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have not been on for a while...

the last time i posted a blog was A LONG FREAKING TIME AGO..

i still havent changed... i still play a lot of games even though its easier IF i ever did drop games.

but i am studying at uni and working at the moment.

what are you guys up to? and who is still here? :D

I've almost completely given up on gamespot

the topic says above lol.. if anyone wants to delete me for being inactive please do.. but whatever you want..

thanks a lot for the comments and everything.

i will be on just to randomly browse through walkthroughs and so on.. but will never post a review again lol.

take care

and curtis, ur a dog :P hahaha

ps3 fanboy :)


almost level 25

geez i fell asleep for a while...

well post and stuff thanks lol.

bayonetta rocked btw.. still playing it

playing mass effect 2 im stuck its really annoying

im still playing re5 even though ive maxed out the achievements.. lol im such an addict.

Reviews to come

Just finished FF13 this second.. So that will take a while to write, since its so long.

and DOA: Paradise stupid review posted.. please rate helpful on that.. because it is srsly the stupidest game ever...

i mean its not even a game..


Dead or Alive 4?

Does anyone have DOA4? I just got it whose got xbox live? loll

Or even better, if any aussies have xbox live with doa.. if so add me