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Bad Company 2 beta tomorrow!


Finally a decent Battlefield game coming back to the system on which is was born and bred. PC. Even better, DICE seems to be paying special attention to the PC version with;

* 32 player games instead of 24 (for consoles)

* Nvidia 3D

* DX9, Dx10, Dx11 support

* Prone!

And a bunch of other stuff. Not to mention superior frame rates and better controls. Battlefield on PC FTW. This game is gonna rule.

PC Gaming and Infinity Ward

I didn't write this, but it needs to be said. Spread it around.

While that might very be the case if the game flops on our platform, it would also send a clear message to both the publisher and developer that we won't put up with this kind of crap. If we pay substantially more for hardware, if patching a game is absolutely required to make it stable post-launch, if our games implement DRM schemes that prevent resale, and if we get content far later than our console counterparts do, the absolute least a developer can do is to ensure the features they just cut from the game are in place.

Privately owned servers ensure that, when IW's gets yanked offline for maintenance or goes down because they can't handle the player load they've been given, people can still play the game online. This is why some of the most touted exclusives for the Xbox 360 and PS3 were unplayable online for days (or even weeks) after they were launched. IW and Activision both know this, so their decision to remove a feature just to "streamline" online connectivity in a market that had online multiplayer years before any console did (and did just fine) is simply an anti-consumer act that is nigh retarded.

Completely removing mod support from a PC title is, also, an act of unfathomable stupidity. PC games are often bought because they provide the consumer with an opportunity to create their own content in an environment where they don't have the money or technical expertise to do otherwise. Counter Strike started off as a Half-life mod; it is still one the most played games online for any platform despite having been released a decade ago. Team Fortess? It's Quake mod that's had infinity longer legs (and arguable more success) than the very game it was spawned from. The PC port of RE4 looked worse than the PS2 version did when it was released; because of the community, updates were made to the game that not only allow it to easily compete with most current gen titles, but fixed the well documented control issues and even provided others (I'm sure you can now use a Wiimote for the PC version). We could delve into the countless weapons, characters, custom maps, custom levels, and total conversions that the modding community have made. These are all things the console ecosystem often does not provide (sometimes for copyright issues, sometimes to wring money out of wallets in order to sell you things the community could've created in a day) and it's always been a major factor in purchasing a game for one platform over another. Which, I'm sure, is why they killed MW2's modding community before it had a chance to begin; they now have the opportunity to sell us 3 maps at the low price of $10 and there's no way for us to compete with them. With IW pulling the feature from one of the year's most advertised and anticipated games in order to hock **** to us we would've made on our own, they risk giving other developer a precedent to do the same for future titles. ::claps:: Way to piss on the fans that made you a top developer, Infinity Ward.

To do all of that while charging us $60 for a game that offers substantially less than its $50 predecessor did while forcing us to use Steam so our games can't be resold after they're played and then to completely hack out any feature that would've made the game desirable to a PC gamer in the first g*ddamn place...well...there's just no point in playing or owning the PC version even if it does look and perform better.

To all Infinity Ward and Activision employees (which I'm sure is none) who read this site, I have the following kind words for your consideration. Go **** yourselves, your games, and I hope to see all of your future endeavors flop horrifically. We made you (Infinity Ward) what you are today and you ****wits can't even make a clean stab to our backs as a token of appreciation; no, you've got to twist the blade slightly so we actually feel the pain. Your FPS is one of many available to a platform that spawned and still dominates the genre; no matter how anticipated, no matter how advertised, you're just one fish in a sea of many. I hope Activision runs you and your franchise into the ground just like they have to every one of their pet developers; at this point in time, you don't deserve anything else.

Dell XPS 430 Review

LET me just say first off, that I think that dell are fantastic. I know that for some people that is not the case, however, I have bought; 2 desktops (One is a 6 year old Dell Dimension, the other I bought recently is the aformentioned XPS) and 2 laptops (Both Inspiron's, bothe 2 years old). All have arrived on time, in good working order and are all still working strong.

Anyway, onto the main review. DELL XPS 430

Main specs

CPU: Q8200@2.33ghz


HD: 500gb 7200rpm

PSU: I don't really want to know

Pros: Quiet, powerfull, cool(both in looks and in temperature), and great value for money (when I bought it).

Cons: Button to open disk drive(s) is pretty well hidden, shiny casing gets fingermarks on it, probably not enough power to allow for serious upgrades, BTX case makes upgrading difficult anyway

I only got it a week ago, and it has to be said that I have not exactly been stretching it to its limit. The most demanding game I have played on it so far is Company of Heroes, and this is hardly a challenge for the 4850, even at max detail (dx9). I have tried to make it stutter, really, I have tried putting loads of tanks on one spot and then blowing them all up, I have tried firebombing the whole map. Not one hitch. Which isn't surprising when you look at benchmarks. In dx9, I recon I'm consistently staying above 100fps (for those less clued up, thats about 40 frames-per-second MORE than you need for absaloute smooth gaming).

Even after playing CoH for a good 4-5 hours, temperatures have not touched 80C yet. The highest I have seen is 79C, which is pretty good for a 4850.

Another thing is that it is QUIET, I really cannot hear it. Having said that, I live on a main road, but still, even if I put my ear right up to the case I cannot hear much except a very low hum.

For a more in-depth review about how it will perform, just look up a hd4850 benchmark/review, and it will tell you all you need to know. Simply put, this thing can handle Crysis at some 'very high' settings and the rest just 'high' settings.

To top it off, I got it for £600, inc. taxes shipping etc. Not bad when building it myself would really only save about £75 tops. (Price has now gone up to £629, but still not a bad deal)