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Just a quick heads up to any survival horror fans in the UK. The May madness sale has the resident evil trilogy for only £5.50. All of which work great downloaded on the Vita with dual analogue controls. Loving me some RE2 right now in fact.

To grab them on your vita just visit your downloads history on the Vita store and grab em from there.

Get the deal online here

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Fantastic decision from Bungie to give Beta access to pre-orders. For £5 you can basically try before you buy for 2 months. It's a no brainer really. If, after 2 months I decide Destiny isn't for me then pre-order cancelled.

My hype is rising slightly but E3 will be the real kicker. Let's hope the mulitplayer lives up to the hype. It's my first Bungie game so let's hope I'm not left disappointed. Roll on July 7th.

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You really should play Thomas Was Alone. It blew me away. You'll never look at a coloured rectangle in the same way again.

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Age 33 from the UK. None smoker. I enjoy going to the cinema and walks in the rain... Seriously though I'm looking to beef up my friends list ahead of TLOU remastered and Destiny for some fresh multiplayer hijinks.

Any UK based players (due to time constraints, nothing against my US bretheren) then add me PSN: AST2008

Currently playing: PS4: Warframe (very badly), Killzone:SF (like a child) PS3: TLOU Multiplayer.

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@Heirren: Hopefully you've sorted this by now. If not then try turning off the ps4 and holding the power button down until it beeps a second time to enter safe mode. then try rebuiding database. that should hopefully sort it for you. Good luck.

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@marcheegsr: Nothing up on GAF yet about NA.

Stick It To The Man Is looking pretty sweet though. Shades of psychonaughts.

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It looks pretty sweet but I just don't get enough time to justify the monthly charges. If I had more free time it's definitely something I'd like to try but will wait to see how reliable the service proves to be before taking the plunge.

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@Essian said:

Played this a fair amount after beating the campaign, is it still something people play? Is it just overwhelmed with hackers?

I've just went back to this after a few months away and it's still pretty active. I never wait more than 2 minutes for a match and I've only came across one hacker in my 40+ hours on the multiplayer. The one thing you'll find is there's 100s of alts around now. Guys on level 1-2 who rack up 10-12 kills without dying. Matches can still be a little one sided as well as the matchmaking doesn't seem to have improved at all.

Quick tip is to run with only a small firearm (revolver) and get the el diablo as your purchasable weapon. Then just buy ammo for it and watch the kills rack up.

I roll with:

Brawler 2
Explosion EX 2
Crafter 2
marathon runner 1
El Diablo

and I average 7-8 kills per match (survivors) and I'm not very good at at the game at all.

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Looks right up my alley that does. Lovely visuals and the music is superb. I'd happily throw £10 at that for sure. Gonna need a bigger memory card for my Vita though. My back log is getting a bit ridiculous.