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Video, Picture, and Song of the day June 6th

by on

Well I think I'm done with themes I'm just going to post whatever I like haha

Video: Porkchop Sandwhichs! WARNING!!! VERY VULGAR!!! but funny as hell!


Song: Love, Reign O'er Me- Pearl Jam or The Who, both versions are awesome

Ok well I don't klnow if I'll get to post tomorrow but I'll be back Sunday! Later!

Video, Picture, and Song of the day June 5th

by on

Well today's theme is just some of my favorites!

Video: Oregan Trail 13 Xtreme!!!


It sucks there are no save points or extra lives!

This picture is epic

Toon Link prepares for the final blow

Song: Champaigne Supernova- Oasis (One of my favorite songs)

Ok well tomorrow I'll figure something out haha later!

Video, Picture, and Song of the day June 4th

by on

Well in honor of leveling up and Smash Bros being my favorite game I will have an extended version!

Videos: Ike fights for his friends!

Super Smash Bros Brawl on SNES!

Pictures: Thanks to Brawlsnapshots.com I found some awesome pics!

King Kong!

Ness just crapped his pants

Never leave two Wario's alone

Many love Toon Link, but only Rover hates his guts

Link fires his Aura Sphere

Song: This one is a video too! Real Lyrics to Super Smash Bros Brawl!

Alright tomorrow will be a favorites collection! Later!