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I'm enjoying my PS4 immensely but I can understand why people say there's not much to do on it yet. It has only been out 6 months but and for a gamer like myself who only games 2 hours a night there's still a lot of stuff available to keep me occupied until the next release. However for gamers who play maybe 5+ hours a day I can see why they might complain. It is just what happens like this in the early life of a system. Compared to the PS3s early software choices the PS4 is leaps and bounds ahead.

I've completed InFamous:SS 100% but still have Killzone (which is surprisingly good single player), Knack, Trine 2, mercenary kings, Outlast, Don't Starve, Flower, Warframe, Blacklight, DC Universe Online, Dead Nation and more to keep me going until the likes of Watchdogs come out.

I'm extremely happy with the games available this early in the consoles lifespan.

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I love Indie games. It gives small developers a chance to innovate and get their ideas out to a wider audience. Fantastic for pick up and play value as well. Don't get me wrong a love a good big budget AAA title as much as the next guy but I do appreciate a good indie title.

For example I absolutely love Thomas Was Alone. The best indie title by a country mile. Optimises everything about what an Indie game should be. Simple yet innovative and unlike anything I've played before. Plus it's on the PSN for £1.90 at the minute.

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Oh FFS! Damn You Sales!!!!

I've just paid £5.99 for Thomas Was Alone last week and around £30 for Mass effect 1-3 a fortnight ago.

If anyone hasn't played Ni No Kuni yet then you have no excuse to miss out on an absolutely fantastic RPG.

Also Thomas Was Alone is an absolute masterpiece 10/10 game and for £1.91 if you're a PS+ member, plus it's cross buy on Vita you'd be silly not to get it.

Excellent sale for EU for a change. Gonna cost me so much money.

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Just downloaded and completed Thomas Was alone and it's an absolute masterpiece. My top Vita game so far. It was only £6 on PSN and to be fair you can blast through it in about 2-3 hours but my god what an amazing indie title. The music by David Housden is just fantastic and narration by Danny Wallace is the best I've heard in gaming since Stephen Fry in LBP. I don't know how Mike Bithell did it but after just a few minutes I began to really care about these coloured blocks. Within half as hour I could remember every block by name and knew every one of there personalities traits. It's a testament to how great a game can be without a massive AAA budget or a team of 20 writers getting paid a fortune. This is pure gaming heaven IMO. I cannot stress enough how great this little title was.

I'm off to listen to the soundtrack again. This gets a 10/10 from me.

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@JustPlainLucas said:

Tried to remote play on the Vita today and couldn't even keep the thing connected for a minute. It would connect, lag like all hell, freak out on the video, and then disconnect. Any advice to try to fix this thing? If I can't get it working at home, when I'm five feet from the thing, no way can I get it working when I'm at work.

It does sound like your internet speed may not be up to scratch and an upgrade may be in order. You'd be surprised how cheaply you can get very fast broadband these days.

Make sure your ps4 is wired and not connected wireless also make sure no computers or laptops are running any programs which may effect your connection.

I have 5-7mb internet at most at home and my remote play works like a charm. I've completed at least 50% of InFAMOUS:SS on my Vita. I have tried from work a few times but the lousy 2mb connection here isn't strong enough at all.

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Loving the game so far. Had a few glitches but overall it's visually breathtaking.

Slight spoiler: I've just made it over to the second island and i'm just taking over territories at the minute before getting back into the main story. I've done the first paper trail mission in it's entirety and I'm just waiting for part 2 to appear on the second island. (any ideas when it'll pop up?)

oh and here's a pic I took last night. Delsin chillin' with his wheels:

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MGS4 for me. I own it and have tried to get through it 3-4 times but every time I just get around 4 hours in and I'm just bored out of my mind. I'm guessing it's a game that you have to either be "in to" or not. I never really enjoyed any previous MGS games other than the first and just cannot see the pull of this one. The graphics aren't great, voice acting is hammy and game play just isn't fun (all IMHO). Truth be told there's not many games out there that I just dismiss as easily but this one just doesn't do it for me at all.

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I'm 33 and have children myself. I've been gaming since the age of 4 (ZX Spectrum) and understand the stigma attached to having video games as your favourite pass-time. I openly encourage my kids to play games whenever possible (after homework/chores etc... ) as I know, not only how much fun they are, but also how educational they can be.

Don't get me wrong I also push my kids to play sports and exercise but I just don't understand the parents who push their kids to be more "social" and go out with friends whenever possible instead of gaming. They have usually taken note of the media who portray gamers as either socially inept lock-ins or gun toting psychopaths. Truth be told I believe kids are much more at risk hanging around with friends outside where peer-pressure plays a massive role in kids trying smoking, drugs, alcohol and petty crime. Much more than video games ever have.

My honest opinion is that if a child is a violent sociopath it's generally down to some deep rooted psychological problem, not through playing a few hours on GTA. In my youth I've played games for days on end and never felt the need to hurt another human being nor have I become an emotional cripple. It's just too easy for people to point the finger at video games or movies, as the possibility that people are just inherently evil or socially incompatible is a hard truth to accept. It takes away any illusion of control we may have over our society.

The most important thing is that kids are raised in a loving and nurturing environment. Irrespective of the games they play or movies they watch.

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Silent hill, RE and Dino Crisis spring to mind. They looked great at launch and played fantastically but haven't aged well at all. They now just control like tanks and visually are just a complete mess. Would love to play remakes of all 3 but that's just not gonna happen. RE-Make on the Gamecube was just brilliant.