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well, this is my fourth year at gamespot

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i was checking my profile in gamespot and i saw that im member since april 2008, i saw...shocked... 2008?

just remebering all the things, all the games, all the things i did, and now i dont or dont like. time pass flying my friends

My wish list for this year?

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This year 2011 looks great for console gamers. This is my list :

-resident evil operation racoon city

-elder scrolls skyrim

-batman arkam city

-gear of war 3

-battlefield 3


-l.a noire

I own a xbox sow i ididnt put infamous ,etc

black ops ruined my MW2 quickcoping!!

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i was playing some black ops quickscope zzzgrizzz style.Iget bored and put MW2 game.Okay lets quickscope like i did 3 moths ago.I didnt hit noffeng.But i get frustraded and play some MW1 and like magic my quickscope skill was awesome.

Is that magic.

in conclusion i always like MW1 quickscoping

Dont preorder in amazone!

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okay guys...i preorder my dead space 2 copy the 15th january....sow i think mmmm it will be here 26-27 january.

its 1 feb and i dont have it yet.

my advice is that you dont preorder in amazone

sorry for the english...my english sucks

Are you ready for dead space 2?????

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i am ready

i'm ready

i'm ready!!!!

Are you ready for horror again!!!

I pre order this game because its awesome......i forgot to choose one day shipping and i choose standard(feb 3)

I dont want to view the gamespot review ....why?For keep whit surprises!!!

chrismas gift???

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hey guys for my chrismas gift what can i asked¿?

gear of war 3

halo reach

assasin's creed brotherhood

wii game