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What a great community; calling you racist and homophobic, and discounting your opinion, just because of your beliefs. Some of the people posting here are just as bad as Michelle Bachmann.

I don't believe gay marriage is right, but I don't have anything against gay people. And quite frankly, I don't care if a candidate supports gay marriage or not.

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"They get so much sugar. I mean, my kids are inundated with sugar"

That is his own damn fault. If he can't control his kids heatlh, then why should he control the health of other kids?

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Yeah, that's wrong. But Muslims haven't done anything to try and protect their image from stuff like this.

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The best way to diet is to EAT! But here is the thing; you have to eat smart!

Eat more fiber and protein. You should eat at least 0.8 grams of protein for every 1 pound you weigh. If you don't eat enough protein, you may lose weight, but it will be in your muscle.

Eat in between meals. You want to keep your metabolism going and burning fat, so eat small meals in between smaller meals.

Lift weights! Building muscle helps burn fat. It gives you a 40 hour metabolism boost. Be sure to eat at least 20g of protein before and after.

And indulge occasionally. You want a diet that you can live with, so occasionally giving in to unhealthy food is alright, but control yourself!

Instead of limiting Fat, limit your Carbohydrates. Just watch the "Fat Head" documentary on Netflix and you'll see why.

Also, fad diets do NOT work.

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Who really cares? If you think they're good, then good for you. No need to lose sleep because of what IGN said.

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How do you expect me to have thoughts when the movie isn't even out yet?

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Great! I'll be sure to rent it and be there!
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one day i wasplaying my ds lite my top and bottom screen went out. the but light was still on. so i turned it off and turned back on the light came on and astayed on but the screens didnt. it dint even make the ding when it turned on. my warranty is expired so i have to pay who knows how much so can somebody please tell me whats wrong and what to dokolbz11

I'm pretty sure this section of the forums are not for issues like these. I'm pretty sure they are for issues with the Gamespot website.

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Sure, go ahead. It doesn't cost as much now anyways, so why not?

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Yes, but that still didn't work.