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Im Back!

Hey everyone, just here to say that I have finally returned to gamespot!

I will be updating my Blogs, Reviews, Tutorials and Posts in general.

I will write about new games, old games, or anything that you want me to find out about!

So wait for my updates, Im going to be checking my messages, if you want to send me a suggestion, please do.

And also, if you want me to write about any new game that is coming out (or is already) or anything that you find interesting, please tell me about it! I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

Gunz : the duel Begginer's Tutorial

Ok, first of all, Gunz: the duel, is NOT all about guns!!

Gunz : the duel, is about both guns, AND swords, even though its called gunz, not swordz XD

If this is your first time playing gunz, and u need some help/tutorials, listen up...

make a character wich is an... Auxium Gun Fighter,

because that is the easiest character to play, as it has a sword, double semi-machine guns, and that is basicly the best gun/melee weapon combo.

ok, i dont care what gender u choose, their both the same, except, that i heard u can get a 2 frame faster sword slash from famale characters, than male characters, so that is my only reason to take the female character for me.

It doesent matter if u choose to pick an opposite gender to your self, I always have the female characters becouse apparently, their faster. :)

Aniway, now for the sword tuttorial, you can make a training room, wich means , you wont gain/lose kills/deaths.

OK, now, this is a full tutorial for Gunz : the duel...

so, when your in the game, you can move around by pressing :

W = Walk forward

S = Walk Backwards

A = Walk left

D = Walk right

E = Change to next Weapon

Q = Change to previous Weapon

You can press : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to change to melee weapon, primary gun, secondary gun, and medics/granades, if u have them currently equiped in your inventory.

you can jump by pressing: -Space-

You can Look around with the mouse

You can Shoot by pressing : Left Mouse Button

If u have the melee weapon equipped, you can flip the opponent into the air, by pressing the :

Right Mouse Button.

If someone is shooting at u, or slashing you with the sword, you can fully block their attack, by pressing and holding the : -Shift- Key.

REMINDER: You cannotblock lower attacks, such as; Shooting at feet and legs!

Ok, we have the first section sorted, now for the more tryckier bits..

you can Dash by : Double Pressing a movement button, such as: W

you have to press it twice, wery fast.

This, what i am about to show u is called a: Butterfly. :P

I know, I know, it sounds so girlish, but its a actually a Professional Move !!

You do it by pressing these controls after each other : Jump, Dash, Slash, Block.

heres a tutorial: wen u jump, dont wait untill u fall back onto the floor, just sprint IN- Air, then slash, block straight after each other.

This is a wery hard thing for begginers, i know, but if u learn this correctly, and fast, you can do a lot of cool things like:

Slash shots,

Flash Step

Double Butterfly,

Or if your really good, like a pro, you will be able to do a Triple Butterfly.

Wich brings me to the next thing, wall cancel, you can wall Hang, by jumping near a wall, and pressing the Right Mouse Button.

This is a Tutorial for begginers, so i dont think i will teach u the real flash step, and the slash shot because it might be too hard 8)

Ok, remember, try to practice the Butterfly, and get used to the controls, when you become better, you might just forget u ever read this :P

Thank You For Reading.

Good Luck !!!


splintercell chaos theory

In Splintercell chaos theory, Im currently on the NewYork level, and now trying to defeat someone with unlimited ammo, and a good gun. I only have 3 flash granades, and 1 wall mine. He shot my rifle gun, and i threw my small one away, becouse of him. Its hard.

FARCRY instincts evolution

This game is the best i can normally think of right now , but still, some people can like other games, that dont include KILLING, FIGHTING, AND FERAL stuff. this game has great graphics and other cool stuff like weapons or feral abilities... so wait for my updates.