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After more than a year

... the friendly pyro returns with promises of constant posting and a rebirth of the greatness that this blog never was!

Nah, not really. Just wanted to chime in, to see if people were still around and brag about the fact that I'm going to college. I'll probably take english (both language and literature) as a major and japanese as my 2nd language (starting from scratch, could turn out to be a bad choice), subjects which will lead me down the path of either being a teacher or a translator, those being two jobs I am not fit for, but hey, life's supposed to be crap, most of the time.

I've said to myself that since, I'm still gaming, I'll try to keep this bi-weekly or monthly or something like that. But then again, I might fail to do so.

So, in case you've stopped by , here's something worth your time.

It sure has been a while.

Not sure if by now anything I say is believable anymore (mainly due to the fact that I was supposed to "return" almost a year ago and that didn't turn out too well), but I'll probably start posting here again. It happens partly because of the summer holiday (which incidentally means, more free time) and also because of the fact that I have finally bought a new and decent PC which can play newer games. I've been trying out stuff like Dawn of War II: Retribution, Assassin's Creed 2, and The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings (I've yet to finish this one) and, well they're all great titles. So how has the lot of you been lately? What games did you play, but most importantly, did you check Duke Nukem Forever out?

Almost forgot. Tzeentch kicks ass.

Let's see ...

I've been away for a while now and all of a sudden , I decided I wanted to come back here and post every once in a while. The question is , does anyone remember whom I might be? D:

E3 2009 Impressions

This year's E3 was pretty awesome.I've checked out the three major conferences and Microsoft's was the best. I got hyped for Modern Warfare 2 but what made it win was Project Natal. It looks to be brilliant. But EA's conference did it for me (since I'm a PC fanboy and all). Especially with the cinematic trailer from SW:ToR.Wolfenstein seems to be pretty good too ... too bad there won't be any Hitler in a mechanical spider thing anymore :( Left 4 Dead 2 was also announced , but I think it's going to be just more of the same (never liked the first one ..). And oh , Mass Effect 2 made me interested as well. It seems this year will have some good titles coming (AC2 :D ).What are you hyped towards after E3?

Guess Who's Back!

Hello there! It's been some months where my activity here ceased .. so now my break is officially over! I'm back! Woo! ... I wonder how many people still remember me though... Anyway , I'll come with a bigger update a bit later :D Untill that I'll have to check if my pyro did his regular spychecks on my blogs during my absence...

Braking a Take

Hellow fellow Gamespotters. I haven't been online for a while now and I came in to say that I'm about to take a break from GS. You can say it's the yearly break or whatever. I don't have that much time and I don't feel like visiting the site too often now. Maybe it's all about spring , who knows. You can find me on xfire/Y!Mess/MSN or even a bit on the Noobfeed forums (I changed my account from woozienebunu to Woozie there). I will get DoW 2 on monday btw :P .. So , cya around when I come back :D


Hey guys!

Noobfeed.com has officially opened today. If you didn't know yet , noobfeed.com is a new gaming site. I've visited it and made a profile , it has a layout you'll surely love. It brings gaming news on a regular basis. I think it has lots of potential and it won't end up as Giantbomb did for many. I'd like you to visit and give it a chance , add me to your friends , I'm woozienebunu :PI'll see you guys over at noobfeed.

Late Anniversary.

It happens that I was sitting in my chair watching different stuff on my PC screen , when I realised that I totally forgot about my GS anniversary. Yes people , I'm a 2 year old Gamespotter now!I'm also level 30. So, huzzah for me :P I'm quite happy with what I've achieved and with the friends I've made over the past 2 years so thanks for being great buddies dudes and girls :P

As a reminder , for those of you who don't happen to know this...

-My Xfire username is wooziecrazy .

-My GFWL tag is EtherealWoozie

-My last.fm username is woozienebunu

-My Steam username is woozienebunu

-I still like llamas .

-My Yahoo/MSN shall be handed out through PM's.

-My yellowish cat says hi :P

-I'm on a school break and I'm playing Warhammer 40k DoW 2 Beta ( if you want a match tell me :P )

-Flying sandwich 6 'o' clock!

EDIT: On the 5th of February , I and DarkyHBK ( a.k.a VercettiTommyy) will be celebrating our Last.fm anniversaries :D Ain't this awesome?

Long Time , No see.

Salutations , GS users and friends. It's been an actually long while since I posted something here and since I got time and felt like doing so I visited GS again. School has started again , so this is why I'm a bit more busy than I used to be. Expect me to post less for the following 3 weeks (after the 3 weeks we'll have a short one week holiday ) .

I really don't know what to begin with , because there's quite a lot of stuff I'd want to tell you , but I'm too lazy to type it all right now... oh well

Woozie's Gaming News: I'm playing a lot of TF2 ( by a lot I mean as much as I can in the few free time I have now ) lately . So , for the millionth time , if you are playing the PC version , feel free to ask for my Steam account :). I also would like to play Warhammer 40k Dawn of War ( Dark Crusade or Soulstorm ) if anyone feels like doing so. I'm working on beating Starcraft , and Legacy of Kain Defiance ( note , I've already beaten this epic game once) ... oh and not to forget about World of Goo , which is simply epic :D

Woozie's Random Stuff Few Will Read :So , my life has been pretty boring nowadays , mainly thanks to school. I'm going to get a 4 GB memory stick tomorrow I think :P I've got all my finals results by now and I'm quite sattisfied with them ( I'm not as stupid as I thought lol). Today was my mother's birthday , but since I'm actually broke , I didn't get her too much ...

I once saw a flying sandwich.It was flying.

Check out my xfire profile if you want :P ( Cloud, click this if you feel to lazy to search through my screenshots.. it describes clearly what happens to spies that mess with me )

As for the ending , one pic , to please them all.

Merry Woozmas :D

O Ho Ho Holy Cow! Merry Woozmas to ye all! I hope you got all you wanted for Christmas because I sure did.... I got as you know that guitar , tons of candy and some money which I'ma use to buy new headphones :D . I'm so tired right now... last night I ate too much and I couldn't sleep at all.... I was just feeling sick...

On other notes I've beaten Quantum of Solace these days.... enjoyable mediocre shooter that gets boring near the end...( no wonder , it's made by Treyarch...) and I'm also nearing the end of Dead Space which is the best game from what I've played this year.I've missed a lot though because I want to enjoy stuff like Mass Effect , Fallout 3 and GTA IV on my new PC ... whenever I'll get that ....

I also saw some movies ... Superhero Movie (pretty nice pardoy.. good for an easy laugh) , 3:10 to Yuma ... which is one of the awesomest movies I saw , The Simpsons The Movie ... which was pretty ok . I'm going to see American Gangster and Transformers some time soon..

Now I'm going to leave you with these videos :P

Link 1

Link 2 ( especially 4 Cloud :P )

Link 3 (this one too :P .. you can check the other 101 uses for a dispenser videos too )