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Mr. Geezer is absolutely right, as are most of the people on here. I got 2 other bros that I play with all the time, and I downright refuse to play games that dont have local play. I know there are a ton of games I'm missing out on, like Fallout, Demon's Souls, Assassin's Creed, etc, but I frankly dont care. I'm still playing the 3yr old Warhawk, Modnation, GH, offline Madden, and (rarely) LBP. Only GH I've bought full price. But the amount of fun I've had with my brothers in local player is much more than I can get or have gotten from any of the single player games I've mentioned.
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Whenever I try to delete my own posts, I'm taken to a white page that only says, "Shared boards cannot be edited or removed."

Why am I having this problem?