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Yes! No!

Good news: Just got Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5

Bad news: X-Ray shows that i have a fractured wrist...and wont be playing for at least 3 months. super.

My New School

My new school is awesome! It kinda sucks that I had to start school August 7. BUt I have two Scottish teacher, one British Teacher, three Filipino teachers, one Nigerian teacher (his name is Mr. Egbuji) and two American teachers. Over 60% of the people are Korean. It's like, 5% white people.

Halo 3 jerks

I was playing Halo 3 on lone wolves the other day and some jerk t-bagged my dead body. I didn't even do anything. In fact, I was sucking it up. My cousin told me that people that play lone wolves respect each other but apparently not. Does this always happen or was that guy just an a-hole?