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Some Big News...

Yes, I'm still alive! :P I know I haven't blogged in almost a year (sorry about that) but I have two pieces of news to update anyone who actually still cares here. :P

Firstly, I have now graduated from Coventry University with a First class honours degree in Multimedia Computing...Big Woo for me!! :D:D It was a damn tough 3 years with a hell of a lot of work, but it was totally worth it and I've been celebrating ever since! Hopefully it'll stand me in good stead for the future, which leads me on to my other news...

Me and Aylin (Whitewolf725) are still together and have spent the last month and a half together in England. In a couple of weeks I'll be flying with her back to the US to spend a further 3 months together and hopefully during that time we can find something for me out there so I can really start planning the permanent move over. :) Anyway, yesterday was Aylin's 22nd birthday, and guess what? I proposed to her...and she said yes, and so...I'M ENGAGED!!! :o:D We met on Gamespot a couple of years ago, and now we're engaged to be married, its amazing! No plans for a date yet, but once we're settled, we'll begin the planning stages. :D For the girly stuff like how I popped the question :P, go and read the blog of my FIANCEE!! Sorry, sounds cool to say. :P:D. The only other thing I'll mention is that I couldn't be happier and that it was probably the easiest decision of my life. :)

As this is a gaming site, I guess I should say a little bit about that huh?...Umm...played a few games recently...all good...Heavy Rain is amazing...there. :P

How's everyone else doing? :D

I'm back...and things are gonna get mushy!

Well guys, I'm back from my 3 week break and I think it's time to tell the story of where I've been for those who don't already know by reading Whitewolf725's blog or who have previously guessed...On 27th August, I flew alone on an 11 hour flight from London to San Francisco, California, where I was picked up at the airport by none other than Whitewolf herself :)

You see, for a long, long time now, us two have been close, and it's been no secret, we've openly flirted and had conversation after conversation in forums and blogs...but there was always a lot more going on than we let on, there was much more behind the flirting...we have just always kept ourselves to ourselves :) We PM'ed and emailed every single day, we sent each other mail through the post, we exchanged pictures and videos constantly, and we voice chatted and webcammed :) We've been through so much together and it's been quite a journey...A journey that took me all the way to California to finally meet Aylin but a journey that will not stop there...it still has a long way to go, because the 3 weeks we spent together proved to us both what we already believed...we are made for each other and can't see our futures with anyone else :oops::D I've never believed in internet relationships, and neither did Aylin, but after this past 3 weeks, I am now a firm believer, because I indeed have found love :oops: A love that I was definitely not looking for, and a love that I no way expected to find on a video game site of all places...it just happened, so despite all the faults Gamespot has, I will always be thankful and remember it as the place I met Aylin :)

So what did we do? A hell of a lot! I won't got into it all cause no-one will read it...and I'm still jetlagged anyway :P But I spent two weeks at Aylins house where we visited San Francisco, Sausalito and Santa Cruz and we flew down to Los Angeles for the other week, staying in a hotel in Anaheim to visit the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks and a hotel in Universal City so we could visit Universal Studios and Hollywood...We really have had a blast together and have laughed a lot! :D To be honest, just being able to watch a movie together on the couch after all this time was a really amazing experience :) I knew we would get along and I never listened to the doubters, but our time together was better than even I could ever have imagined...This girl is perfect for me and I'm a lucky guy, thats for sure! :D

We have a tough time ahead of us, and having to say goodbye (for now) has made me feel worse than I've ever felt, but the amazing memories I have will keep me going till the next time we see each other, and there will definitely be a next time :D Once I've finished my last year at university, I have a big decision to make regarding my future, though in truth, that decision has already been made and I will make it happen no matter what I have to give up ;) Aylin...Thank you for everything you've given me over this past year :) The last 3 weeks have been the best weeks of my entire life and I am already missing you like crazy! You are the most amazing person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and like I said, I am so lucky that despite the distance between us, you have chosen me as the guy you want to be with :oops: You are funny, caring, loving, talented, not to mention, damn gorgeous and I love you and can't wait till you visit me in England so we can be together again :) Stay smiling cause I'll do everything I can to make this permanent ;) Oh, and thank you for making me laugh harder than I've ever laughed before when you fell inside the trash can...funniest sight ever! :lol:

Well I guess I'll leave it there...There's so much I could say but the truth is out now :) Feel free to ask any questions if you have any :) I think you'll agree though that it's quite a story :D

By the way, what I said in my last blog still stands, I will continue to lead the Fraternity of Assassins for the time being and will be back to post in the next few days, I just need a bit of time to get my head back together. :)

See you round.


Gonna be away for a while...

Hey Guys :D Long time, no blog :P

Just wanted to let everyone know that on Thursday 27th August, I'm off on holiday/vacation for 3 weeks and will be MIA from GS during that time :) Im certain there's an internet connection where I'm going, so I might make a couple of posts here and there, but I doubt it :P

To be completely honest, I've lost almost ALL interest in GS recently, its really not the same place it was this time last year, it's just not fun anymore, and that's the only reason I came here...for fun :? Quite a few people I got on really well with have left and this place just isn't the same at all :? After my 3 week break, things are gonna get really busy...Im heading into my final year of University for one thing, so I guess what I'm saying is...This week will be my last proper week with GS :) I'm not gonna be all dramatic and say Im leaving or anything like some people do, I'll still visit here for sure, but no longer as part of my daily routine :) My priorities have changed :)

Because of this, I am resigning from my officership of the SKS union with immediate effect. I'd like to thank all the guys there for an awesome year, especially dQ who was no doubt the best union leader on GS and who definitely taught me a thing or two on how to lead a union successfully ;) My time as a silent killer has come to an end though and I'm hanging up my blade, I don't deserve the orange badge anymore :) It's best for me and for the good of the SKS :D I'll remain leader of TFOA for the time being, but come winter, I'm sure the torch will have been passed on there too. :)

The fact is, in truth there's only really been one thing keeping me here for as long as I have anyway...I would have left a long time ago otherwise I've no doubt about that. (no offense to anyone :P) Now that situation has developed further, I have no need to come on GS anymore, it's way past that stage and my life is moving on just how I've wanted it to for months :D I have a crazy few years ahead, and very happy ones I'm sure :) Im sure a lot of you know or have guessed why that is...If not, mind your own business :P jk ;) So yeah, thats that...hope you've all had a great summer :D

Wolves 8)

4 Years on Gamespot!

Hey people :D

I've finally found myself an excuse to do another blog post, but don't expect this to have any meaning :P I just looked at my level up there in the corner and noticed that 4 years ago today, a 16 year old me was creating this very account just for the hell of it. There's no way I would have thought that I'd still be here 4 years down the line :D

Usually when people do anniversary blogs like this, they talk about their favourite this and their most memorable that, but to be honest, I just cant remember, or they get all the stats out and talk about how many total blog comments they've had and crap like that, but I just cant be bothered, so sorry about that :P Just know that Gamespots been good to me over the years (despite all the mods :P). Its been a great place to stop by and have a good laugh and Ive met some awesome people on here ;)

Hmmm...I said I had no stats, but I guess I'll post this up:

As you can see, I've almost got 30K views which is sweet, especially since I hardly ever blog and when I do, they're pretty boring :P

So...yeah, thats it, happy anniversary to me! and who know's, maybe I'll be here for another 4 years :D

Wolves 8)

It's My Birthday!!

Hey Everyone :D

Wow, its been over 3 months since I did one of these! :? Sorry about that, I guess life's just been really busy lately and the time I do get on GS is spent in my unions and posting in other peoples blogs. If I haven't posted in your blog in a while, Im sorry, I'll do my best to get back on track ;) It shouldn't be too hard cause activity on GS has slowed loads in the past few months.

Anyway, today is my birthday!! :D Yesterday was my last day as a teenager for I am now 20 years old! I really can remember my 8th birthday like it was yesterday! :o But you think that being 20 is gonna make me grow up and stop being immature and having a laugh?....Never! :P

When people do these blogs they usually post some cake up or something to share, so I guess I'll do that, but don't expect to be getting any, I love my birthday cake :P But who wouldn't want a nibble of this?! :lol:

So, what better way to return to blogging than to make one big selfish blog to get myself some happy birthday wishes? :P

Im off for a few pints of Magners :D

Happy New Year guys! :)

I just wana thank Miss Wolvesies and Simi for spamming it up last night with me and seeing me through to the 7th and again Miss Wolvesies for nearly making me p*** my pants listening to her sing happy birthday to me :lol:

Oh, and heres 3 more of my fav YouTube clips for ya ;)

Funny Phone Call

Awareness Test

In the face!!

Wolves 8)


Hey Guys :D

Sorry this took so long in coming, i jus couldn't be bothered, there was way more questions to answer than i thought there would be! :P

Here goes *takes deep breath*....


What is your favourite song/album/artist?

I cant choose a favourite artist or album....theres too many, but my favourite song is The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony :D

Your preferred method of transport?

My legs :P I prefer to walk around :D

Your favourite football team?... oh wait...

:lol: yeh, hmmm, i wonder.... :P for those who dont know, and actually give a s*** its Wolves :D


What kind of toothbrush do you have?

Just a bog standard green toothbrush :P nothing special like :lol:


What girl do you like the most on here?

:twisted: Thats an evil question! :lol: They know who they are i dont need to say :wink:....ur all my favs!, hows that? :P

What would you describe your sense of humour as?

Sarcastic/slapstick/wacky :P My facial expressions are usually enough to make people laugh :lol: People on here who know me off GS will tell u that :D

What do you plan on doing career wise?

Well im at uni studying in creative computing so itll be something along those lines :D Not completely sure yet!


If u could live in any time period which would it be and why?

Thats a real toughie :? I'm actually happy with the time period i live in now, we seem to have it good in all honesty compared to what people in the past have been thru. Is that a borin answer tho? :P

If there were two of you would u date yourself?

Nope, cus then i would be gay :| A female version of me?....Hell yeah! :lol: jk, i think i would do my head in! :P

Your biggest pet pieve?

Arrogance. Thats well annoying! :twisted: People with no sense of humour are the worst tho, ive got no time for them, uve gota be able to laugh at urself!..Oh, and spitting...i think thats sick :?

What is your life philosophy?

A bit cliche this, i know, but uve gota enjoy every day the best u can! If ive finished a day having made at least one person laugh, i'm happy :D I hate people that find the need to moan and complain all the time about their life! Compared to some places in the world, were all really lucky, so enjoy it!....is that a bit corny? :lol:


if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Its gota be the states :D Ive been there a couple of times on holiday, n both have been the best times of my life! I really wish i lived there!...I think i'm guna move there when im older, if only to be able to listen to the accent 24/7 :P

Whats your top three favorite unions?

SKS, TFOA and ummmm.....i only have 2 :P

When are you and hilly gonna hook up? jk

As soon as i get myself a plane ticket to LA! :lol: watch out Hilly! :twisted::P

And why do you love this crzy_gurl so much?

:lol: U always ask this! and ill say it again. Cus of ur hilarious honesty! no matter how revealing or crazy the thing is ur thinking...u will say it! :lol: Its definitely the best way to be in my book :wink: I like to think im like that :)


If the world was going to End at the same time tomorrow, what would you do for that 24 hours?

:? thats a real hard one! I dont know, i guess i would just do as much fun stuff as i could, tho it would be hard knowing ur dead the next day! :P I'd probs do stuff i cant write here! :lol:

If sometime next week humans detected a verifiable signal for a civilised alien race somewhere in our galaxy, what would you think?

I would think it was awesome! Its only a matter of time i reckon before this actually happens :D I seriously doubt they'd be hostile :|


Whose your top 5 best friends in here?

U know thats an evil question! :lol: I actually cant answer it...not cus i dont want to... cus i cant :P Too may people comment on all my blogs to miss them out :D People from the SKS and TFOA deserve a special mention tho :wink:

What's the most common thing you do when you're bored?

Eat usually or randomly surf the net....to be honest i dont get bored very often tho, theres always something to do :wink: Why do i feel like u wanted me to say something else? I know what u were thinking! :lol:

List at least 3-5 things you like about me

:roll: Ive told u enough times on here i think, i dont wana make a fool of meself now do i?! :P


If you could have any superpower ... ?

Definitely the ability to go invisible! How much fun could u have with that?! :lol: I actually dream about having this power! :P

If tomorrow it became socially acceptable to walk around nude - and everyone else did- what would you do?

Walk around nude of course :| I'd look like a fool with clothes on! :P

If you could live out a video game as reality, which would you choose (seriously ... so murder would be actual murder)?

good one. Hmmm....all video games these days would be nightmares to actually live out wouldn't they?! :P I Could just take the easy option n say somethin like Tiger Woods PGA Tour :D Then i would be a millionaire pro golfer without having to kill zombies! :P


what your all time favorite video game and system?

The Hitman series and the PS2 :D tho the PS3 will probs overtake it in the near future :wink:

which gif is your favorite?

The hilarious crude ones! :lol: Like that one u had with that certain white liquid, u know? :P


whats your favourite song by crush 40?

Who?:|....i googled them and all i can say is WTF? :lol:


Do you have an obbsession with hairy mary?

Yes.....she rocks my world! :D


List 3-5 things you like about me

Sorry, cant even think of one! :lol::wink: Oh....ur sexy avatar! :lol: and ur monthly blogs are cool :D

how old am I?

Haven't got a clue! Have u ever said?.....errr, 18?


Where did you get that pic?

My Family album :D

What console do you prefer?

PS3 for me :D


What's your earliest memory?

Getting my new bike for my 3rd birthday and razzing it around on it! :D:P Heres a pic as it goes! :lol:


What's more dangerous? A bear-shark or a shark-bear?

:| A bear-shark :lol:


how much time do you spend on the internet per week?

Err...a damn lot! :lol: 15-20 maybe :?

What is your favourite TV show?

Ive got loads! Family Guy, Balls Of steel, heroes, extras, Peep Show, American Dad, The Office, IT crowd.....

Is there an ulterior motive in your having so many female friends online?

Yeh, im really a horny 54 year old pervert that gets a kick out of it! :|


Which is your favorit hitman game?

Blood Money

What you fear most out of life?

Dying and Cotton wool :P:lol:

If you can have anything in the world what will it be?

probs 10million quid, cus then i could buy anything else i wanted! :D ....:roll: How very shallow of me, i meant world peace of course! :P


3 things you would change on 47 like his suit and guns..

Nothing :P He's the perfect silent killer :D


Why didn't the Dutch invade London after breaking through the Thames barrier back in 1667?

:| Battle of Medway right? ah, thats because Cornelis de Witt feared a stiffening English resistance. :roll: Bunch of scaredy-cats if u ask me u dutch! :P:wink:


Recommend or reccomend?


Tommorow or tomorrow?


Miss Wolfie

Am I your friend?

Of course :wink:

Do you love Angie more than Crzy?

No question! :lol: My feelings for The Jolster cannot be outdone! :P By ANYONE! :twisted:

Now that you've made me cheesecake, what would you like me to do in return?

hmmm...i was guna be nice and say i made u that out of kindness for a friend, and that i want nothing in return, but since u ask...I want u to make me another recording, this time of u singing the english national anthem in the sexy american accent whilst eating cheesecake! :lol:

:o That is alot of text and smileys! :lol: Its took me AGES to do that!... im never asking for questions again! U sure better enjoy the answers guys! :lol::wink:

wolves 8)

Nothing to blog about, sooo.......guess what?!!

Hey Guys :D

I haven't wrote a blog in nearly a month now and the truth is, its because I haven't really had anything new to blog about! :P

So, I'll be really original and say....


Yup, ask me anything u like :) Try and be as original as u can and ask as many questions as u like! I'll be completely honest and answer them all :wink:

Finally, heres another weird pic to keep Miss Wolf happy :?

And heres my top 3 favourited YouTube vids of the week

2DTV Bush Micky-take

Not funny, but at the same time very funny joke :P

Prince Of Awesome

Wolves 8)

Almost got robbed, What power would u have? + Weird Pic

Hey :D

So u may or may not have read in one of my comments in my last blog, that some dude tried to rob me the other day! :evil:

On my way to the shops, i was textin on my phone, n some hoodied bloke comes from nowhere n tries n grabs it! I managed to react quickly, pulling my arm away and stopping him from getting it. I then told him to f*** off and he legged it!

Now, either i'm really intimidating when i'm angry and he realised i shouldn't be messed with, or more likely something scared him off! :P I was lucky really, we were saying in my last blog that he could have had a knife or something (tho i joked i cud have handled it :wink: )

Anyways, in Peaches Q+A blog i asked her....... If u were a member of the X-men, what wud ur power be? I wanted to hear what ur guys answer to that is, and what wud u do with that power?

Mine wud be either the ability to turn invisible or to be able to pause time (like that kids programme that used to be on, Bernards Watch, but without havent to carry an old naff watch around with me to do it!)

Also, i found this pic on the 'net and think its really weird, i had to share it.

WTF is it? :lol:

Finally, heres 3 more of my favourited Youtube vids :D

Funny Gay Referee (Genuine!)

Jerry Springer Midget Fight

FoneJacker - Flat to rent

Wolves 8)

Artistic Genius, Funny YouTube vids + Level up


Yep, today i got a nifty new emblem.... "Artistic Genius"

Because you've mastered that Photoshop gradient tool.
Awarded to those whose artistic talents have helped beautify gamespaces all across the GameSpot landscape.

I had my Spiderman gamespace banner accepted by the GS staff and put on to the site for all to see!:D (not that anyone ever visits the spiderman game page) :P U can view it here

Due to the new gamespot format changeover happening after i submitted it, it had to be trimmed from the left side. Heres how it originally looked.

In other news, im up to level 32 now...the much loved "snake eater" :D

At the end of each blog from now on, im going to add 3 of my favourited YouTube vids of the week, so here are my 3 for this blog. Watch and enjoy!

Anti-piracy advert from the IT crowd

Neg's Burger bowl-off from Balls Of Steel

Ricky Gervais - Animals clip

Wolves 8)

First pic of Gyllenhaal as the Prince Of Persia!

Hey :D

For those who haven't seen it, here is the first picture of Jake Gyllenhaal in his full Prince Of Persia gear for the upcoming 2009 movie! Surely this pic will put the minds of the doubters among u at rest. Gyllenhaal will make an awesome Prince! Hopefully the movie can live up to the way its looking so far :?

As for the Gamespot changeover, I'm just about getting used to it now. Ive got quite a few niggles with it, but i'm sure they'll be sorted out within the next few months when the transition has fully completed! :D

Wolves 8)

P.S. Check out my updated last blog if u haven't, ive added more sigs :)