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The Ultimate MMO

I have long played and searched for an MMO that would meld the best of all worlds and make a great playing experience. Unfortunately, the perfect game is not out there. Here is what I think would be the perfect meld of MMOs.

1. The graphics and character choices of Everquest 2.

2. The trait system of Lord of the Rings Online.

3. The hand-to-hand combat system of Matrix Online.

4. The freestle shooting/combat option of Tabula Rasa.

5. The community and questline of World of Warcraft.

This would be my perfect meld. Free-wheeling combat, with firearms, interesting hand to hand, and traits that power up the more you use them. The Everquest 2 graphics are incredible and have so many more options than the carttons of WoW.

Curse you, Rock Band

This game is like a nagging cough. I may not play it for a few days, but when I start, it just keeps going. It's amazing how quickly I can burn through 1,000 Live Points while browsing the downloads. A lot of people have given the DLC some negative comments, but I think the variety is great. I'm not a Grateful Dead fan, but it's good to recognize all facets of Rock. That being said, I just wanted to give a rundown of my DLC songs to date:

...And Justice for All



Call Me

Calling Dr. Love

Can't Stand Losing You

Ever Fallen in Love

Hard to Handle


Interstate Love Song

Juke Box Hero

Last Train to Clarksville

Message in a Bottle

More Than a Feeling

Move Along

Peace of Mind

Ride the Lightning

Rock and Roll Band


Saints of Los Angeles

Sex Type Thing

Synchronicity II

The Kill


No wonder I have no extra cash...