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So far in my new games Community Manager job

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As many of you know now, I recently started a new job as Community Evangelist at Kwalee, a new iPhone game developer started by David Darling CBE, who originally founded Codemasters.

Its been a thrilling place to work so far. Our first game is beginning to take shape and I've met some wonderfully talented people, all of whom have become instant friends.

My boss is Bruce Everiss, who was instrumental in the success of Codies during the 1990s and before that, the success of Commodore developer, Imagine Sofware.

Andrew Graham, the designer and progammer of theMicro Machines series,also joined us recently as Gameplay Guru. Its amazing to be working so closely with people who worked on some of the games I loved when I was growing up!

One of the cool things I'm doing at work is a series of blog entries called the Kwalee Quiz, where I interview our staff to find out more about their experience and background. The latest entry in this series is all about me, my work as a games journalist and how I came to work at Kwalee. Give it a read!Previous Kwalee Quiz blogs talk about some of our programmers and artists.

Hopefully I will be able to tell you all about our first game soon!