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@marcheegsr: Nothing up on GAF yet about NA.

Stick It To The Man Is looking pretty sweet though. Shades of psychonaughts.

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@dommeus said:

Human Revolution easily. One of my fav games of all time

My man! Vive La Revolution.

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It looks pretty sweet but I just don't get enough time to justify the monthly charges. If I had more free time it's definitely something I'd like to try but will wait to see how reliable the service proves to be before taking the plunge.

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@Essian said:

Played this a fair amount after beating the campaign, is it still something people play? Is it just overwhelmed with hackers?

I've just went back to this after a few months away and it's still pretty active. I never wait more than 2 minutes for a match and I've only came across one hacker in my 40+ hours on the multiplayer. The one thing you'll find is there's 100s of alts around now. Guys on level 1-2 who rack up 10-12 kills without dying. Matches can still be a little one sided as well as the matchmaking doesn't seem to have improved at all.

Quick tip is to run with only a small firearm (revolver) and get the el diablo as your purchasable weapon. Then just buy ammo for it and watch the kills rack up.

I roll with:

Brawler 2
Explosion EX 2
Crafter 2
marathon runner 1
El Diablo

and I average 7-8 kills per match (survivors) and I'm not very good at at the game at all.

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Going to pre order today for BETA access but thus far it looks as generic as can be. I know the multiplayer has yet to be announced but TBH that doesn't really interest me anyway. What I'm looking, and hoping for with Destiny is more RPG elements and being able to freely explore the vast planets, discovering new missions and secrets.

If it turns out to be just another online shooter with a few shallow missions tagged on (e.g. kill x amount of enemies, capture the base, destroy x amount of generators etc...) then I'll probably cancel it.

My question is do I shell out £50 on this or just get Planetside 2 for free and play that instead? After all if they both turn out to be just online shooters then I might as well just go FTP.

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My first console was a Mastersystem so I'd probably consider myself a SEGA fan first. I owned a, Game Gear, Mega Drive (with the Master system converter) and Dreamcast after that.

I also has a NES, SNES, Game Boy, Atari Jaguar, Amiga CD32, Playstation, N64, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS4 so I'm not really tied down to any particular brand.

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@nyzma23 said:

Microsoft income is $7 billions this quarter that is the main news on microsoft today not xbox one sales ,and since when gaming become profitable for both sony or microsoft

and now compare it to $1.1 billion loss on sony this march


The clues in the name bud. We're here to talk video games and consoles.

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Stolen from NeoGAF but if these numbers are correct it puts PS4 around 3m ahead:

If the rate of sale to shipped in 2013 stayed the same through 2014. Xbox one would be around 3.9 million sold through.

xbox sold 3million out of 3.9 in 2013. around 77% sold

xbox one is at 5.1 million shipped as of march. 77% of 5.1 is 3.927million.

Although the 77% could have increased or decreased so again it is just educated guess work.

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Not sure how this thread has continued so long. The simple fact is that NO ONE knows how many Xbox Ones have been sole to customers.

The information we have that is 100% confirmed is as follows:

  • Xbox One Shipped 3.9m units until December 2013
  • XBox One sold 3m of these units to customers
  • They shipped a further 1.2m between Jan-March 2014

So the very most they could have sold to customers is 5.1m. The 4.2m is just speculation. What we have guessed due to many stores having stock and the price cuts is that it is not going to be 5.1m sold. The number will be less than that. We don't know what that is though.

My main problem is that why would MS or Lems brag about shipped to retailers numbers? It looks a bit desperate TBH.