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Wanted to say I'm not gonna use the site for awhile. Not much activity and the glitches are getting ridiculous (Soulless4now, commented on your last 2 posts but didnt show up. Javascript error). Comments on blogs pre-updates seemed to have disappeared. Thanks for voiding them GS.

So Teenage Mutant NICK-a Turtles start in a week. Love TMNT but Nick sucks now. Looks ok but wont top 2k3. Guess we all know about Wreck-it Ralph. Yay! Sonic's Hollywood debut! Curse of Chucky coming next year. Remake was haulted over rights but I rather have a sequel. Supposed to be scary again. No comedy with original looking doll. Im so excited for this. Its direct-to-video but I dont care.

Oh, my TV gets a blue line sometimes when turned on. Its a VIZIO. Some models from a couple years ago have this glitch. Yup, got mine 2 years ago. Goes away by turning off/on...for now anyway. Im pretty ticked-off about this. Hate to have to replace it so soon. I wanna get a Sony. To end on a good note...Yay! Summer is finally ending!

Vampire Killer

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Thats what I am now that I defeated Dracula. Thats right I beat Castlevania: Bloodlines. I never thought I could beat any game in this series but after getting so far I just couldn't bring myself to quit.

Only kind of help I used were passwords but its not cheating cause the game gives them to you after each level. I did not alter anything. I beat everything fair and square and within the realm of the game.

So the game isnt brutality difficult but it does ask alot of you. There are parts where you just have to be perfect and until you can get it down to a science youre not moving on. Your margin for error is very slim. Unless youre an expert you have to calculate everything. Health refills and 1ups are almost non-existent. The few there are arnt even worth going after.

So does this mean Im gonna start playing harder games? No. I definitely wanna try out some other Castlevania games but this is not for me. Ya I beat it but its just too demanding to be fun imo.

Lined in blood

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So a long time ago a friend gave me a Sega Genesis game he didnt want anymore, Castlevania: Bloodlines. I dont play games known for high difficulty but I have played it a couple times. Ive gotten to level 4, which is about half way. Theres 6 broken up into stages like Level 1-1, 1-2 and so on. I didnt struggle too much and overall I liked the theme but the difficulty keeps me away from these games.

Ive set it aside to sell. Afterall its in great condition (in-box, no scratches just no manual) plus it was the only Castlevania on Genesis. Still I figured Id take it for one more spin to see how far I could get if I really tryed. I wouldnt get upset over the difficulty as I dont hold myself to this standard of gaming. It would just be for fun. So that will be my next post, how I do on this game.

Reel Ratings 6

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Saw these movies awhile back but figured Id go ahead and do them. This is the last Reel Ratings for now.

Stuck: A man gets stuck in a window after being hit by a car. Its based on a true story. Its one of those movies where you just have to keep watching. 8/10

Flakes: Two rival restaurants battle each other where the only thing they serve is cereal. Its such a cute and clever movie that you wish you thought of it. 8/10

First Snow: A man meets a roadside psychic that tells him he will die on the first snowfall of winter. I dont believe in psychics. Thats part of the reason I liked it. 8/10

Feast: A group of people are trapped in a bar with monsters trying to break in. One of the best modern day horror movies Ive seen. There were sequels but I havent seen them yet. 8/10

Reel Ratings 5

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind: (Spoilers) First its too long. It has way too much build-up for any movie. So the government receives an unknown code, UFOs show up, abduct people, leaving some with visions of a mountain somewhere. Its really a secret government base. Aliens land, they come in peace and return the people. The point? To give free UFO rides and space tours.

Thats really the ending, not that youd think that since its kinda silly and nothing is ever explained. I might sound too critical but theres alot of things I wont get into now. Biggest thing is the government seemingly taking 0 safety measures despite not knowing why the aliens are even here. The secret base is a joke. Its not IN the mountain, its behind it. Theres no weapons to be seen and its totally exposed. Think Area 51 but its complete opposite.

This is the only movie Ive ever seen that I truly hate. Only nice thing I can say is the special-effects are pretty good for its time. I give Close Encounters of the TURD Kind a 1/10

Reel Ratings 4

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Some of the worst in the bunch.

Mee-Shee: A boy befriends a Loch Ness monster type creature during a trip with his dad. Its just stupid. The monster itself looks like crap and for a family movie its funny how violent it ends. 3/10

First Dog: A lonely boy runs away to help return the Presidents lost dog. The idea is nice but its just so dumb. Everything is like "What were they thinking?". They fight the Secret Service...Im serious. 3/10

Last Starfighter: I guess alot of people like this but I hated it. I forced myself to finish watching it. Theres only one major fight scene and its not even exciting. 2/10

Theres one more movie in this bunch but it deserves a post of its very own.

Reel Ratings 3

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Final Storm: During the supposed end of the world an odd stranger takes shelter with a family in their farm house. Its directed by Uwe Boll but its actually a decent, entertaining movie. 7/10

Tron 1 - 2: Surprisingly never saw the first one til recently. IMO its just ok. I know alot of people love it but I dont know. Plus I got tired of seeing all the neon. Part 2 was better to me. Storyline was more interesting and the look of the computer world was much nicer and cool looking. I know its unfair to compare special-effects from the 80s and now but I still liked it better. Tron: 5/10 - Legacy: 6/10

Thats it for now. I was gonna do Batman but decided to wait.

Reel Ratings 2

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Toy Story 3: All 3 films are great but my problem here is the ending. Really bothers me Andy gave away all his toys to that little girl. Realistically you cant trust another kid will charish something the way you did even when they grow up. They did it to end with a "heart warming" scene and probably to keep the series going, just wish they thought of another way. 8/10

Due Date: Unable to fly a man hitches a ride with a goofy aspiring actor to get home to his pregnant wife. Seems people hate this calling it a Planes, Trains, Automobiles rip-off. Maybe but I enjoyed it. Give it a chance is all I can say. 8/10

Jack and Jill: Adam Sandler comedies are always good. Even though its him playing both characters Jill actually felt like a separate person imo. 8/10

Motherhood: A woman trying to figure out her life goes through a hectic day of planning a birthday party. Its a comedy. Worth a watch if you come across it. 7/10

Reel Ratings

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One thing Ive done lately is watch alot of movies. I have a list of them but for now Im only gonna review certain ones. Lets start with the best.

Men in Black 3: Big fan of the series. I have to be honest. I think they did a fantastic job with this. Everything made sense even the time traveling which alot of times makes a mess of storylines. Also the jokes were great. Being set in a different era helped but they were still funny. I have a couple of nitpicks I wont get into now but they really dont matter. 9/10

Predators: Always been a fan of this series too. I wasnt expecting much beyond a big gun fight on an alien planet. That would of been fine but its nice to see they made the effort to make more than just a war movie. Not that its revolutionary but the way it all plays out just fits so good together. 9/10

Mother: 90s comedy. A divorced Sci-Fi writer moves back in with his mother to examine his life. Not alot to say just very well written. Highly recommend it. 9/10

Yup all 9s. All downhill from here lol.

Favorite moment of E3 2012

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I watch E3 on G4. Ya they suck now but they do cover E3 and Comic-Con, plus Ninja Warrior, so for that I turn it on. I know its all covered online but I dont have full internet access so, Im getting off-topic. Anyway was it Halo 4, Mario U? No, it was when they (briefly) showed Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 2...with Sara Jean Underwood as the interviewer. Who is this? One of my favorite Playboy Playmates.

Shes part of the staff now but I knew that already. It was seeing her with the Sonic mascot while they pretended to fight over the controller. It was in those few minutes I really felt the Geek inside of me, lol. I wasn't waiting for it. I knew they were gonna show the game but I didn't know she would do the segment. When they came on-screen it just clicked. What are the odds? Ok you can finish laughing now.

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