I have heard countless people on multiple formums talk about sending their box back 2,3,4 and even 5 times for repair. Is that great? HOW can you people support crap like that? That is unacceptable, It doesn't matter if they fix them or not, it shouldn't happen in the first place. Its crappy cheap production and cost cutting tactics that is its cause.

Then you got the fact that most devs that are working on the ps3 account that only 30% of the ps3's power has even been tapped, this is from the devs of one of the greatest looking games, uncharted, from Naughty Dog, here is a link, and here: The problem is that devs are lazy! Most programmers are!(I am one so believe me I know, it was a famous quote by one of my professors too). 3rd party devs have a hard time learning new techniques. That is why when the ps3 was first out the devs spoke about the 360 being easier to dev for. The fact is though with the right tools the ps3 brings out power! The devs are working together, and first party devs are freely sharing source code and tools like a community, to even 3rd party devs working on the ps3 games! Something you would never see in ms world, as everything must be charged for!

Thats right MS charges for everything, want to play online, $50 a year, want wallpapers, and themes? They charge for that too! Everything they can charge for they do, Wifi- $100 Hd-dvd(now defunct) - $200 Meanwhile all that stuff is included with the ps3, which you can get for $399 now for 80gb model. Sony allows mods for games like pc(pc is still the best imo) that Ms won't allow because they can't .... CHARGE FOR THEM....unless they can make cash on something ms won't allow it. They won't allow free games on their indy dev platform. The psn games are innovative and fresh.. Sony has got 90% more first party power then MS. MS sold their 1st parties off, so all they have is 1 or 2 studios, they just steal pc devs. Sony has beefed up 1st party that knows how the ps3 works and make extraordinary games! The list of games coming out for ps3 is crazy! Nearly 75% of games coming to xbox are also coming to ps3.

Lastly people forget that the xbox had 1 year head start on ps3, so of course the install base is more, but not by much..20mil -xbox, 15 mil ps3, 1 year difference. The fact is though that ps3 has been outselling xbox since winter 2007. Then there is the fact that ea made 139 million with ps3 games 86mil for pc games , and 81 with xbox. From ex financial is one source.. So what is ea doing? They are making all their games on ps3 first, and porting to xbox(opposite of what they used to do), using the ps3 as the platform to show off their games. I guess Peter Moore wasn't a MS fanboy after all!

As far as FFXIII, the only thing that pisses me off about the 360 development is the fact that us ps3 owners have to wait for the game now! It sucks we have to wait only because of the xbox...I wish they would release the ps3 version and then the xbox when it was done..but no...Japan gets that.. At least they aren't going to dumb the game down for xbox, which is reassuring! The only reason i brought this stuff on is all the 360 fanboys spotting their crap.

My new console the ps3 and Metal Gear solid 4 rocks!

Metal Gear solid 4 is a masterpiece! Ok I've said it. I love MGS4, and am so gald I got PS3! The game is fantastic, its even better then gta4 which was the last big ps3 release. How did i get here in the firstplace, when a lot of my posts are pro pc gaming and anti cosole? Well the psp had me dipping my feet in and the lack of new pc games, and the release of gta4 had me. Yes gta brought me over to the other side, but mgs4 has me staying here, but don't think for a second i am giving up on pc gaming! i used to have consoles in the past too. Here is my list of previously owned consoles and computers starting from 1984+



Apple iic


IBM clone 8088 8mhz cga, 256k pc

Game boy original

Turbo Graphics-16


Game Gear


Laser 80386sx 20mhz svga 1meg video card and 2x cd-rom drive, (ultima underworld and wing commander + gold box games ftw!)


Packard bell cryix m2 266mhz(pentuim 2 clone) with a 3dfx voodoo 3 32 mb gfx card, 256mb simms ram (baldur's gate ftw!)

Home built intel pentium 3 coppermine 650mhz, oced to 800mhz,64mb voodoo 5 - geforce 3ti 64mb, 512mb sdr ram

Home built AMd athlonxp 1.6ghz(2000+ model) - geforce fx5700 ultra, 768mb ddr ram

Home built Amd athlon64 2.0ghz(3000+ model 3ghz inetl eqiv) geforce 6800 vanilla apg 128mb (unlocked 16 pixel pipes 8 vertex) 1gb ddr

Home built Core2duo 2.14ghz oc;d to 2.66ghz -geforce 8800gts -640mb pci express 2gb ddr2

sony ericcson w810i walkman phone.

PSP slim white version 64mb ram , 4gb mem stick emualtion monster!

PS3 40gb, 3ghz cell, RSX video, Gateway HD 24" monitor doubles with my pc.

How greedy microsoft tried to kill pc gaming and wants to monopoplize consoles.

I will never buy a ms console, the whole reason the xbox got invented is because ms saw how much money pc gaming was making in the 90's and they weren't getting any money for it as the pc is an open system. They tried to close the system down for gaming and the pc community wouldn't go for it. So what did they do? They made their own console where they can take $10+ off the top of each game made. They play lip service to the pc, but in reality they haven't done anything innovative with windows since xp. Vista is a joke. All they care about now is xbox. It's really a shame too, pc gaming has had the most innovative best games. They have buckets of money and instead of investing in new devs for pc games; they steal all the pc devs and make them work on xbox. Bungie was a computer developers, ensemble the makers of age of empires, another ms dev studio no longer makes pc games as ms has them making a crap halo rts... it plain sucks. They didn't do crap with the games for windows initiative besides make some rules, when what they should of done is put some of their cash behind windows gaming. But why would they do that? They don't make money on it like they do the crapbox3fixme! F ms!

Then there is games for windows live. HA there is 2 games Halo2 and shadowrun(which doesn't work anymore as they cut the servers to a 1 year old multiplayer game that was originally an rpg, but ms made it a 4 map dumbed down for xbox shooter). The games are using 4+ year old tech, but to play them online you have to have a games for windows live account. What does that mean? You have to buy xbox live gold membership for a 2 sucky games, at $50/game, $50 a year for the membership and $100+ as its vista only. Then you can play an old sucky out of date game that is light-years behind any other fps on the pc.

MS launched games for windows and made some silly requirements to try to make a brand out of pc gaming, well that wasn't what they did, or what they wanted. They have buckets of cash. You see them spend billions on buying out devs, stealing ideas, and moving pc game makers to stop making pc games and just make crapbox games. They want to destroy pc gaming. Why would they want that, don't they own windows? Yeah they do, but they don't make money on windows 3rd party software, meaning anything without an ms sticker on the box, they don't get jack. They do with their console though as I explained earlier. Well what do they want to accomplish then?

MS has only been successful because they are good at stealing and being ruthless. They are not innovators and they know this. Innovation goes to pc devs, Sony, and the old version pre-GameCube Nintendo. Microsoft has stolen the miis from the wii, the interface and elements of home from Sony. They throw buckets of cash on games that they know won't sell that well to begin with. Why would they do that? So the competition doesn't get them. Its sheer ruthlessness. MS has one thing in mind. Total Monopoly. Like they have with PC's. They want to be the only console maker. They want to not have to build Xboxes but have other companies license the xbox tech and build their own Xboxes just like the PC's have to license windows. Think about it for a minute and you can see this as truth. That is what they know, that is what they do. They don't want to make consoles because MS sucks at building hardware, main reason is they are cheap with it, just look at the red ring of death, which was only there because ms rushed 360 so they could get a head start on Sony. They destroyed pc gaming and now they want the console market to themselves. They have been on a spending rampage with 3rd party devs as of late. They don't want any games going to playstation.

Do you realize what would happen if ms became the only console maker for the hardcore? They could jack the price up, and stipple innovation. They could send the same crap technology every year and barley move it along. Example internet explorer, look how long it took for it to change, it stayed the same since 95 until Firefox gained momentum and brought competition. Yes Competition is what is good for us consumers and the gaming market in general; it makes us have lower costs and better products. If you are serious about gaming, then don't buy Microsoft consoles, buy Sony, or even Nintendo (even thought the wii kind of sucks now) If Ms wins the console war we all lose!

Where art thou Diablo 3? Blizzard stop working on KidCraft, and work on Diablo3!

Ok, its 2007, 7 years after the Diablo 2 was released to a swarm of fans, i belive the game sold 1 million copies in its first week!! And 10 years after the first one luanched and started the legendary franchise and gameplay. People still play diablo2 in droves its still in the top 10 of most played games 7 years later, and its not even in 3d! What the hell are the devs at blizzard thinking? A game this successful deserves a sequal! I would of thought that we would of got diablo 3 in 2003/04, but no its 2007 and not even a shred of evidence to suggest its even being working on. Imagine how great a diablo3 would be. The mature rating gory diabloic setting done in 3d for the first time. I would love it! You would think by now that blizzard would be working on it.

Sure there are games like sacred and titan quest that provide similar gameplay, but they are only stop gates. They don't have the dark setting and atmosphere that diablo is famous for. I would pay I really hope Blizzard stops the stupid kiddy warcraft stuff. I hated that franchise since warcraft 3 came out with its small army sizes. (wc2 was the last good game imo and wow is for kids). My only requirements for a good D3 would be if it was like the originals, ie..not mmo. That would ruin the game! Imagine playing diablo with 10000's of kids screaming lol...omgz i just pwnd andarial .. huah huh ahuah.... that would suck! Keep the game single player/bnet style multiplayer. The game better get annouced before the turn of the decade at least, it has too. Its 10 years since the first where is the anniversary love? Blizzard what the hell are you doing with all the cash you got from wow? Hire more people make a seperate dev team for D3 already. Show some love to the fans. Anything! Please!

Rant about gamespot low pc games ratings compared to console games ratings.

It frustrates me to all ends that I take a look at gamespot and see that they give the x360 oblivion a 9.6, and the ps3 a 9.5, yet they only give the pc version a 9.3. I know its only a few points but still it brings up a rather controversial subject. I have been seeing this more and more with gamespot! The consoles contantly getting better scores for inferior versions. I am sick of the bias! Who is getting paid off? When they put fat guy sports game fans to review pc games when the guy is usually a console freak , it gets me a little upset. What are the controls to difficult for them or something? Games not dumbed down enough? I know this wasn't the case with oblivion, as it is only a few points and tes4 wasn't reviewed by that type of person, its just that I don't get it one bit. The pc version has thousands of mods that improove the game and add to it, the pc version will be around and be fresh for a long time, just like morrowind was.

I am constantly seeing whining xbox users complain about not having user made mods, how can they give the consoles a better score? The pc version also has better graphics, higher resolutions, better ai, no load times, is cheaper... so on and so on. Sure some peoples hardware may not be up to par, and the game lags, but thats to be expected on low end machines, there are billions of possible pc combinations of hardware.(which is a pro btw) Games should not be notched down in reviews because someones machine isn't up to snuff. I hate seeing people rate a game bad becaues of there cheap ass hardware. Base the game on the game. Lets also look at the controls oblivion is first and formost a first person game, which always plays better on pc. I don't get it, they do this to so many games and I am sick of it. And what makes it so much worse is the fact that gamespot used to not be this way a few years ago. Once the x360 came a long is when this started. Also take note of the lack of pc game review videos, while console videos get them on every freakin game, no matter how bad or good, pc will only get them if the game is a 8.5 or higher. And if there is a console version they will show that not the review of the pc version. Has anyone else noticed this trend from them?

Never Winter Nights 2 and 2006 the rebirth of a genre --RPGS!!

NWN2, Yeah, this game is gonna rock!  I can't wait for it!  The first NWN was too limiting in terms of outside land building, the graphics were ok for 2002, but gameplay was 2 fast you never got to use the skills and feats you wanted.  NWN2 improoves the graphics engine to include sky, height map land, and a multitude of environments(unlike NWN which didn't have desert, snow, jungle etc. which nwn2 will have in the box) The campainions that you control sound remenisent of baulders gate 2, torment , fallout ,and kotor2  all my favorite rpgs.  I haven't felt so apprehensive about a game since before Oblivion came out, and this is giving me that same feeling!  I used to be an avid dand d player, but freinds grow out of it, move away, get families and go on with ther lives.  At 27, is hard finding a group to game with, so I turn to single player crpgs to fill the void, and nothing has done that since infinity engine games ala BAldur's gate, torment (well kotor and temple of elemental evil were good too).  Like oblivion did for expansive openend world rpgs, dark messiah will do to action melee fps with rpg elements, titan quest did with hack and slash diablo style, Nwn2 will do with the true rpg, and with party members it will be more stratigic and less fast action, the way most d and d players like it(my main complaint with nwn1)  Everyone seems to be looking forward to gothic 3, but not me (at least until I get to try it out first) as gothic 2 was horrible! The worst inventory , control scheme , unbalanced game ever, with extreamly low production values, and that stupid 1 triangle pony-tail. (I hate the pony-tail!!!) Now NWN2 is what the doctor ordered, the best rpg fix!  Yes 2006 is defenitly the rebirth of the single play crpg, and guess what its about damn time its been 4 yesras since we last hade an influx of good rpgs...4 years of having to wase through repitious and sometimes boring rts's and fps's, and my hate worst game style mmo's ---Shudder---- I hate them! I haven't spent the time learning to mod for Oblivion, because I want to spend all my effort modding for this game, as starting college for the first time at night(2 classes a week) is not going to give me much time for playing or modding, so this is the game I will pick!  Neverwinter Nights 2!  

Cell phone games and how they lie in screenshots!

I am tired of looking for new mobile games from cell phones and seeing all these cool screenshots with all these options, good graphics etc. Then I buy the game and it has crappy graphics and more importantly half the game is missing!  Its  content is streamlined and cut to be simple 10 minute games at the same cost as the full versions.  They don't tell youthis when you buy them either, that you are getting a "lite" version.  Lets take a look at a few games I bought and got "lite" versions instead of what was advertised.  I have a nokia 6030 btw..with high color display at midium res, a new phone btw.
          Might and magic was the first mobile game I bought.  Being bvery exited as this was a game of the year for mobile phones, and every review was the same.  The screenshots and game info had 3 characrters that you get to use throuoghout the game and had good storyline and roleplaying options in dialog.  It looked fantastic, you had a ranger with a bow, a fighter and a mage.  The landacapes had grassy fields, snowy moutians, and lava hell dimensions.  I download the game and my first thought was hey why is this game only 62k, the demo tetris game that is only 2 levels that came with the phone is 102k.  Then I load it up the graphics look nothing like the screenshots, there is only one character the warrior, and 2 environments , grassy and hell.  Only one block of text, right in the beggining, no npc's and only 5 levels, I finished it in 10 minutes and was feeling very ripped off!  Now I can understand putting lesser graphics in a phone because of screen capabilities, but come on keep the content!  62k! Wtf.. Why can't they give the same content and just lessen the graphics, why do they have to take out the content and make it so freakn small!  200k would be fine I have a 4.5mb memory, and I have 2.5mb free, so even an epic 500k-1mb rpg game would be great!  Why do they do this in this age of cell phones?

   Othe games that I bought that got thecrippled:  Baldur's gate: was advertised as having 5 character classes, 3.5 edition rules, rolable stats, outdoor and dungeon environs, what did I get 2 classes; sorceror or fighter both with predefined stats and feats, no outdoors and dungeon environs that were idinticale the entire game, btw was beatable in 10minutes with no dying, the sorceror was much better to play at least he had a spell animation and it was actually a challenge with the mage.  Then we come to Ancient Empires 2,  I was not as upset with this game because the gameplay and amount of content was huge for mobile game, it has a 8 map campaign, 15 skirmish maps, and multiplayer, plus story throughout the campaign with different styles of levels for different objectives.  The only thing lacking in this title was the battle screen animations that were advertised in the screenshots showing the fighting.  Instead it is just replaced by +/- numbers on the characters in the stretegy map.  The graphics were also not as detailed.  like I said it was livable do to the amount and quality of content, as another game of the year winner this one diserved it, even in my "lite" version.  Then there is civiliztion 3, the game only plays to year 2000 and stops at gunpowder,  the only differneces I seen in versions were graphics and in my version the left out the map generator, its the same map and same starting locations for each civ.  I think they also through out diplomacy and set the ai to cheat and aggression mode, although I don't know how the full version plays so can't be sure its not meant to be that way.  It is a hard game and having enemy ai thats only goal is to conquor every one and has an unlimited amount of troops is very annoying!  You can barly get a couple cities going and a few troops before the enemy is on your land with a batalion, and your left struggling just to keep your 2 or 3 cities with a few troops and depelting food stores and riots all the time in bigger cities. Irrigation helps very little and mining is not viable as food is more precious especilally since water tiles don't mean jack!  The enemy units seem to be stronger too, as my troops always seem to get slaughter even in higher defense tiles with musketeers vs. warriors.  I can't see going out and taking over other civs as I get creamed before I can get an army togeather and this is on settler mode (easy) as there is 5 difficulty settings and easy mode is harder then emperor mode (god-like hardest) on the PC game.  I just hope mobile game developers get the picture that we want more epic games in size and scope, not this cut down crap, or at least charge half the money for it.  And come on, give us a real old-school like rpg.  Hell remake Final fantasy 1 or dragon warrior if you have to, with 8-bit graphics and all would be better then the cut content we have now. 
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