Oddest/weirdest moments in life...

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Tell me, what was the weirdest/oddest moment you have to date?

Before you tell me to mind my own business I guess I should tell you mine first, you know, to get you started =P

I have had a few odd moments actually. I think I'll list them. But before that I want to explain why I came up with this blog. You see, I was just sitting around with friends when this really electric guy came and started chatting to me. He was a friend of a friend. We were bored and weren't saying anything first (amongst us friends I mean) but then the guy said the question above and we all just had an awesome time telling stories. I cried tears a few times because I laughed so hard. =P. OK, now to the oddness.

1. As you all know I am a med student (read my first blog if you didn't know that!) so during my training I have to cut open cadavers (dead bodies). This freaks me out every time. One time I was standing with classmates and dissecting this body but today we had taken off the black bag I insisted my group kept on the head. I looked at the face at and was really creeped out and just stared at it. My friend was working on the neck of this body and pulled a tendon or muscle........this caused the head to move and look at me (I was standing to one side). I jumped back about 10 feet. My heart must have been beating at 300BPM. DAMN did that give me a fright.

2. On the train I had noticed the same girl for about 10 days on the same carriage as me. At a family party I found out that she was a relative!!!

3. On GameFAQ's I got into an argument with someone about something. The next day a friend starts to tell me how she got into an argument with "some idiot" in a chat. I asked a bit about it and eventually we got to the bottom of who it was.......it was Wonzan!!! =P

4. I once dreamt that I had received a reward for a poetry competition and was going to have a poem published.........later that week a poem I had entered into a competition LONG ago had been accepted to be printed!! I received the letter and was really shocked. I thought the poem was quite meh and I had only written it to win an Ipod Nano!! I was damn happy though! I didn't get the nano in the end. =[. Although a side effect is whoever reads the poem laughs at it e_e. So no, I'm not going to put it up!

Hmmm, I probably have more but I should do some work. I might add some later

It would be really nice to hear some of your stories! Go ahead and comment down below! =D


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So, as you may know, my old launch PS3 died of natural causes quite a while ago. As i am usually busy with university it took me a while to get around to deal with the problem. I eventually gave up on having it splutter back into life and called Sony for a replacement (that cost me over $300). I now have a 60gb PS3 once more. I must say the service was awesome.

They sent a guy round that had the replacement PS3 and at the same time would relieve me of my old PS3. I still think they should have given it to me for free but thats a whole other rant :P.

Now I just have the problem of my brand new Dell laptop dying on me. I swear to God there must be something in my touch that kills electronics!!! Oh, by the way, Dell are being really quite irritating. I want either a replacement (since the laptop has suffered 2 faults even after they sent a repairman along to replace the motherboard!!) a refund or another repair but with an upgrade for the fiasco they have got me in right now. It seems I am pushing them to sending me another repairman who will also be giving me a better processor but that remains to be finalised in our discussions on Monday (Dell offices are closed on the weekend).

I look forward to gaming with you guys soon! If you haven't added me already, my PSN is Wonzan.

MY PS3 JUST DIED!!!! (caps)

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I just switched on my PS3 and it wasn't even 10 minutes till it completely froze and then reset with a red blinking light. Naturally I googled this and found it means a hardware failure of some sort caused by overheating (after TEN minutes?!?!). I don't have warranty obviously so I am going to have to shell out £150 if I don't convince Sony to fix their own mistakes in hardware. That is around $300. That is a **** load of money!!!

What is most weird is yesterday I got a call from a girl which ignored but then she called again later and I reluctantly picked up and said something along the lines of "OMG you just killed me in Metal Gear!!" (Of course I apologised to her today at university) and now my PS3 has died. It is definitely a sign. FRIENDS >>> PS3.

Ahhh there were so many games that I was looking forward toooooo! I just bought a new laptop for £800 (around $1300) to (in fact it still hasn't been delievered!) so I'm quite out of pocket and can't afford that repair bill for my PS3. Maybe I should setup a donation line and get some gamespotters to help me out :P :P :P

AWWW, Uni starts again soon =[

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That means I won't be on here very often (well actually it means I shouldn't be on here very often if I don't want to fail =P). Well, at least I can look forward to the awesome escapades that come hand in hand with going to uni.

Best wishes everyone.

An unorthodox review for an extraordinary game

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Super Metroid

So, I was talking about games to a non gamer friend and she asked me which one I loved the most.........I couldn't say. But I gave Super Metroid as an example of an exemplary game. So I sez:

"This game blew my mind when I first played it on my snes. At the start it scared me half to death. I actually got so scared I didn't play it for 2 years!!! I even tried destroying the game!

She bursts out with:

"Hahaha are you serious?!"

I quickly counter with:

Bare in my mind I was very young!!! Well, when I DID get around to play it I was very pleased that I gave it another shot. It still scared me but I could bare it.

The game is about a woman that is trying to get to the bottom of an alien infestation on a planet that she just left an extremely valuable alien creature on. You view the action from the side in a 2d view and at the most basic level you run, jump and shoot stuff. But on top of that there is a WHOLE lot more. Very few games have come close to its sheer vastness and atmosphere since.
The game is intricately designed and took me many weeks to figure out the puzzles it posed. No, it doesn't present to you an assortment of puzzles. It presents to you situations that you must overcome. In a way I think it really helped me as a I grew up. I actually think the tough challenges it presented me with really set me up to deal with later life. In fact I bet it would challenge even you or any of my professors. You may laugh but I really think it would!"

To which she replies:

"Yeah, thats all nice and dandy but you were a kid at the time. I hardly think it would challenge you or me now! You're overestimating it."

To which I said:

"Good point. But you are wrong. You see, when I completed it as a kid I barely scraped through. Now with the availability of the internet I have found out this game contains a plethora of secrets that I never dug up before. I actually played it again about a year ago....TWICE! I actually think I will go home and take a trip down nostalgia road tonight in fact!"

She says:

"Blargh, "wonzan" how did we even start talking about games anyway?? Hardly something to talk while having a coffee after 2 weeks!"

I say:

"¬___¬......well I didn't want to hear about where you got your purse from either but you don't see me complaining!"

*Both laugh*

@Dear Readers,

I hope you like my unorthodox review. If you have not tried this game out then I suggest you do so immediately! The beginning of this game is stellar and will really dig its hooks into you! If you HAVE played this game, PLAY IT AGAIN! You probably haven't completed it fully. Trust me, there are some AMAZING secrets in this game. Take care =D

Just TWO more weeks left!!!

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........2 more weeks and I won't have to be stuck behind a wall of books, I won't have to glean countless encyclopedias of knowledge, I won't have to practice how to do any clinical skills and I WILL be able to do some gaming!!!!!

Bring it on exams........to asses me was your greatest mistake!


I am gobsmacked......truly....

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Lost Planet 2...

I haven't played the first but I came across a preview of this game today (on IGN). This game looks amazing. Graphics are stunning, there is stunning multiplayer and and stunning design througout.


Since I just pointed you to the source of the preview I guess you can check it out for yourselves but I'll just mention a few things that really interest me.

The gameplay is reminiscent of Metal Gear Online or Uncharted (hectic 3rd person shooting game) but with the addition of mech suits! The game also has a touch of Shadow of the Colossus because some of the enemies you fight (WITH your buddies!!) are so damn huge! Then theres a touch of the uncharted ****jungle levels and the wintery levels of games like mass effect etc. That's a lot of the right games to be taking ideas from!!! You can also fight against other players and not just against the aliens. There is a big emphasis on character customisation ala MGO. There's a lot more but you can look at the preview for that :P

Now I just hope that this WILL be coming out for the PS3 (its still unknown I believe but evidence points to it being released on the PS3, which is my only console :(). So, check this game out. Maybe some of you guys can be part of my four man squad in LP2 some day? :P