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New Trick 2/23

I just got into BMX like I said about a weekago and I learned how to Bunny Hop in about five tries ,but I suck at it and can go about a few inches then again I haven't riden on a bike in 2 or 3 years cuz i started to do other things and my tires like blew up or something cuz there's like a giant gash on the back tire.Anyway once I learn to Bunny Hop better or get a new BMX bike I will start dpoing other tricks.Also I didn't go to the couch tour and I am super pissed.

Zumiez Couch Tour And Thoughts

Yeah I'm plan on going to the Zumiez couch tour on the 22nd of June. In case of you don't know the Zumiez couch tour is a skate competion along with games,prizes,music, and a lot of other stuff.I don't plan to enter because I suck and i've seen how they skate and it's holy s**t how the f*** i'm i supposed to compete with that. Anyway my friends want to even though i'm telling them they will lose ,but I don't really care. I'm bringing like 3 people with me well in case they come.

Anyway Here are the other locations of the Zumiez Couch Tour:


I also got to Get enough money to buy my dad a new video camera before he figures out it's missing. I'm also going to Mexico.....Sadly. I don't really want to go toMexico and I don't really think there are good skate spots their so their won't be much to do.I recently made a skate box and Istill plan to make a half pipe.Another thing is that I plan to get anew cellphonebecausemy cellphone that I got for christmas last year sucks just plain out sucks.Anyway I recently messed up my ankle I got hit in theface ysterday by accident andI broke my ramp and fell directly on my effin elbow.Atleastschool is over so I got more time to myself.Other than all this crap that's happen to me My summer vacation was awesome and I can only hope the Couch Tour will be great.

Gamestop Question

I was just wondering about how much money would i get for a 60 gig hard drive from gamestop.The hard drive was never used just out of the package and i don't really need it so i was just going to sell it to a friend and he's taking to long to come up with the money so im wondering how much money can I get it for from gamestop.

some thoughts

There's alot of thinking about now like that i plan to get a bulldog but costs like 1800 bux and so far i got 47 bux and that's far as hell away from my goal.That's also if my parents let me cuz they don't think i am responsible and also that my mom is allergict tothe dog's fur so i would have to have the dog away from my mom.They also say i am irresponsible because i never clean my room and they say that i won't clean after the puppy but i told them and showed them that the only mess in my room is the crapthat my sister left and didn't clean up.They also say what would i do if i can't take care of the bulldog anymore and my reply was that if i cannot take care of the puppy anylonger that i would take the dog to this place called rescue bulldogs and they would find a new home for the dog.They asked me why i couldn't get a dog from rescue bulldogs and i said because it can take up to 5 years to even get the dog.Anyway i plan to name the dog either meaty or lil porkchop which came up randomly in my head and made my friends laugh and i was like im serious guys.I also though it would be cool to teach the pup how to skate well get on the board and ride.

Atleast i an't grounded anymore and i learned how to nollie shuv inside my house before my dad got angry about me skateboarding in the house.Anyway i figured out if i want to earn the 1800 bux by the end of summer vacation i would have to earn about 20 bux a day or 140 bux a week since i work with my dad and if i work full hours that'll take away anout 80 bux a week so i just gotta figure out where to get the other 60 bux a week from.Other things i was thinking about was that i plan to get an electric guitar but i can wait till christmas.Another thing i was thinking about was to start to box as in boxing like with the punching gloves.

In games i may plan on buying skate 2 from my friend for 24 bux and skate trucks for 10 bux each which would equal 20 bux for both but io also have to consider if i want to buy them or if i want to save the money up for a new puppy which is like hard to choose but finally i choose to save up for the pup.

I also am going to sell my old xbox 360 after i fix it up and customize it like my new one.

that's about i don't know half maybe more of the things that are on my mind

5 months of skating

wow 5 months went do fast espically in school.well ive been skating five months and not even close as good as my friends.they're already pracricing tre flips and im not even in kickflips yet well i basically not getting them i can only do heels.i gorunded now because i called one of my parents a bad word or something.but atleast i learn a new trick while skating in my huse which is a nollie shuv.Anyway these are the trick i have learned in 5 month:

Ollie of course

Fakie ollie


Shuv it

Pop Shuv it

Fakie shuv it

Nollie Shuv it

Frontside 180

Backside 180


Boneless Frontside 180

Boneless Finger Flip

Boneless Hardflip

Boneless Shuv it

Boneless 380 Shuv it

Boneless 180 Fingerflip

Boardslide at times though

50-50 grind

I can almost oliie a 3 stair

Ghetto Half Cab at times though

Old School Kcikflip

Boneless Double Fingerflip

Bert Slide


Fakie Boneless


Backside Boardslide

And that's about it for my 5 months of skating

New Skate Deck and other stuff

I got a new Almost impact Cooper deck on 4/20 which was also like National Weed Day ,but a lot of dumb***es are saying it's 4/21 and it's pi**ing me off.Anyway I also got new red bearing and new Shorty's 1 in hardware.I now plan to buy new trucks and wheels and then waitr until my Zero snaps which will last like a year or 2 if it don't get water logged like my speed demon.Then im just gonna go to zumiez for clothes and stuff.

I also posted new videos of a heelflip i did and i know it sux but better than when the deck of the board went up my a** so idn't care. So if you want to check out the heelflip then watch the vids.Atleast i have proof that i did a heelflip and now my friend may believe me so that's good.anyway that's about it see ya.

New trick : Heelflip and other stuff

Usually when i or any other skater learns a new trick you're probally surprized like hell and happy.But now im sort of happy and a little P.O'd.Here's why i tried doing heelflips today and i got it in the first ten or twenty tries so im like hloy crap and i called my friends tell them and they don't believe me which also P.O.'s me too.well i try the heelflip another fifty tries and i don't get none of the times i only get it half way at times.I would make a vid of the heelflip if i can eventually get it 9 out of 10 times.that's pretty much why im po'd about the heelflip.

Anyway i've decided to use money to buy an almost impact support deck, reds bones bearings.If you have any ideas which wheels i should get and truck maybe other decks i shoud get then post them and i may look for them at woodward zumiez or anyother skateshop around where i live.soo far im at 101 dollars yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I also customized my xbox but i used sharpy it still lokks sick as s**t though I may take pistures of the 360 later.That's all i can pretty much think about at the moment that i want to share with you guys do see ya.

Oh yeah i forgot in case you wondering why in my last vid i used the nose instead of the tail it's because my tail was cracked a lot it's not even funny i was like wtf when my friend sold it to me."wtf happend to the tail" was what i said.Istill bought it regardless it was a 7.5 speed demon.anyway my board got water logged twice but it's still good thank god.now see ya

Another new vid and new stuff

I just posted a new vid of me ollieing.I am still working with my dad and so far i 've earned90 dollars.I am thinking of getting an electric guitar at samash.My firend also showed me this game called runescape i though it was lame then he made me get an account and now if i don't have nothing to do i would probally play runescape or skateboard in the house and piss of my dad.If i don't get an electric guitar i might get an Almlost Impact Support.I'm still thinking of getting a new game.The game that interests me the most like extremely a lot is Guitar Hero Metallica.I am a big Metallica fan since i was 5 years-old.I like more than 20 of thier song and their new ones.

In skateboarding i learned new tricks like fingerflip and double fingerflip.I also learned boneless frontside 180 and boneles 360.I can also ollie gaps.I might also build a half pipe which is half a pipe if you can tell by the name.I may also build a skateboard box and box shaped thing you do tricks off of.

that's about it

New VId and New Stuff

You can tell from the title of my bog that I uploaded another vid.It's about me doing bonelesses and bonless 180 since I now mastered them.I also mastered many new trick like nollie,bert slide,pop shuvit.and boardslie on small rails.I plan to make vids of me doing tricks outside in awhile maybe my friend having a game of skate cause I can't compete with them they're doing varials while im doing little ollies and s**t.

Anyway I plan on getting a new board probally a game,maybe an electric guitar since im now getting an interest in playing the guitar like one of my other friend.The problem is that I don't get allowance anymore so now I have to work for my money.I'm working with my dad for $5 per hour so far 60 but I only work for one day and that's half a day and i've only worked 3 times.I need $150 for a new skateboard 60 for a new game and im woundering how much an averagew or pretty decinte electric guitar cost at Samash.Canyou tell me any decinte guitars there at samash maybe another type of guitar store in PA???????????????????THX

February was awsome for me

It was my second month of skateboarding and I was extremely great for me because during January I only knew the ollie that was about it and only when I wasn't moving on my board.But now the tricks I know are ollie while riding,fakie ollie,old school kickflip,kickflip,and turning on ramps if that counts but that doesn't matter as long as I can go up ramps without falling in my ass im okay.

I haven't done basically anything in gaming so I plan on buying Skate 2 or borrowing it from my friends if they have it and playin possibly make some new gaming vids and make a review.To me it seems like a pretty awsome game.

I can't think of anything else to share so that's probally it ohh and sorry for not making a kickflip vid it that i'm still sort of practicing them since I just learned them