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Games I am interested in from E3 2013

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Oh, and just to get the obvious out of the way: I'll be getting the PS4 for sure.


NOW! Onto the games!


Battlefield 4 (for PS4)

This game is looking very nice and I love the destructible environments. There will also be 64 players TDM.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (for PC)

This game and Lords of Shadow 1 will be coming out on PC too with upgraded graphics etc. SO, I will be getting them just so I can use mods to play as characters from past series =D. The game itself looks great too.

Dark Souls II (for PS3)

This game is looking great. I loved the first game, one of the few games I actually platinumed on my PS3. Not sure whether to get it for PS3 or PC but will see when the time comes

Destiny (for PS4)

This game looks quite impressive. Next gen seems to be all about the online aspect and this game seems to be heading that charge. I'm not the biggest FPS fan but the lore and detail of the world is intriguing. Also, Peter Dinklage voices a character!

Final Fantasy XV (for PS4)

So, this was obviously going to be on my list. The graphics look great, the gameplay looks very tight and responsive and there seems to be an interesting Romeo and Juliet but with mafia and magic story going on. This game is a must buy for me.

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous 1 was great. One of the few games I have platinumed. I have yet to play the second but I hear only good things about it. This game seems to build on all the made those games great but adds in cutting edge graphics, stellar motion capture and a slew of new abilities. Looks like a very interesting title that I will certainly keep an eye out for.

Metal Gear Solid V

Of course. This game blew me away. The grahics looked amazing and the scale of the game is unprecendented in the series. Like far cry mixed with MGS. There has been a lot of talk about dropping the original voice of snake but I think the new voice is excellent. This is a must buy for me.


This game has been wowing people for a while now. Great graphics, interesting story that resonates very strongly with current events and unique take on multiplayer.


Honourable mention to the new Tom Clancy game. It looks promising! I know of friends who have loved older installments so I may give this game a try.