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Looks right up my alley that does. Lovely visuals and the music is superb. I'd happily throw £10 at that for sure. Gonna need a bigger memory card for my Vita though. My back log is getting a bit ridiculous.

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Seems designed for 10 year olds and women.

I'm a WOMAN. Stop making crazy-ass assumptions please.

I didn't say that was a bad thing. Just that it's small, cute and rather simple ;-)

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Such a crying shame. I think if a lot more people tried the system they'd realise it's an absolutely fantastic hand held, despite the terrible sales numbers. All I can say is that I hope Vita owners have deep pockets to keep this baby alive.

My girlfriend has a 3DS and I just cannot see the appeal at all. Seems designed for 10 year olds and women.

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There is no way to spin this. Sony won, Playstation won.

Congratulations to Respawn for the software win on a console with less hardware out there to sell on. A impressive feat.

Aren't the Titanfall numbers Xbox One and PC combined?

Anyway it's fantastic news all round as Sony comes out on top and MS may actually get rid of kinect, and with a massive price drop as well I'll probably end up picking one up. Everyone's a winner.

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IMHO buying a PS4 or Xbox One without then getting PS+ or Live is like buying a new car without wheels. Completely pointless.

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Yup MS still suffering from the ridiculous launch DRM/online check in/No used games shenanigans IMO. Well MS don't f*uck with our games and you may not get shit on by gamers. If you treat your target audience like crap don't expect them to come back in their droves just because you get pulled on it and then say "sorry my bad, we've changed our minds".

I'd love to know the exact amount of 360 owners who defected over to the PS4. I'm guessing quite a lot.

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@withe1982: Thanks for the recommendations withe. I just joined playstation plus and was pleasantly surprised to find thomas was alone for free! I'm currently downloading payday 2 but after that i have to give this indie title a try.

Then the worm has certainly turned for you my friend. PS+ is an absolute must for Vita owners. You can now grab Gravity Rush and Uncharted free.

Also try Lone Survivor (£9.99) if you like a good horror game and Persona 4 Golden is just ridiculously addictive if a little expensive. Tearaway is very good as well. For a good bundle try the Curve Studio bundle (here). You can buy it on line from the Sony site if you don't have a PS3 (USA) (UK) well worth the money as it's 4 great games for £8.99 (or $27 in the US).

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I wouldn't be surprised if MS had managed to scrape a win in that last month at least due to the enforced price drop and free AAA title. Overall though I predict: PS4: 7m units sold XBox-One: 5.2m units sold.

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Fantastic news for Sony. Let's hope they can deliver on their promise of for gamers, by gamers. We've yet to see that top, top title yet. InFAMOUS:SS Looked fantastic but was a bit short lived and very easy.

Also not a chance of a price drop just yet. Sony cannot keep up with demand as it it and are selling every console they produce so no need to drop the price.

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Big shout out to my main man Drippy from Ni No Kuni. Best voice in gaming and extremely funny to boot. Warning slight spoilers for anyone that's not played the game .