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Even more new stuff! And Happy almost New Years!

Hola mis amigos!

Well I got some money for Christmas and I went to Gamestop on Tuesday and I bought a new headset and this badboy:

Can't wait to learn some guitar on this awesome game. It really helps someone like me who doesn't have any experience with guitar. I also bought some Steam games. Day of Defeat: Source, Rock of Ages, Universe Sandbox, and a bunch of keys on Team Fortress 2. Well now I'm completely broke so I won't be buying anything else for awhile. Christmas really breaks your bank doesn't it lol.

Have a good New Years and don't get too wasted lol. Peace guys.

Merry Christmas!

Hello all! Well, I had an awesome Christmas day with my family. Hope you guys did too.

Some presents I got:

Amazing graphics card for my computer. Now I can max all my games :D

Sweet new 1980 x 1020 res pc monitor.

OoT for my 3DS. Can't wait to play this.

Rayman 2 was one of my favorite games on N64 but I could never beat it so I sold it long ago. I'm glad I'm going to finally be able to play the whole game.

Gotta love Halo CE in HD.

Well thats mostly what I got for Christmas. I got some money and some cologne too. I hope you all had fun and spent some tie with your familys. Peace :)

Birthday + Holidays and everything in between lol

Haven't blogged since Septmeber:o lol. Well tons of stuff has happened since then. I played the hell out of Gears 3, and I've gotten so many new games since then. Well, my birthday was October 10th and I got Dante's Inferno, Fable 3, Forza Motorsport 3 and some stuff off iTunes. Then school blah blah blah, went up to New York to see my family the week of Thanksgiving. Then I had to catch a plane back earlier than expected because I had a project to do for school that i couldn't put off any longer :/ So I had an awesome Thanksgiving and hopefully Christmas will be good too.

On black friday I picked up this bad boy:

The 3DS is really good and I also picked up Mario Kart 7 for it. Been having fun with it. Over the past month I've also gotten Skyrim (one of the best games I've ever played), MW3, BF3 and AC Revelations. I've been playing the hell out of Madden 12 a lot lately too. I started a franchise and drafted a new team and I'm in my third year, STILL undefeated GO VIKES! If only they were doing as good in real life lmao. Today, I went out shopping at the mall and picked up some presents for family and I picked up a new PC monitor for myself. This thing is beast as hell. 21.5 inches, HD LED widescreen with 1920 x 1080. It may not sound very exciting to most of you, but my last monitor was 12 inches and burned like a plasma tv lol.

So, about my life. There's this absolutely beautiful girl at my school that I really like, but she's with someone so my friend tells me. :/ Oh well. Mayebe someday... I also used to to be a super fatass but I went from 5' 11" 265 lbs. all the way down to 198 lbs. as of this morning. Still want to get to 170 lbs. but thats gonna be a little while. 65 pounds aint bad in about a year right? I think I've done did good. One of my really good friends is having her birthday party this Sunday so that'll probably be pretty fun. Sooooo yeah. You now know everything about me lol.

Well have a good day my homies :D

Madden 12 Anticipations

New Nfl season is starting and I'm so HYPED :D :D

Well, some updates. I've got $75 set aside so I can reserve another one of the 10000's of games coming out this holiday season. Probably going to preorder either gears or MW3. But, I'm so excited for Madden 12 you dont even know. This is probably the largest amount of money I have ever spent knowing it wasnt worth it: I bought a EA Season Ticket.

Because I'm so psyhced for madden, I actually spent another $25 dollars, on top of the 60 i already spent just to get the game 3 days early. But then I have to go pick up the actual game which sucks. But I get the entire weekend before the game comes out to play, before everyone else. Plus 20% off all DLC, alleged premium content, and free access to fifa and nhl when they come out for 3 days.

Also I got South Park Season 13 in the mail today from amazon. Such a steal, I got a copy for $15 bucks, brand new. Normally they run like $25.

School started as well and its going to be an awesome year. Well, talk to you peeps later :D

Anyone else psyched for all the new games coming up?

Hello homies, 'nother blog from my useless mind :P

Well, I finally made it to level 22. I'm really glad I'm starting to get back into this site and use it regularly again. I also got my jacket that I mentioned in my last blog, and it's awesome, can't wait til it cools off outside so I can wear it. I also gotta go pick up my schedule for school this year, on Friday, and school starts on the 10th. I'm really hoping I get a bunch of classes with this one girl, but one can only pray lol :D

And regarding the title of the blog, aren't there soooooo many games coming out this year? September-November is going to burn a whole in my pocket lmao. I mean there's Halo CE Anniversary, GoW3, MW3, Skyrim, Revalations, Forza 4, and Battlefield 3 just to list the AAA titles. I'm also interested in Cursed Crusade, which is only go to be $40 (oh thank god lol), and Madden 12 which I'm going to go pre-order on Friday. Haven't bought a madden since 10 so this ought to be cool. Also Skyward Sword comes out sometime too, which I wan't to get as well. That's like $600 holy crap.

Well thanks for reading. I probably won't blog again until at least the start of school. If anyone else is still getting that education, good luck in school when it starts up for you. Peace until next time. 8)

Soooooooooo close to lvl. 22...

99%...... I'm thinking tomorrow I'll be 22 so cross your fingers. Well not really any new games recently. I bought Red Faction on steam as well as all the Borderlands DLC when it was on sale for the summer camp thing. I only bought Red Faction so I can tunnel with a rocket launcher :P I did buy my Dad a 59" Plasma 3D HDTV which is being delivered tomorrow though so thats pretty awesome. Also been playing a lot of SNES, N64, and Black Ops on 360 recently. And I bought a sweet new hoodie which will hopefully come in the mail tomorrow as well. It's a band special hoodie so I couldn't try it on so I hope it fits :/ Here it is:

Can't Wait. Well Peace out broskis and thanks for reading 8)

Gamespot broken?

Anyone else's dropdown arrow next to your name in the top right broken?? I can't logout, change my settings, or even check my messages. What's up?

Ahhhhh...... Summer....

Just chilling relaxing ALL summer long baby. :D Picked up three "new" games. Here they is:

Mario Party 2!!!! This actually just came today. Got it in the box with instruction manual and everything. I'm playing as I'm typing lol. And it was a steal at only 25 bucks.

Ocarina of Time!!!! I've played this before (who hasn't :P ) but I never actually owned the original copy on the ol' 64. Glad to finally pick up a cart w/o box for only 18 dollars.

And finally.....

Majora's Mask!!!! I actually owned this when i was a kid, but I sold it because i could never beat the very begining to turn back to human so I sold it. Stupid on my part lol. I got this from a friend for $20 so no paying for shipping :) .

Well this was my N64 week. It's one of the greatest systems with so many great first party Nintendo games. I also started a playthrough of the first Paper Mario and am already at the seventh star spirit. Woooo. Anyway, thats all for now. Have a chill day 8)


Woot!!! Just ordered a new PC online so my parents can take my current PC, and I'll get the new one so we can all have a relatively new computer. It's got a Quad Core 3.4 gHz, 10 Usb ports, a 2TB HD (I know right !) :D , and, wait for it, 16 GB's RAM. That is like one of the highest amounts possible in computers. I also got it for $100 off because of a memorial day sale. It's coming around June 7th so I'm waiting impatiently lol. Can't wait to try out Civ 5 on my new rig..... :D Also I'm on summer break right now so... woo! Have a good day my broskis.