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MS will hopefully show some more Quantum Break and Sunset overdrive gameplay whilst teasing us with Halo 5.

Nintendo will show off Zelda U and Watchdogs on Wii U (it'll look terrible)

Sony will show more The Order 1886, Uncharted 4 (a very brief tease) and then a giant animatronic Trico will walk onto the stage before shitting out Team Ico who will then show a playable demo of The Last Guardian. The audience will be so impressed that their heads will simultaneously explode and I will be happy.

Winner: Me

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Looks very good. Chalk that up as another great title coming to a Vita near you. The little handheld that could is certainly stepping it up a bit this year.

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It's a shame really as the Vita is set up perfectly to be a kick-ass hand held. It's extremely powerful and the ps4 remote play feature is amazing. It should really be selling a hell of a lot more. I own one myself and I'm fully aware of the lack of 1st party support which is a real shame. A hand full of AAA titles would see sales double IMO. As it stands there's only Borderlands 2 and a hand full of JPRGs that I would class in that category.

Just imagine having a Mass Effect, Witcher or Dragon Age running on it. They would shift hundreds of thousands of units. Unfortunately that just doesn't look likely to happen as we shift into gen 8.

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Looks quite good for off screen footage but come on people! How hard is it to take HD videos on a phone. Was it recorded using a potato? I have a 3 year old handset that takes movies in HD. If you're gonna upload footage then use a phone that's not shit.

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I'm enjoying my PS4 immensely but I can understand why people say there's not much to do on it yet. It has only been out 6 months but and for a gamer like myself who only games 2 hours a night there's still a lot of stuff available to keep me occupied until the next release. However for gamers who play maybe 5+ hours a day I can see why they might complain. It is just what happens like this in the early life of a system. Compared to the PS3s early software choices the PS4 is leaps and bounds ahead.

I've completed InFamous:SS 100% but still have Killzone (which is surprisingly good single player), Knack, Trine 2, mercenary kings, Outlast, Don't Starve, Flower, Warframe, Blacklight, DC Universe Online, Dead Nation and more to keep me going until the likes of Watchdogs come out.

I'm extremely happy with the games available this early in the consoles lifespan.

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I love Indie games. It gives small developers a chance to innovate and get their ideas out to a wider audience. Fantastic for pick up and play value as well. Don't get me wrong a love a good big budget AAA title as much as the next guy but I do appreciate a good indie title.

For example I absolutely love Thomas Was Alone. The best indie title by a country mile. Optimises everything about what an Indie game should be. Simple yet innovative and unlike anything I've played before. Plus it's on the PSN for £1.90 at the minute.

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Oh FFS! Damn You Sales!!!!

I've just paid £5.99 for Thomas Was Alone last week and around £30 for Mass effect 1-3 a fortnight ago.

If anyone hasn't played Ni No Kuni yet then you have no excuse to miss out on an absolutely fantastic RPG.

Also Thomas Was Alone is an absolute masterpiece 10/10 game and for £1.91 if you're a PS+ member, plus it's cross buy on Vita you'd be silly not to get it.

Excellent sale for EU for a change. Gonna cost me so much money.

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I love my Vita. Being a husband and father it's fantastic to still be able to play my PS4 without having the TVs hogged all night. I use it pretty much every day.

I'm also a massive fan of indie titles that innovate so I've a lot on there which keep me occupied. In fact Thomas Was Alone is probably in my top 10 GOAT. This added to the likes of Limbo, Hotline Miami, Guacamelee etc... makes the Vita a great system for me.

I've also yet to try Persona 4 Golden but I'd imagine when I pick that up it'll be fantastic.

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I don't really understand how this is getting so many people butt hurt.

Sony are trying to make some money. they're a business. that's what they do. I'm fine with that.

PS4 owner have a choice to own what was probably the best game of the last few years in 1080p, 60FPS with all DLC (RRP on PS3 $65 ($40 for TLOU, $15 for left behind and $9.99 for map packs)) for $60. Not a problem. I'm going to double dip and for the people that have yet to play that game it's a fantastic deal.

Not sure why it's only Lems and Herms that are up in arms about this. Jelly? I can't remember as much of a response when TR Definitive was announced.

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I'm guessing if you have the ps3 disk version you can do a digital upgrade for just $10 right?

if not then


I really hope this is the case as I'd be more than happy to pay £10 to upgrade. Even still I will be double dipping anyway (at what I expect will be £40 in the UK). I'm not going to miss out on experiencing one of the best games ever made with enhanced graphics for the sake of a few pounds and some hipsters deeming it uncool to do so.

My GOTY on PS4. Worth every penny IMHO.

it's because of people like you companies out there get away with charging us with ridiculous prices

and the smart consumer suffers for it.

People like me? I'm not going to justify my gaming purchases to some prat on a message board. Why do you care what I play and spend the money I fuckin' earn on?