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Far Cry 3, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Jak and Daxter Trilogy so far. Only has + for a month and that baby has paid for itself already. Gonna but a 2 year sub this weekend.

Fantastic stuff from Sony. Still don't know how they manage to pull it off. I'm paying £2.66 ($4.28) per month for hundreds of pounds worth of stuff. Crazy really.

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Can't really argue with your 6 main points although the 6th is subjective.

Personally I've never really got the whole "live is better than PSN" arguments. I've played on both (admittedly on PSN much more than Live) and I'm still at a loss as to why one is better than the other. Both enable me to play online games and I've never has much bother doing so on either. Could someone shed any light as to why one is regarded as vastly superior than the other.

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My favourite part was the 'DDR3 RAM is better than GDDR5 RAM' because...

"GDDR5's advancements over DDR3 can only really be applied to graphic performance. As far as app processing, AI and acting as a media server, the Xbox One should outperform the PlayStation 4 easily."

Yeah who cares about those game thingys on... you know a games console.

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FFS as the launch date gets nearer and images like this are published I just know I'm gonna end up dropping £350 on one despite vowing not to get one until late next year.

Someone quickly talk me out of it please.

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The only game in The One's line-up that I'd like to see come to PS4, but I am a sucker for a zombie game. It may look a bit monotone and buggy as shit but give me a zombie head splitting game any day of the week and I'll lap it up.

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In all honesty I'd rather have a game that looks like shit but plays well then a good looking snooze-fest.

Ryse in a nut-shell: Run around like you're constipated, hit 3-4 generic soldiers very awkwardly while rolling about like a 3 year old on a tumble mat. Run around like a bit more like an extra in a Benny Hill sketch before facing off against... 3-4 generic soldiers. But wait, this time it slows down for a QTE. Rinse and repeat x 20 until completion.

I know this is just one scene in the game but it'll need a hell of a lot more than what's on show here to impress anyone.

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I've always played as as Adept. Why? Well in a universe where someone says "oh you can now have super jedi powers". Would you choose to play as a simple soldier?

Correct answer is Adept.

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A $60 day 1 DLC for content that should always be in the full retail version is absolutely ridiculous. If any XboxOne owner out there plays this then you are, in no small part, adding to the demise of the gaming industry.

It happened with the initial XboxOne DRM at launch so then why can't it happen again. I implore every Lem to vote with their wallets and not to not fall for this absolute bullshit.

If Sony try and pull any of this shite next gen they'll not be getting a penny out of me for a PS4. I know a lot of the free-to-play games for PS4 may be pay-to-win but at least you don't have to shell out any money for the game.

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Don't really know that much about the Steambox but the first thing I noticed about the controller was having to swipe the right pad to turn. Yes it may make the action quicker but it just means you have no accuracy on the turn.

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Do PCs have better graphics than consoles? Yes without a doubt.

Are PCs better for day to day tasks and of more use than a console? Yes definitely

Are PCs better for just straight up gaming? IMHO No.

I'd always choose my consoles for gaming, both for the exclusives they have and when playing multi-player games. Sometimes you just want their ease of use. I don't want to have to look to see if my rig will play a certain new release or if I need to upgrade or tweak my settings just to get it running well.

I've never really understood PC gamers in System Wars. Personally think we should just have a Console Wars forum and let Hermits have their own section where they just say how great their games look and then agree with each other.